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Default Water + Electronics

Today I took my Hyper-7 for a blast on wet grass and during some tuning adjustments ran her without the shell on. During my session the car got VERY dirty and quite wet but not enough to risk hydrolock or water ingress into the engine.

I then cleaned the car and to do this I use the showerhead carefully aimed at the suspension arms/wheels/etc and other parts that would normal be subjected to spray from wet conditions driving. Only today I was a bit of a cannon with the showerhead and got some water on the main guts of the buggy. I opened up the receiver box and there was a few mm of water at the bottom of it and the electronic equipment was wet. I've dab dried it and will now leave the buggy for a considerable period (likely weeks) before I fire the electronics up again.

I'm confident that the receiver, etc will all dry and be fine and even if they aren't they are not that expensive to replace. However, my servo's are both hi-torque ones and were only recently put in at a cost of 80. Despite being sealed units my fear is that they are wet inside. My question is therefore, what do I do?

a) leave it for weeks as planned and sealed or not everything will dry
b) attempt to open and manually dry the servo's (I think I could do this despite my limited knowledge)
c) not worry as the chances 'spray' ingressing into the servo's is small
d) something else.

Advice appreciated In case you can't tell I just use the Hyper-7 for bashing about in and am not very experienced. That said I want to avoid silly extra cost if I can.
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Let it sit for a day and it'll be dry. They most likely will be fine. The rx is more prone to be ruined than the servos. Bashers love to run with the body off for some reason. But you're just asking for trouble when you do. As for squirting it off with the shower head, I hope you douse it down with wd40 when you're done everytime! She'll be a rustbucket in no time. The pivot points of the linkages can get gummed up from the water, you should oil all the turnbuckle ends of the car and suspension pivot points.
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Servo's are pretty rugged...I wouldn't worry too much about them. Most are waterproofed at the factory, but some only come equipped with rubber grommets that can let moisture through in some extreme conditions. To waterproof the electronics, stick the reviever in a baloon with a rubber band around the wire leads. For the servos, use some Permatex Black Silicone Sealant on the wire leads that run out the case of the servo. This should prevent any harmful H20 from entering your expensive electronics.
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Default Water + Electronics = Boom!

Id pop open the case on the reciever and dry it with a hairdryer. It depends how much water you're talking about but the servos should be ok as long as they were just splashed. It really depends on the servo though, top of the line servos are sealed pretty much everywhere, so I wouldnt worry about it too much.
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Cheers guys, a little more at ease now. I'll give her some T.L.C and not run it until I get some light snow or ice (drifting) At this time of year the 20-40 minutes running around on gravel or grass just isn't worth the hours cleaning IMHO.
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It shouldn't take you an hour to clean it up. Heres how its done. Go up to your lhs and pick up some plugs to plug your carg up. You will remove your electronics, most of the time the electronics are all mounted on one bulk piece that you can easily pop off. You will remove your engine and pipe. Now wet your buggy and cover it in simple green, a non toxic cleaning agent. You can pick up enough to wash your buggy a good 50 times at a lowes or home depot for like 10 bucks. once you douse it spray it down with a hose and repeat untill your satisfied. Once you have done this take an air compressor or a blower to it, just get the water off your buggy, you may not get it all off but don't leave it dripping wet. Now spray a light coat of wd40 over your buggy. This will leave it shiny clean and looking like new. If you have any electronics that are glued or taped in that don't come out easily then pick up some velcro tape and use that to hold them in place. You can pick some up at your local wal-mart in the crafts section. Once the eclectonics and engine are off it should take 5 minutes max to make the car spotless. Once you plug up your engine you can do the same for it as well.
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Never thought of that approach. Do you really need to remove the engine though? Could you not just remove the air filter and pinch/clip and block the air intake pipe and block the exhaust as well. This way, as I see it, there would be no route for water into the engine.
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fyi... water and electronics dont mix...

just messin, i have made the same mistake, shiet happens!
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