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Short Course Bitter Sweet for RC Racing?

Short Course Bitter Sweet for RC Racing?

Old 08-21-2012, 09:38 AM
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At our track i have seen it to be very popular among new racers. I enjoy seeing new faces at the track and most of the new racers are trying to be clean. I have seen problems though with these open SCT classes where the "fast guys" run and completely dominate and are very aggressive. This deters the new racers who want to learn and eventually move up to the 2wd and 4wd mod classes. I believe that there should be a stock spec SCT " beginner class and then a pro class or whatever u would like to call it. If there were not enough racers for the experienced and non experienced classes then the experienced racers should be challenged to not have and contacted with other drivers or laps would be deducted.
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Old 08-21-2012, 09:42 AM
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I liked SCT when it was slow and 2wd fun. Just stressfree bash 'em up fun. Now it's turned into just another serious racing class. I wish everyone would have jumped to 1/8th scale buggy and noone ever invented the 4x4 SCt. I'll still run 2wd SCT in the winter.

I have more fun running SCT than 2wd buggy. And my SCT is cheaper. I need only 3 rear tires for it and 2 fronts. My 2wd buggy has a 55 gallon drum filled to the brim with thousands of $$$ in tires and wheels, and I still never have the "right" tire ever. And SCT's have the huge body and bumpers that reduce breakage. It's like driving a pillow around the track.

I think 4x4 SCT is just Ebuggy-lite. I'd rather just run E-buggy. Most of the 4x4 trucks don't even look scale anyways.
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Old 08-21-2012, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by jpcopeland1
I dont think his rant is based on popularity. It is based on what my experience with SC drivers is the noob "bonehead" SC) factor. When I go to practice at OC/RC during the week when there is no racing, there are always the ones who never race, cars are way too fast for them to handle, they never get any better, and are out to get each other (and other people in the process). I dont beleive it is done intentionally, and I put the blame on track owners not doing their jobs of properly policing their own tracks. It seems very much to me that SC drivers are far and away the most bone headed type of drivers. Competitie SC drivers who car actually make it around the track without juming a pipe, going backwards on the track, stopping on the straight, again taking out each other and others around them for no reason other then the bonehead factor need to be addressed some how, some way so everybody can have a good time whether it is practicing (I like to know my lap times other then racing), and during racing it's self. If your experience with 4-wheel drive is fragility, then you must have done something wrong, I have owned B44.1's. Kyosho ZX-5 FS's, and rarely ever broken anything that wasnt my fault. In my opinion it is the most exciting class in ALL of RC due to the speed and prescision it takes to run a car that small with that amount of speed on tight technical tracks.
Rarely broken anything that wasn't your fault does not answer to the point I am making with 4x4 buggies at all. It is the class with the most DNFs in it and always has been which gets back to my point of needing to put new parts on them at a race more often than other cars. Racing etiquette is what needs to be learned and EVERY class has gone through it. When we started racing offroad in 84 everyone was a noob buggies seem to be less hacky now because they lack noobs as a base. This is comming from a guy who was trying to win a seasonal points championship in 4x4 sc where i was firmly in second place and taken out by lapped trucks 5 times in 2 laps and dinged up my truck to a tune of about 120 bucks because a turn marshal left my truck turned over on a straightaway allowing it to get drilled by three trucks on top of the previous wrecks...
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Old 08-21-2012, 12:14 PM
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If you're after "clean". Just go to bigger events and qual into one of the faster mains. Better racers at big events. Club races are allways a bit hacky.

