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TLR 22SCT Thread (Check First Page for FAQ & INFO)

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TLR 22SCT Thread (Check First Page for FAQ & INFO)

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Default TLR 22SCT Thread (Check First Page for FAQ & INFO)

Newly added in the Aftermarket Parts Misc. section is the JMC Mid-Motor 1-piece carbon fiber battery strap/esc mount, available at www.jmccarbon.com 3/11/14

UPDATED 8/9/13

With the announcement of the 22 2.0 many people are excited to upgrade their existing 22 platform vehicles including our 22sct's Here is a list to cross reference which 2.0 parts will also work on our trucks

Brass Transmission Shims and Brass Weight made by mbtoolmaker35

Originally Posted by Silver04RS View Post
We have 2 different warehouses here at Horizon for the States. All of the "New Ballcups" are here in CA.

When you call in you either get routed to IL or CA. Both teams can get you taken care of so it does not matter where your call goes

Its slow right now if you'd like to call in ... And Yes, we ship over the pacific

HH Prod Supt- 877 504 0233
If this is your first time reading this thread, please keep this first post as a reference, it will be updated constantly to reflect current information available about everything TLR 22SCT. Please watch the Frank Root TLR 22SCT Interview/overview/walk-through video as it will answer most of the general questions people have about this truck such as Wheel Offsets etc. It is located in the bottom of this post in the "Videos" section of this post.

I have been a decent contributor in the SCTE thread, so I figured why not give it a shot and be the steward of the 22SCT thread. In this thread, I will keep updated with all the pertinent information that pertains to the FACTORY TLR 22SCT. I will post the PDF's of set-up sheets and keep the aftermarket upgrades and the factory upgrades listed as well. I'll also do my best to list all of the "must haves", "fixes" and "options" and links to good write ups of things that may be useful to us. These will all be updated in this 1st post of the 1st page (what you're reading right now ), much like the SCTE thread is. But my intent is to keep it updated. SaladFork did an awesome job with that thread before he disappeared, so I'd like to thank him for the inspiration and model.

This is a quote from another member in another thread, whether it's true or not, I don't know. But, the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout is a VERY popular race and it's close enough to TLR home headquarters that it just might be true Let's hope so!
Originally Posted by Carranza76 View Post
I heard that there is a possibilty that this new 22SCT will be introduced at the Hot Rod Hobbies shoot out in California. Just what was being floated around the air waves this weekend. not 100% but you never know.
Carranza, you called it! ^^^ interweb cred to you lol *This guy is a freaking genius!!!!

Edit as of 7/18/12: Frank Root, thank you for posting on this page! It's finally official!!!! Thanks to TLR for listening to all of us fellow racers and giving us the truck we've been begging for. It looks phenomenal and like this is going to be one heck of a truck!!! Really looks like they swung for the fences and hit a homerun with this one! Good Luck to the entire TLR team this weekend at the HRH Shootout! So without further ado, http://www.tlracing.com/Products/Def...4#prodFeatures

-22SCT Shortcourse Truck Kit, Part # TLR0024

-22SCT Shortcourse Truck RTC (Ready To Compete, basically RTR just need batteries and a charger), Part # TLR03001

This is taken directly from the TLR 22SCT description:

Key Features:
All metric hardware
Extensive instruction manual and build guide
Full ball bearings
All the components included to complete the vehicle to either rear-motor or mid-motor
7075-T6 Aluminum lightened hard anodized chassis
Changeable dirt guards with Short Course body bumpers
Slide rack steering system with optimized steering Ackerman
Two battery mounting configurations to accommodate both motor placements
Hook and loop straps to secure batteries in all configurations
Optimized suspension package for superior handling
Gull wing designed front arms for lower front shock positioning to lower the center of gravity
Increased hinge pin offset from the rear arm to hub for increased rear traction
Front nose clearance has been maximized
Heavy Duty 4.0mm Steel Turnbuckles with HD ball cups
Aluminum rear pivot that can be adjusted to support 1 of pro-squat to 3 of anti-squat. Rear pivot can accommodate 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5 of toe-in for various track conditions
Front plastic pivot with 30 degrees of front kick
Titanium Nitride coated hinge pins
4mm trailing axle spindles
Dual Disk Slipper
Steel RCD drive shafts
Ball Differential with optimized ball pattern
Motor centered in transmission for balanced handling
Molded Gear Cover with attached rubber plug
Improved hub and spindle bearings
High Performance SCT body
Zero-offset Wheels

