Serpent Spyder SRX2 SCT Thread

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  • they work very well on my tekno.
    throw a sticker on them to pretty it up ;

    just might get back into 2wd sct now

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  • Anyone hear a release date? I heard 2015.
  • I would venture to say end of 1st quarter to beginning of second quarter this year, so end of march to may some time. definitely before 2015
  • its been posted a couple times "March" in the buggy threads.

    I would venture a guess of mid April when it arrives at your normal retailers. Always factor a month for a production issue or shipping delay so I don't get overly excited, LMAO
  • From my understanding, the only thing that needs to be worked on is a base setup, and a little bit of parts rnd, i.e. hand it to a less skilled driver and say crash, alot.
  • i AM available, haha
  • Area52 reports May for kit, June for rtr version.
  • Did anyone see the honeycomb looking setup board? WANT!
  • its arrowmax setup board. coolest looking tools in the business imo.
  • Pricey for a pit board.
  • agreed, looks wicked cool though.
  • Got to watch billy easton wheel the sct for the first time ever today. Buddy mike mcfarland also was wheeling it comparing it to his 22 sct. He said there is no co parison also billy got some good action shots of it while mike was driving it.

    Just like we have grown to love the durability of the buggy this one so far doesnt dissapoint as it took some good tumbles today.
  • Looks like Billy has the SC dialed in.

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  • Quote: Looks like Billy has the SC dialed in.
    Pro 4?!?

  • Quote: Pro 4?!?

    Probably ran with 4x4 class because 2wd is pretty dead here in FL.