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Team Associated/Centro C4.2

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Default Team Associated/Centro C4.2

The Centro C4.2 kit has been released by Team Associated!

C4.2 Conversion Kit for the RC10B4.2 Buggy

The Centro C4.2 Mid Motor Conversion kit for the B4.2 is now available on RC10.com!

Designed specifically for very high-traction surfaces, the Centro C4.2 Mid Motor conversion for the B4.2 features a hard aluminum one-piece chassis, and an all-new molded gearbox and bulkhead assembly that positions the motor in front of the rear wheel centerline, creating a centralized weight balance.

Additional tuning possibilities are available with Centro's range of optional accessories, including front bulkhead brass weights, front brace, and carbon chassis side stiffeners.

C4.2 Conversion Contains

Hard CNC Aluminum Chassis
CNC Aluminum Rear Suspension mounts with inserts
Aluminum Battery X-Brace
Aluminum Lipo Battery holders
Molded Gearbox casing
Molded Rear Bulkhead
Idler gear, pivot and bearings
Carbon rear shock tower and body mount
Centre chassis tie-rod brace
Front Chassis Brass Posts
Aluminum battery posts
Wing mounts
Ball Studs
Various hardware
Pro-Line® Bulldog C4.2 body & wing

HQ Pictures and a brief writeup (courtesy of petitrc):


Here's some shots from the JConcepts Clash:


Where to Buy








--Tip courtesy of RCBuddha--
  • The Avid Centering kit will fit to the Centro gearbox. You will need an additional 4-40 x 5/8 and 4-40 x 9/16 screws to replace the 440 x 3/8 screws that screw to the motor plate from the inside of the gearbox. I have the correct screws needed. Please PM me and I will get them to you for a small fee. Caution: The Battery X-Brace comes REALLY close to the gear cover. Some grinding of the gear cover may be needed. Here's some pics:

  • When installing the transmission onto the chassis, make sure to keep support turnbuckle not attached to the transmission. Put your battery in, screw down the battery brace and then attach the turnbuckle to the transmission. You don't want to flex chassis, and this will give you the correct length for the turnbuckle.

  • Transmission shims: You may need shims for the diff, below is the correct shims needed. My topshaft also needed to be shimmed. (Pictures coming later) First, shim the topshaft so that the gear sits flush with the idlers. Then add some to the other side so that the play is taken up. Pictures coming soon...

  • The rear shocks need to be shimmed away from the rear shocktower. I suggest 2-2.5mm of shimming on the uppermount. 3-3.5mm on the bottom shock mount. YMMV

    --Tip courtesy of JDM_DOHC_SiR

    OK guys finally got around to posting up some pic's of the areas of the rear arms with the area that needs to have 2mm taken off "as per" WC

    The stock arms come in at 37mm wide so it makes taking 2mm of them easy..you just need a cheap pair of calipers and measure 35mm

    Stock.. non-modified rear arms

    Stock non modified rear arm measurement

    Area's on the rear arms that need to have the 2mm of material removed

    Measurement of the rear arms after 2mm of material has been removed

    Side view of arms

    One more view

    Hope this helps some of you

    --Tip courtesy of Wild Cherry--

  • To replace the front chassis braces with blue:


  • When using the B44 Wing Mount, use this brace:


  • Transmission build:

    add 3/16 x .010 axle shims (#7368) behind the crush tube on top shaft to remove excess play

  • B44 wing mod:

    switch out the two 4-40 button screws with 5-40

  • Rear arm mod:

    grind front inside of arm for diff outdrive clearance

    --Tip courtesy of BryanJ--

  • For sure the TC3/B44 diff shims are too small on ID to fit over the shoulder of the diff. It seems like 10x12 mm shims are a perfect fit. The gold Durango diff shim set (TDR310033) or Kyosho's set (KYO96647) for the ZX-5 should work. The Kyosho set has two color-coded thicknesses included.

    --information courtesy of JDM_DOHC_SiR--

    OK here is the weight difference on the following rear bulkheads and shock towers

    C4.2 Plastic = 7.8g
    GHEA = 9.8g
    JConcepts = 16.8g

    Now for the rear shock tower

    C4.2 Graphite = 8.2g
    JConcepts = 12.6g

    So your looking at a 17.5g weight gain from the OEM combo and a 15.5g over the GHEA/AE rear bulkhead/OEM tower combo...

