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Default Racing Batteries


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The more expensive pack probably has higher voltage cells and is probably matched. A matched pack has been charged and discharges (Cycled) and paired with other cells of similar voltages and runtimes. Some cells may be zapped, which gives the pack more punch and a higher voltage. The GP3300's are a good starting point. GP3700's aren't bad either, along with the SMC 3800 cells. Check out http://www.teamscreamcellmatching.com for more information on cell matching, zapping, and usage. We use pretty much nothing but matched 1.17V GP3300 6 cell packs. We have about 10 or 12 with a 2000 and a pair of 1800 for our tracks regulated classes (Box-Stock Stampede), and a 3000 for testing and bashing.

One more thing to remember is charging. Always use a charger with delta peak detection as to not overheat your packs. Don't charge them too much more than 5 amps, it's just not neccesary.
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The higher the voltage on matched packs the better.You can find some good 3700 packs for around $50-60 a pack. I bought 3 3700 pack through promactch batteries for $165 or so delivered to Canada and they assembled they for me too.
Shawn Plume
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When it comes to batteries, you don't need the most expensive cells. Years ago, there was a lot more fluctuation in the quality of cells being produced. In addition, runtime was a factor. So, in some applications you needed to pay up to get higher voltage cells and/or higher runtime cells to meet the demands of certain racing classes.

Nowadays, batteries produce much more performance than is necessary for offroad, and most cells being manufactured are pretty consistent. What I mean is that there isn't much variation between the good stuff and the "really good" stuff. So, just pick a matcher that seems to have a lot of discussion. For example, Hurricane, SMC, Fusion, and promatch are among the many quality matchers out there. GP 3700's and IB 3800's are the current cells being used by many matchers, and each provides great performance. There is a debate as to which is the better cell, but you won't really notice the difference in offroad. Hope that helps.
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Default track conditions.....

Another thing to consider is your track.

Is it really grippy? Is it really big? If yes, then expensive (high voltage) batteries will make some difference.

Is the track slick? Can you spin the tires easy even with "right" tires? Is the track small and tight? If yes, then expensive batteries won't make much difference.

I ran some sanyo 1900's at a tiny slick track about a year ago, and they provided more power than could be put to the track. Think the packs cost $12 each or something. I still use them for practicing.

Like 071crazy mentioned, batteries are not a big deal for off-road.
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Default thanks much help


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SMC is the best
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hey homer, u run any type of 1/10th scale at the yard anymore????
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I highly recommend SURGE batteries, They zap them twice and cycle them three times to ensure that the cells are only the best. It is all that I have ever run, and they are great. Great 3300 packs to start off with would be stage 1s or stage 2s they run at $35 (stage 1) and $45 (stage 2). The numbers for the stage ones are (1.155-1.159), then the stage twos are (1.160-1.164). This is well in you price range. Hope this helps, also Team SURGE makes some killer motors and bearings>> check out the webstie>> www.surgeworldwide.com
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Hi guys,

First post here.... Great Forum by the way !

Quick question, Just bought myself a M03 L and just about finish, and
I was thinking of ggetting the GP battaries to run it..!! Any significant beside the price between the 3000 and 3300...??
I'm a real noobie in this sport, so I will be asking alot of questions in the future...

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The 3300's will give you more power for a longer period of time before they start to decrease in power. But the latest and greatest are the new 3700 and 3800's.
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Would I need to change the plastic connectors to say something like Deans ultra plug...??? Is it important to do so in the long run..??
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Definitely switch to low-resistance connectors like the Deans Plugs. Either that, or solder your batteries in.

The best cells out right now are the GP3700 and IB3800. It has been argued which is better, and they both have strengths and weaknesses. Word has it the IB's tend to start off stronger than the GP's, but they also tend to drop off more throughout the run (ie discharge curve has higher neg. slope) Whether they drop to a voltage lower than the GP's more steady discharge curve, I do not know.

Also, 071crazy has a point. Newer and better battery manufacturing technology has made individual cell performance among the same brand much more consistent than in the past. If matcher A and matcher B are both using the same equipment to match (ie CE Turbomatcher), then you can bet the packs from both companies will perform the very similarly. I think zapping and methods of cell-enhancement are going to be the key differences between one matcher and the next. AXXIS does both of these things differently; we use matching and enhancing equipment designed in-house. More info will be available on the site when it's finished.

Khan, if you are just beginning, you don't need to worry about getting the best packs. Get decent packs comprised of GP or IB cells, and PRACTICE! Once you can run your race without hitting the pipes and need that extra power, you can start running more expensive equipment. Hope this helps.
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hey to the guy with the question on batteries everyone has good and vailid points on the batteries. So my suggestion is just start off slow and get some good packs and pratice then when you are ready to advance to better cells then do so but no need to get the best or the highest voltage packs only to waste time on just to much power and not gettin control of the car or truck or buggy that you are running. Here is good advice that a friend of mi ne gave me when i first started this hobby and i was in the clouds of having the best of the best and was getting nowhere "SLOWER IS FASTER" meaning all the power in the world will not make you better.

And dispite from what some person on this forum has said about me leaving nameless i never screwed him
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