Product Specifications:
Type: 2WD SCT Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 21.65 in (550mm)
Width:11.62 in (295mm)
Height:7.87 in (200mm)
Wheelbase:12.80" (325mm)
Weight: 66 oz (1870g)
Chassis: Aluminum
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
Kit/RTR: Kit & RTR avail
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years


The rest of the photos can be seen here in the Gallery http://www.tlracing.com/Products/Def...0024#prodMedia

-Ryan Dunford/Casper Collaborative setup (12/24/12 Indoor clay high bite) :

-Travis Brock's 22SCT Stock 17.5 (indoor clay High bite) Setup:

-Ryan Dunford's 22SCT Mod 6.5T (indoor clay med. bite) Setup:

-TLR Team Shootout Setup (Outdoor Blue Groove):

-Matt Sunderlage S&N's Trackside Hobbies Race Setup

-Casper Setup

-Frank Root Texas Shortcourse Showdown (Mikes Hobby's) Setup

-JR Mitch Supercup Setup (Indoor Bluegroove, SCRC Raceway, Florida)

-Kit Setup (Best for loose conditions such as many outdoor tracks)

-TLR 22SCT Blank Setup Sheet:

RCTech Member Setups:

Rear Motor
RCT member Gmackhurry (Indoor slick Low/Med grip)

-Wigman's Side mounted shorty pack mid-motor setup. He's used it on Ozite Super High bite carpet, will be trying it on a less bite track soon. May be useful for High Bite Clay tracks as well.
Full explanation of how to do the battery conversion here in his post http://www.rctech.net/forum/12104012-post7012.html

[email protected] (Jon Gagnon) Mid-Motor setup he used to win the Battle On The Green race on Astroturf, 3/17/13. Congratulations Jon!
*Front Toe is .5 not 3*

-TheProffesor Mid-motor setup (Indoor Clay Low/Med grip): http://www.rctech.net/forum/attachme...tor-set-up.jpg

-SteveR (Steve Rubart) Mid-motor indoor Carpet, High Grip:

-Gas Rat Racin's Mid-motor indoor Carpet, High Grip Setup Version 1:

-Gas Rat Racin's Mid-Motor indoor carpet, High Grip Setups Version 2:

Factory TLR Optional Parts and Part #'s:
-TLR Aluminum Idler Gear Part # TLR332009[/COLOR]

-Optional Rear Aluminum Hub Carriers, Part# TLR2057

-Optional Front Aluminum Spindles (4mm trail), Part# TLR1075

-Optional Front Aluminum Camber Block, Part# TLR2062:

-TLR Optional Aluminum Driveshafts, Part #TLR332007
ONLY recommended for trucks being run in the 17.5 "Stock" Class. NOT for mod motors. Thank you to RCT member Grandturk for weighing them, Stock set is 28 grams and these aluminum ones are 21 grams for the set, saving 7 grams of rotating weight.

-TLR Optional Bleeder Shock Cap O-ring seals. Eliminate leaks caused by the inner o-ring pinching or swelling. Part#334000

-Front and Rear Swaybar Kits
Front Swaybar Kit, Part # TLR334001

Rear Swaybar Kit, Part #TLR334002

-Hi Performance Body with PRE-CUT holes (highly Recommended to save on headache of cutting vents) Part# TLR8061

-New TLR 22SCT Wheels (also fit Losi SCTE & TLR SCTE 2.0, Zero Offset)

-A first for SCT Racing, Optional Disk Inserts: Comes stock with Yellow inserts, optional Black or White (Dye-able) inserts

-Wheel Beadlock Rings (fits 22SCT wheels and uses 6 screws, will NOT fit the SCTE wheels as they use 5 screws to mount)

-Rear Aluminum Hex Standard, Part # TLR2933

-Rear Aluminum Hex +.75mm, Part # TLR2934

-Rear Aluminum Hex + 1.5mm, Part # TLR2935

-Front Aluminum Hex Standard, Part # TLR2936

-Front Aluminum Hex, 22 Buggy Rear +1.5mm hex Part # TLR2932: to be used as a tuning aid on the front of the 22SCT as used in the Dunford/Casper collaborative Setup posted in the Setup Sheet section and to Maximize Front width.

