solid SC wheels

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Buggy wheels/tires have huge advantage over SCT wheels/tires. Look at the outer sidewall height. There is no rule agaist dish wheels in 2wd SCT, there is in 4WD, but that was put in place to keep ppl from just slapping a body on a 1/8 buggy.

also the new losi rims are not dish style. they are sct style, with caps, so it skirts the 4wd rule, but techanly still legal. The biggest part of the sct wheel is not the spokes (that part is the realism part, but a lot of 1:1 run almost solid steel/Aluminum wheels, not spoked anyway so... whatever), its the different sidewall height from inner to outer. I believe in 2wd the rules also state no ribbed tires, and front and rear tread must match. (cant remember if thats a roar thing or a local tracks rules I read) but it makes sense for "realism"

I actually like the look of dish rims, or atleast other colors than black. Realism went out the window when the racing really started. But thats what Spec classes are for, however by bone stock 22sct (in the hands of same driver) will run circles around a bone stock slash, so even a spec class is not "fair"

Traxxas, and maybe Axial are the most realistic out there with ground clearance and overall apperance, so if you bash then real is the way to go, if you race, I truly think ST was as realistic as it got, but most now like SC instead.
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Seems there is at least one real SC truck which runs a dish wheel, even if its only on the rear
I personally like the idea of a dish cover cap with a colour other than black!
Then we could have coloured caps that matched our paint jobs
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Originally Posted by itchy b View Post!
Seems there is at least one real SC truck which runs a dish wheel, even if its only on the rear
I personally like the idea of a dish cover cap with a colour other than black!
Then we could have coloured caps that matched our paint jobs
That's not technically a dish wheel. That's just foam plug that fits in the wheel recess and held in place by the beadlock ring. It's used to keep the mud and rocks out of the wheel.

At any rate I too think a cap that simulates that would look cool as well. You'd kind've have the best of both worlds. You'd have a wheel that keeps dirt out a little better and it still resembles the real thing. Keep both sides happy.

losi used to have caps that you could paint that fit in the wheel. Maybe it's time to bring that back?
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Yes i think it is time to bring them back
Only a small outlay to make caps vs a full dished wheel, and they can be reused.
Not sure on painting them though, im sure people who would like to run the caps would buy a few different colours to cover all body colours they like
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Originally Posted by Briguy View Post
The TLR 22SCT has caps included in the kit !
saw a few of those up close today @ the HRH shootout.
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looks like DE Racing just came out with some SC dish wheels! SAWEEET
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Nice !
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Originally Posted by DE Racing View Post
I don't believe dish wheels are ROAR legal in the SCT class. Not that really matters to most of us. I have to ask though, what is with the love of dish wheels? I understand that a spoked wheel looks terrible on many classes of RC, but a dish on a short course truck seems just as bad.

The real problem with all this is that there are too many offsets. For instance DE Racing has 12 different wheels in four different colors for short course alone. (48 part numbers) Adding a dish wheel could double that number and no store is going to want to carry all that.
Only one offset is actually needed: that of the DE Racing SC8 wheel for 17MM hub. All cars can be accommodated by that wheel and the appropriate adapter. (Well, almost all, the SCTE is about .2" over the legal width with the DE 17MM wheel.)
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DE Racing Borrego SC.
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losi made a wheel for the xx and it was a natural color wheel with a lexan dish that went on the axle before you tightened it up the dish could work with sc wheels and look good
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Originally Posted by M03Racer View Post
DE Racing Borrego SC.
OH yeah!!
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Originally Posted by jk racing View Post
DE Racing Borrego buggy wheels are a dish wheel. I would like to see an SC version.
They're not really "dish". I have a set I never mounted anything on, and they remind me of flat Losi wheels. Always thought the flat ones were weird.

Actually, the closest I've seen for SC are what I call "wheel cover" SC wheels (they're usually shiny silver). I see them on Losi SCs periodically, so I assume they're not made for other brands...
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