It should be mentioned that the average outdoor track is riddled with cracks and potholes larger than an entire 4x4 buggy. I have no desire to run any 1/10th scale outdoors except for SCT's with thier larger tires.
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Old 08-21-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BrodieMan
I see SC as a perfect class for the "Basher" to "Racer" transition. Scale realism counts for a lot to the "Newb" which is obvious with the success of SC. If a bunch of SC "Bashers" are showing up at your local track they are putting money into the club and helping to keep the track operating. How is any of this a bad thing? If you don't like SC, race another class.
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Old 08-21-2012, 04:06 PM
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Here is my .02 cents I've been racing on and off since 94'. Back then I raced stadium trucks and 2wd buggies. I got back into racing again two years ago and saw that at the track I go to they race buggies and trucks and SCT's 1/8's and 1/10's. Now 2wd SCT's ARE CHEAP get the right one and you will never break it, the 4wd SCT's are a little more fragile cause everyone wants to fly them not run them. Yes its true the faster you go the better chance to break something. I like 2wd SCT's I have a Slash LCG and a Blitz. I run both very hard and I have yet to break anything on them I guess I'm lucky. I run the mod class and I run a 4 pole 3200KV motor. The reason SCT is so popular is cause its realistic and fun to run and cheap. And the reason a lot of people like 2wd SCT is cause they are simpler then any other RC cars or trucks out there. Bottom line is anything out there is more expensive. I had 1/8 buggies and 1/10 buggies and on road cars and so far I payed less for my SCT's (for parts) then any other RC vehicle I owned before.
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Old 08-21-2012, 04:37 PM
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We solved the sct basher problem by having three classes for 4x4, novice, intermediate, and sportsman. Try to race in the wrong class and the race director will put you in the right one! We have guys that will probably never make it out of novice !

When I started racing back in the '80s we had two choices buggy or stadium truck. You still had bashers but were stuck racing with them since there were no other classes for them to go to.

If you don't like SC don't run it. Some guys love it. I race SC 4x4, 1/8th buggy, and 1/10 4x4 buggy because I just enjoy racing and see it for what it is.... Playing with toy cars
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Old 08-21-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SureShotImages
...Tons of people always say "SC revived rc" and "without the SC class, RC racing would be this or that" but to be honest, RC racing didn't seem dead before? It seemed more diversified with slightly less people.
...I read an article recently on teamsc10.com that gave me 5 reasons why I should buy a short course truck, and 2 of the reasons were cost (they said it was the cheapest class) and excitement of racing. Both of those are false, one in my opinion, and the other is fact. SC is most definitely NOT the cheapest class....
i agree with a lot of your statements, and a lot of what others have said, but these two parts im kinda iffy on. this is going to be a long one, and i will get my Nomex from the dry cleaners prior to hitting the "submit" button.

first and foremost, despite my hatred for everything they have ever done, Traxxas revived R/C, namely in three key areas.

1: the RTR market. up until probably 2000-20005, good stuff came exclusively in kit form. your Losi, AE, Yokomo, Kyosho, Tamiya, etc were all built by someone in his spare time, often taking 3-8 hours depending on the complexity of the kit. since around 1987, Traxxas has made an RTR version of just about everything they offered. this had three effects. less importantly, it was giving people an easy entry into "hobby grade" R/C. more importantly, it forced other manufacturers to follow suite and offer RTR versions of their own products, which, most importantly, got even MORE people buying real R/C stuff.

2: the T-Maxx. this thing put R/C, albeit mostly nitro, back into a popularity it hadn't seen since the 70's and 80's, making the sound, speed, and smell of nitro accessible for just about anybody. i wish Traxxas would release a number, but they wont tell the public how many they've sold. im willing to bet its the best selling R/C vehicle of all time. the only things i would consider close would be the Slash or the Associated "RC10" buggy chassis(which has been around for 28 years). either way, the T-Maxx is/was the perfect "bait" to get people looking at R/C again.

3: the Slash. the Slash chassis launched Traxxas back into stratospheric sales, much like the T-Maxx did in '99-00. this time around, it was its scale looks and bashable chassis getting newcomers to the hobby, but in a sense it also got older hobbyists reunited with R/C again. had it not been for the Slash, there may not be an SC10, XXX-SCT, Blitz, etc. to form the SCT class, which, im willing to wager, is the most popular chassis class currently being sold.

now while i don't agree with a a lot of the things that Traxxas does or has done, you cant deny the fact that all of these Traxxas sales help keep their R&D departments alive, which force other companies to follow suite.

as for the cheapest class of racing, i do agree with AE in that, on a world-wide scale, the 2wd SC class is the cheapest to run. anyone can have an SC10RS for around $300, or an XXX-SCT with a Leopard B/L setup for $270. add $65 for a pinion, tires, shock oil, and springs, and your competitive. due to the nature of the body & chassis', they can usually take a good beating too before things start to break, which also accounts for keeping the total cost of racing down. you cant really do that with anything else, unless your club has an "out of the box" spec class.