-HD Titanium Turnbuckle Set for 22SCT, Part # TLR6056

-Aluminum Ballstud/Hub Spacer set, Part # TLR6019

-22SCT Support Kit, Part # TLR0902

This Support Kit for the 22SCT will provide you with the most common replacement parts and also a few tuning parts, all in one low price package:
TLR2052 Rear Hub, 22 (2)
TLR2051 Camber Tower, Rear, 22 (1)
TLR1056 Rack, Steering, 22 (1)
TLR1058 Caster Block, 5 Deg, Left, 22 (1)
TLR1058 Caster Block, 5 Deg, Right, 22 (1)
TLR1106 Front Arm, L, 22SCT (1)
TLR1106 Front Arm, R, 22SCT (1)
TLR2051 Front Camber Block, 22SCT (1)
TLR2103 Arm, Rear, L, 22SCT (1)
TLR2103 Arm, Rear, R, 22SCT 1
TLR1107 Spindle, 4mm Trail, 22B, L, 22SCT (1)
TLR1107 Spindle, 4mm Trail, 22B, R, 22SCT (1)
TLR2966 Idler Gear, 27T, Trans, 22 (2)
TLR5092 Bushing, Shock, Upper (2)
TLR1554 Servo Horn, 23T, 22 (1)
TLR1554 Servo Horn, 24T 22 (1)
TLR1554 Servo Horn, 25T, 22 (1)
TLR1114 Body Post, 22SCT (4)
TLR2937 Wheel Hex, Rear, 22SCT (2)
Front Hex, 22SCT (2)
TLR5093 O-Ring, Shaft, 22 (8)
TLR6017 Rod End, 4.8mm, HD, 22 (8)
TLR6063 Turnbuckle,HD, 60mm, 22 (1)
TLR6064 Turnbuckle,HD, 65mm, 22 (1)
TLR6065 Turnbuckle,HD, 70mm, 22 (1)
TLR5163 Spring, Rear, 1.8 Rate (white), 22 (2)
TLR5168 Spring, Rear, 2.3 Rate (pink), 22 (2)
TLR5182 Spring, Front, 3.5 Rate (green), 22T (2)
TLR5184 Spring, Front, 4.1 Rate (black), 22T (2)

-22 Platform Gear Diff Part # LOSA2954

-22 Platform Ball Diff Kit w/ Tungsten Balls

-TLR Low Frequency Rear Spring Kit Part # TLR 223013 -
Springs included in order from softest to stiffest:
Pink 2.86 lbs./in 9.25 coils
Red 2.96 lbs./in 9.00 coils
Orange 3.03 lbs./in 8.75 coils
Silver 3.18 lbs./in 8.50 coils

-Optional Chassis Dirt Cover, Part # TLR4142 (Perfect for those of you who run very wet tracks or want to keep pebbles out of the chassis

-Optional Chassis Dirt Cover Mounts, Part # TLR4143

Aftermarket Parts and Support:

SOME aftermarket 22T parts may fit either directly or with slight modification as well.

Diff & Transmission
-Casper 's Caged Thrust bearing set for use on all TLR 22 series and Associated B, T and SC series vehicles. www.casper-rc.com/
*If you look closely at these bearings one washer has a larger ID hole. (This is true of any high quality thrust bearing.) The larger ID hole washer is to be closest to the main gear. (or the smaller ID hole goes against the head of diff screw)

AE Diff Rebuild Kit (replaces TLR Thrust Washers, Diff Bolt, Diff Nut and Diff Spring) Part # ASC7677

-mbtoolmaker35 1mm Brass Transmission Shims, available at www.casper-rc.com

-RCRD Transmission Shims (useable across the entire TLR 22 line of vehicles) http://www.facebook.com/pages/RC-Rac...793467?fref=ts

-Exotek Transmission Shims (useable across the entire TLR 22 line of vehicles) http://www.exotekracing.com/22-22sct...ranny-spacers/

-Brass 14 Gram Transmission Weight, available at www.casper-rc.com

-Associated FT VTS Slipper System (Direct bolt on for 22SCT but will need to be used with an Associated Spur gear) Part # ASC91175.
Step by step assembly complete with part #'s of all necessary hardware and pictures here http://www.rctech.net/forum/11981865-post6673.html

