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  • [QUOTE=Aaron Waldron] Losi has been very good about including all the bells and whistles as a complete package, and while I have no idea what price bracket they may be aiming for, you can be assured it will be worth what you pay for.QUOTE]

    That's not really true anymore. While the Bk2 and XXX4 G+ come with most of the "bling" (ti nitride and graphite) both kits require significant changes to be made into what is commonly run at most tracks. The Bk2 needs dogbones ($35), correct length turnbuckles ($20), springs and shock pistons ($10). The XXX 4 requires aluminum hinge pin mounts and a front one way that add up to over $100.

    I think they could have been better about adjusting their kits to reflect the common setups that people are running like Associated has.

    I am very excited about the Losi 1/8th buggy though, it should be very good if for no other reason than Losi's quality of materials.
  • Point taken...I can certainly see what you're saying. My comment was a little off-base for the message I was trying to convey and for that I apologize.

    The box stock suspension setups Losi includes with their kits are aimed more at being "driveable" on a wider variety of terrain than what most race tracks electric racers would consider to be "normal"; hence the differences in the box stock setups of the BK2 and MF2 especially when compared to what is normally what someone would run at a typical racetrack. In the case of the XXX-4, adding $100 onto the price of the kit for items that may not be absolutely essential for someone to have fun with the car might not be the best thing for it.
  • ?? or you could just replace the $10 part with a $20 part could you not? Not to mention these buggies that sale for around $250 are suposed to come with $400 or so in hop ups. So is there seriously $100 added to the price of the kit for one ways and aluminum hubs?
  • If Losi included a one-way (and diff...because a one-way would not always be the hot ticket) and aluminum arm mounts in the kit, the cost of the kit would be much more than it currently is.

    That said..this thread is supposed to be about the 1/8th scale buggy!
  • Yes it is Aaron, please tell us more about it.

    C'mon man, give us something!
  • i knew losi was going to make a buggy when i saw that they were going to start making 1/8 wheels and tires. kinda like the lst first they made tires then all the sudden a truck shows up wierd huh?
  • In all fairness...the Losi monster truck tires were T-Maxx size, not for the LST.

    But it does seem like a pretty good marketing strategy; it seems like the whole internet is crazy over this car!
  • Quote:
    it seems like the whole internet is crazy over this car!
    Well, maybe not the whole internet There's been no mention of it at my camera forums


    If I could pre-order one right now, I would!
  • Hahahaha...maybe if you put pictures of these cars on camera forums..they'd go crazy about them too.

    I can't wait to get one of these buggies either..
  • well aaron i guess that answers the question about which car your going to drive. hey since you'll be leaving ofna maybe you could write a letter of recommendation to them for me j/k
  • Not a problem...just show up at any big race this year...

    ...and beat me
  • I cant begin to explain my feelings..haha. I was sooo set on the jammin car, but now I just wanna buy somethin cheap (mayhem) and wait for this Just glad Aaron will have driven both of the cars I want/plan to own.

    P.S. Aaron, when can we expect some pics?
  • I have NO idea..I don't have any idea what their plans are for marketing the new car, and I stay out of that stuff...haha. I stick to racing and helping make sure our cars are good!
  • I was also concerned about price with some of the buggies I tried this past year(05'). This made me buy cars that did not come with the same advantages the top(or considered to be top) performers have.

    After more consideration and a few DNF's I thought things through more thouroughly.

    I realize now that when i'm spending $350 for an engine, $120 for a started box, $300+ on a Radio and upgraded steering servo, a few hundred($200-300) on tires and wheels, $150 Chargers, $30 reciever packs(2), $200 in spare parts(for any car), a painted body for $75+, $50 in fuel, etc., etc., etc., started to seem like saving money and being thrifty isn't what 1/8th scale is all about.

    Spending about $2000 on a competitive set up wanting to win locally(for fun of course, LOL), makes worrying about $150 price difference on the buggy itself seem silly looking back.

    I think now if I start to worry about price I don't run truggy or 1/8th scale buggy and definately don't have so many different cars!

  • Jim, I agree with you totally. But lets face it, over the past year (05 especially) 1/8th has serioulsy taken off. So now we have nearly everyone wanting to run this more expensive class. This is EVERYONE, from the first time racer, to the backyard basher. (at least around here) Everyone wants a 1/8th scale. So budget racing has become something thats very popular around here. When we get LHS's selling mayhem RTR kits (dencently competitive) then you see why staring at a 600+ dollar price tag on a Kyosho SP2 might look a little overboard.

    And I know how much can be spent on everything else (tires, parts, etc.) But not everyone (on a local level at least) goes head first. Although it normally makes you more competitive and more prepared, is it all ways needed? I think I ran the same 3 sets of tires all year. And that was at like 5 different tracks. Outdoor racing around here seems like it only asks of a minimal amount of tire selection.

    So is it really too much to ask, for a kit to be "top quality" with all the latest features without paying an arm and a leg. I hope this is what Losi can accomplish. Its not going to matter for me, as I will be buying it either way but for the new guys (which we can always use more of) a lower tag may be the perfect start.

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