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Old 08-21-2012, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by SCTDan
If you don't like SC don't run it. Some guys love it. I race SC 4x4, 1/8th buggy, and 1/10 4x4 buggy because I just enjoy racing and see it for what it is.... Playing with toy cars
What? Racing for fun? You're crazy.

My sc truck has been the easiest, cheapest rig to maintain that I've ever owned. With a few upgrades and some good tires, I can be competitive with nearly everyone else in the club.

My B4 on the other hand...I love driving it, but constantly worry about it breaking. Sometimes it doesn't...most of the time it does.

"Good" racing isn't necessarily at done at light speed with low turn motors or high voltages. Put a group of guys together with trucks that all run about the same speed on a track built for that purpose, and you've got hours of competitive fun.

Concerning new/poor drivers: somehow, in our club, the good drivers always make it to the final race, the less accomplished drivers usually don't. If you can't lap slower/crappier drivers somewhat cleanly, you need to think about what you're doing...
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Old 08-21-2012, 10:48 PM
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I fought the SC craze when I decided to get back into the hobby this past December after my 15 year hiatus. Back then I loved stadium truck, so I bought me a T4.1 despite all the warnings I got about it being a dead class. I was able to find a local track with a small ST class and started to enter some races. The thing I noticed immediately was that the guys running stadium trucks were all fast and none were noobs like me. In the last 8 months I've seen the class steadily grow from 4 trucks/club race to a full class. The older guys that also loved ST started to dust off their T4's and XXX-T's and bring them out. Now it's starting to get big again and I've personally seen quite a few guys selling their SCT's and picking up ST's. 2wd Buggy has exploded here in FL, easily goes to a B main weekly. Stadium truck is starting to follow suit.
Personally I'm happy short course is around. It's a wonderful way to introduce people to racing, and gives people another option besides the "classics.". I may not enjoy them myself, but I absolutely understand their appeal.
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Old 08-21-2012, 11:25 PM
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2wd buggy - it will never die. basic and inexpensive. but it take time to learn. (especially mod 2wd is the most competitive class)
4wd buggy - too compact, hardcore, and expensive. people got the money and still all went to 1/8 ebuggy class.
1/8 ebuggy - god it's fast, but a ideal initial setup would easily cost more than $900 (need to get 4S batteries just for this class), and I don't think it's a good idea for amateur.

short course - best entry class for RC, inexpensive, and crash proof. work in both small tight indoor tracks and larger outdoor tracks.
You don't want to learn how to jump by flying 1/8 buggy, that thing is expensive, and although very tough, I doubt it's that rookie proof.
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Old 08-21-2012, 11:52 PM
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I find SC fun only when you are in a main with 10 equally competitive drivers. Because there is a lot of position changes, because passing is a lot easier. The problem is that people with SC trucks are usually hackers. You don't get many hackers with open wheel, because it just doesn't work. They will either break out, or get kicked off the drivers stand. Now, if the new drivers would start out with an open wheel car. That would make them waay better and cleaner drivers, a lot quicker than an SC will....With the being said. 1/10 buggy is my favorite electric class, with Mod Stadium Truck right there. Just because of the power and handling capabilities. I have just as fun with 1/8 gas, but I have to be in a complete different mood to be outdoors in the dust and gas.

So to sum it up, SC with clean drivers is pretty damn fun. Get some dip-s's and it's just annoying. Although I prefer 1/10 buggy and st.
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Old 08-22-2012, 12:01 AM
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100% agree....i thought short course was gonna be short lived....kinda destroyed rc in a way i think

next you'll see side bumpers on real race cars...i mean it does make passing without skill possible
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I'm kinda' ok with 2wd SCT, but detest the "basher" mentality of most of the 4wd SCT drivers. They have over-powered trucks that never let off the throttle regardless of the situation. When I race, I refuse to marshal 4wd SCT. I'll swap out with someone else if I happen to be unfortunate enough to have to end up Marshaling that class.
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At my local track, sct is nothing but a hack fest. Even the spec rtr class is way too aggressive (we have a spec driver that starts fights with turn marshals). I recently decided to sell my 4x4 and go back to buggies: 1:10 and 1:8. Couldn't be happier
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