-MIP Super Diff

-Avid 7075 CNC Machined Topshaft http://www.avidrc.com/product/5/acce...cessories.html

-mbtoolmaker35 Aluminum or Brass Steering Rack Housing
Aluminum and Brass Steering Rack Housing. RCT Member mbtoolmaker35 is now making them available for sale for use in all 22 series vehicles in your choice of Aluminum or Brass. This is a nice option to use in place of the stock plastic piece. PM mbtoolmaker35 for pricing and ordering info http://www.rctech.net/forum/members/...35-144019.html
Photos courtesy of Glenn Carlson, RCT member XXXDad

-Exotek Steering Rack to Bellcrank Conversion Kit http://www.exotekracing.com/22-steer...-22-22sct-22t/

-Driven Productions RC Delrin Steering Rack and Front Shock Tower
*Reviews of the Driven Products RC Delrin Steering Rack have indicated that a bit of modification and maintenance needs to be performed to make it work properly. Please refer to Sapperc's and Casper's posts below for maintenance requirements.
Originally Posted by sapperc View Post
I'm trying the DP steering rack, also. I honed it to fit a new housing so that the fit was very smooth. Did not work well in my old worn housing. Even in the new housing it requires maintenance: Blowing out and brushing all dust and dirt away and copious amounts of dry lube. Graphite powder works, but I prefer a dry film lubricant. Helps repel dust and moisture. Very smooth and a good fit with very little play, but it's a lot of work.
Originally Posted by Casper View Post
I have run those and all it really takes is some extra sanding off the back side. After that it seems to work pretty well and last a little longer then stock. I never had a binding issue after I got it sanded down a little and working smooth.

Shocks & Suspension
-Associated Big Bore 2-hole Pistons part # is ASC91308 (direct fit into the 22 line of vehicles, no mods necessary)

-RCShox UFO Pistons for the 22SCT and entire line of 22 Vehicles

-SNR Graphite Carbon Fiber Body Mount Braces available at www.snrgraphite.com


-Hot Racing Sway-bar Kit, both front and rear, Part #SCTT311 available through Hobbyetc.com
One Front chrome 1.5mm hard anti roll bar
One Front black 1.3mm med. anti roll bar
One Front gold 1.1mm soft anti roll bar
One Rear chrome 1.8mm hard anti roll bar
One Rear Black 1.6mm med anti roll bar
One Rear Gold 1.4mm soft anti roll bar
One Aluminum Mount.
Four ball link with Ball.
Mounting hardware & screws

-Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower (22T and 22SCT use the exact same tower and share part #'s, this can only be used in rear motor configuration):
TeamSR http://www.teamsr.co/shop/large.asp?...0Shock%20Tower

-Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower (22T and 22SCT use the exact same tower and share part #'s):
TeamSR http://www.teamsr.co/shop/large.asp?...0Shock%20Tower

Wheels and Wheel Accesories
Any aftermarket wheel that fits the Losi Ten SCTE will be a direct fit on the TLR 22SCT, the currently available wheels are as follows:
-JConcepts Hazzards, available in Black, Yellow and White

-JConcepts Hazzard Wheel Dish inserts (wont slip like the stock Losi ones) to be used with JC Hazzard wheels listed above. Available in Black, White and Florescent Yellow.

-AKA Cyclones, available only in Black

-Proline F-11, available only in Black

-DE Trinidad, available in Black, Yellow, White and Silver

-DE Borrego disk style Shortcourse wheels, currently only available in black, but Silver, White and Yellow coming soon.

-Avid Sabertooth, available in Black, Yellow and White

Miscellaneous & Accessories
-JMC Carbon Fiber 1 piece Mid-Motor Battery Strap/ESC Tray (VERY NICE WORK JIM!!!) available at http://www.jmccarbon.com/

-Exotek Battery Tray and Carbon Fiber Battery Strap http://www.exotekracing.com/tlr22-st...tery-hold-set/

-Avid Aluminum Battery Tray. The slotted design allows you to run never before available battery locations. Running the shorty pack, you can move the battery forward an additional +15mm versus a fixed position of +10mm with the TLR tray. This super-forward position makes the rear end more predictable as grip increases.

-Avid Aluminum Black anodized Ballstud Washer set. Set includes 12 pcs, 4 of each thickness (2.0, 1.0, and 0.5mm) and AVID decal http://www.avidrc.com/product/5/acce...cessories.html

-Which optional parts should I use? Frank Root wrote this blog that covers it quite well.

