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96RedTruck 01-03-2016 02:01 PM

Bought A Arrma Talion: What Oil Weights To Use & Help Me Decide On Charger
Hello all,

Bought me a Arrma Talion at an incredible deal thanks to tower hobbies(354$ shipped with two 2s batteries) and was wondering about what oil weights you guys recommend for bashing in the diffs and the shocks? Right now on a single 6s batter it eats the front tires off so bad that after two packs they're already going bald in the center.

Also, I can't seem to find any up to date info on which charger I should buy. I know I have my eye on a X-maxx in the future if they play out but that's really just a dream at the moment. What's everyones opinion on 2 3s batteries vs 1 6s battery? What exactly is the pros and cons of running two batteries vs 1? Seems I prefer one battery over two but maybe I'm missing something.

Looks like I'm a n00b and can't post links yet, but the charger I'm looking at is the Thunder AC6 because of the price and it's 6s ability plus all the positive reviews. I used to use the onyx 245 charger and personally hated it because of the price and it was very outdated at the time(even more so now) and it limits you on the bigger packs. I'd like to keep the money as down as much as possible but I want to buy once instead of twice because like noted I do want the 6s charging capability. What charger do you guys recommend.

Also, is there any upgrades I should do right off before I run this Talion too much? I haven't got to run it yet at a proper bash spot, just some tarmac parking lots. Thanks!

96RedTruck 01-04-2016 02:38 PM


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