    Alternative source for diff shims:


Wanna convert your SC10 into a MM?

PM Slick1!

More pictures: http://www.rctech.net/forum/13003881-post3340.html

second customer getting his complete build, requested a polished and clear protecting bottom.


*via iterator*


*Via Petitrc and Arn0*


Smaller Editable Setup Sheet:


*Via Team Associated*

Editable Setup Sheet:


Astro Turf:


Indoor Clay:



"Candyland" Outdoor track:









Optional Parts:

SNR Graphite:


Optional Battery Posts:


Pre-Cut chassis protectors:




MM Wing:


Aluminum Rear Bulkhead:


Ghea Rear Pivot Blocks:


Ghea Rear Aluminum Bulkhead:


JConcepts Aluminum:


Carbon Fiber Front shocktower:


Weighted Front Bulkhead:

C4.1/2 Brass 18g Front Bulkhead Brace:

C4.1/2 Delrin Front Bulkhead Brace:

C4.1/2 Brass 15g Weight:

C4.1/2 Brass 10g Weight:

C4.1/2 Brass 5g Weight:

C4.1/2 Brass 10g Underbellcrank Weight:

C4.2 Carbon Fiber LiPo Battery Holder:

C4.2 Carbon Laminate Chassis Side Braces and Posts:

Shared Parts with B4.2:













Factory One:





***information courtesy of 07forester***

Associated Big Bore Rear Spring Rates: - The springs in italics are the "most" commonly used springs for the b4.2

• ASC91335 - 12mm Rear Spring (Black/1.90lbs)
• ASC91336 - 12mm Rear Spring (Green/2.00lbs)
• ASC91337 - 12mm Rear Spring (White/2.10lbs)

• ASC91338 - 12mm Rear Spring (Gray/2.20lbs)
• ASC91339 - 12mm Rear Spring (Blue/2.30lbs)
• ASC91340 - 12mm Rear Spring (Yellow/2.40lbs)

Associated Big Bore Front Spring Rates:
• ASC91325 - 12mm Front Spring (Brown/2.85lbs)
• ASC91326 - 12mm Front Spring (Black/3.00lbs)
• ASC91327 - 12mm Front Spring (Green/3.15lbs)

• ASC91328 - 12mm Front Spring (White/3.30lbs)
• ASC91329 - 12mm Front Spring (Gray/3.45lbs)
• ASC91330 - 12mm Front Spring (Blue/3.60lbs)
• ASC91331 - 12mm Front Spring (Yellow/3.75lbs)
• ASC91332 - 12mm Front Spring (Red/3.90lbs)
• ASC91333 - 12mm Front Spring (Orange/4.05lbs)
• ASC91334 - 12mm Front Spring (Purple/4.20lbs)

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Nice info for the thread
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I saw a handful of them being run at OCRC last night.
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I'd like to see what the setups look like on these.
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want that carbon shock tower
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Just got mine in the mail,, YEAHH,,, I've been running the C4.1 in carpet and it is a BEAST. C4.2 should be even better, and now that the Ryans are running them, should have great setups.
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Old 09-19-2013, 12:32 PM
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I recall AE saying they had no plans to put c4.2 setups on their website. If they win the worlds that "might" change, but I would expect them to appear on petitrc
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I cant wat to get one i like the alum chassis it should keep the C O G nice and low.
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I will post setups to my original post as they come available. I'm a little surprised they haven't posted any of the setups they've been running so far.
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Originally Posted by CraigMBA View Post

Quit showing off an put together. Hahaha
Heck I am on the fence, buy a losi 22 2.0 or the b4.2/centro conversion.
I wonder how the centro would handle a loamy outside track???
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Anyone know of any SoCal retail shops, preferably in the IE, that have these in stock?
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Originally Posted by gee-dub View Post
Anyone know of any SoCal retail shops, preferably in the IE, that have these in stock?
I think u got to order it from associated.
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First new build issue:

1. Centro specs two 4/40 x3/8" socket head screws in box three. They sent caps and won't fit. Luckily I have hardware.
2. There is 0.020 inches side to side play in the differential after the case is closed up.
3. The lack of hardware continues in box 12.

Other than the side play in the case, the transmission is quiet and fairly free.

Too tired to carry on, see you cats tomorrow.

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