-Will my Losi SCTE Wheels Fit? Yes, the TLR 22SCT uses the same zero offsetting as the wheels on the SCTE making them both interchangeable.

-Will the 22SCT Wheels fit my XXX-SCT? Not if your XXX-SCT is stock. Some people have done a conversion that allows them to use SCTE wheels on their XXX-SCT, if you did that conversion, then yes they will fit.

-How do the new Dish Wheel Inserts attach to the wheels? They are pressed into place on the face of the wheel, then secured via the wheel nut when installed on the vehicle. A visual can be seen at approx. the 15 minute mark in the Frank Root interview video linked below. the Dish inserts were designed for use with the new 6 spoke 22SCt wheel and will not fit the SCTE or XXX-SCT wheels properly, however may fit the SCTE and XXX-sct wheels with slight modification.

-Will the 22SCT Body Fit my SCTE so I can switch it between my trucks? The body itself fits perfectly, however the body mounting holes are in a different Location. So to share one body between them will require 2 sets of body mounting holes.

-Will my aluminum 22T upgrades fit the 22SCT? The 22SCT shares many parts with the 22T, however some parts have been redesigned for use on the 22SCT such as the front Camber Block, it has a provision for use of a swaybar whereas the 22T does not. So check for interchangeability to be sure.

-Can I run the 22SCT with a Shorty pack? Yes, you can run a shorty pack in either rear or mid motor configurations.

-Can I run the 22SCT as a Mid-Motor truck with the stock body? Yes, unlike the 22 Buggy and 22T, you will NOT need a different body to run your 22SCT mid-motor.

-Can I run the 22SCT with a Gear Diff? Yes, you will need to use the Gear Diff for the 22 RTR, Part # LOSA2954

Build Tips, Tricks, Fixes and Related Information:
-Mounting Servos, some servos need to be spaced by using no shims, .5mm, 1mm shims etc.:
JR Z9100S, no shims
Savox SC1258TG, no shims

-Shock Piston Mod:
Some people have started gluing closed 2 of the 4 holes in the stock Shock Pistons and enlarging the remaining two holes between 1.5-1.7mm. A couple of RCTech members discovered that the Associated 12mm shock pistons are a direct fit to the TLR 22 Shocks and already have only 2 holes and are already bored out to the most popular sizes that people are using! As an added benefit, the flashing is on the top of the piston making sure that the roundness of the piston is perfect. The correct part # is ASC91308

-Diff Problems? Here's a fix.
Many people have started using the Associated Diff Rebuild Kit when rebuilding their diffs. This has been used by many people in both the 22 and the 22T for quite some time now. The stock Thrust washers breaking are the cause of most people's problems and The Diff Bolts have been known to break when tightened too much. The Associated parts are much stronger and solve this problem. When switching to the Associated parts, use the Diff Bolt, Nut, Spring and Thrust Washers. The diff balls are optional as most still prefer the TLR Tungsten Diff Balls. Give the Rings to a friend who's running an AE car since they'll be useless to you. Part # ASC7677

-TLR 22SCT Steering Ballcup Modification w/pictures
(some people have been doing the above mod and still popping ball cups, RCT member easye has come up with something that seems to be working for him, here is his post.)
Originally Posted by easye View Post
Just got back from the track like I posted earlier doing the trimming the ball cup mod still pop off at the rack. But after tapering the edge of the rack and the hex part of the ballcup and having about 1mm of clearance between the rack and the ball cup with the suspension full compressed I tried and couldn't get it to pop off. Hopefully this was a fix to ball cups popping off.

Ball Cup Tapered

Steering Rack Tapered where the ballstud goes
Here is an article that shows the chamfer done to the steering rack. TLR is using the same approach as the "easye" mod and will soon be releasing new ball cups as well. http://losiracing.blogspot.com/2012/...ification.html

-Captured Ball Ends
An Alternative to the above "easye" mod, would be to use captured ball ends:
RCTech member TheBackmarker (Dave Webb, owner of B & B Hobbies) has used Traxxas Part # TRA3643. They are pre-assembled, you'll only need four M3 x 12mm button head screws and be done. According to Dave, there is absolutely no binding at all and makes for a perfect fix to keeping the steering tie-rods from popping off.

I used the blue Traxxas links on mine because I just wanted a little bling. Here are the pix of mine done. Note the first pic is before I cut off the plastic nipple on the steering rack and replaced it with a locknut as depicted in the third pic.

RCT Member Losi 1972 did Captured ends using Hot Bodies Parts, here is the link to his post http://www.rctech.net/forum/11152413-post1880.html He used the following parts:
Hot Bodies Parts
2 Losi SCTE Links from 4x4
4 Losi screws to go through the balls

-Kingpin Mod using Part #TLR1043:
I didn't want to lose those screws and weird washers that hold the caster blocks to the front A-arms so I replaced them with the same Threaded King Pins that go vertically thru the caster block and spindle. They are a little long, but because the large sct wheel sizes, there's plenty of room., You'll need to use a 2mm washer on each side of the arm to take up the slack. Once you do so, the fit is PERFECT and you'll never have to worry about losing that screw and washer again. As an added bonus, they are much more free and have less friction than the standard screws that they replace. Here is a pic showing the mod completed.

-Adjusting Kick-up:

-Gearing Recommendations by TLR (these are good starting points, however gearing needs may differ based on surface or size of particular tracks, all gears are 48 Pitch):

Also to help figure out similar gearing options, RCT member BigBangPro posted this chart

When using Spur gears from different manufacturers, they may not be available in the tooth count supplied by TLR. If this is the case, you will need to figure out the proper Final Drive Ratio that you will need to use. Member F__Me explains how to figure out which gearing you will need to reach the FDR's of the above Gearing Recommendations By TLR diagram.
Originally Posted by F_ME View Post
You need to take into account the Final Drive Ratio when comparing different spur/pinion combos.

To calculate the FDR the formula is:
spur# divided by pinion# = sum multiplied by trans ratio
(The trans ratio for the 22-SCT is 2.43)

The FDR of the 86/18 combo is 11.61

below are FDRs with 84 spur combos:

84/19 = 10.74 FDR
84/18 = 11.34 FDR
84/17 = 12.00 FDR

So, by looking at the above FDRs with the 84 spur, you can see that you will be above and below your target FDR of 11.61 with the 86/18 combo.

The higher the FDR # the more bottom end you will have....and more top end with a lower FDR.
-Most TLR Team drivers (and many club racers) are running the Aluminum 22 Buggy Front Pivot Part # TLR1072 with the Brass front 25 deg shim Part # TLR1049 rather than the 30 deg 22T/SCT front Pivot Part # TLR1105. This allows it to be more adjustable and so you can use less than 30 deg kick up if you so choose. They've been combining this combo with the 5 degree caster blocks Part # TLR1058 (plastic, included with original kit) or Part # TLR 1046 (aluminum) to achieve the 30 deg kick up anyway for most of the current setup sheets, but this may change in the future and this allows you to play with kick up angles of either less or more than 30 deg. This is a good article to help you understand kick-up angles http://losiracing.blogspot.com/2011/...lr-22-22t.html

-Some ESC's or Servo's may not reach your rx depending on brand and mounting place and may require a servo extension like this one http://www.tlracing.com/Products/Def...rodID=SPMA3000

-Both Front and Rear wheels use same offset as the Losi SCTE and TLR SCTE 2.0 making Both stock and Aftermarket SCTE wheels directly compatible with the TLR 22SCT.

-Springs included w/Kit: Front Blue, Rear Yellow

-Spur included w/Kit 48P: 78T (suggested for stock 17.5 NT motor) & 86T (suggested for mod and classes allowing timing)

-If building Mid-motor configuration and you want to use full size batteries, use the 2nd hole in the optional Aluminum Battery Tray Part# TLR4150 *Note, by using this configuration, depending on electronics choices, some electronics may need to be relocated due to space confinements.

-Raising the transmission is very popular in both the 22 Buggy and the 22T. After speaking with several TLR team drivers, they're also doing this on the 22SCT, here's a good explanation of how and why people are doing this mod http://losiracing.blogspot.com/2012/...d-22t.html?m=1 RCRD also makes ready made shims that make this a MUCH easier task and the fit is perfect. I've done it to both my 22 Buggy as well as my 22SCT Conversion, the shims are available in the following link and you'd be supporting a fellow RCTech member [http://www.facebook.com/pages/RC-Rac...793467?fref=ts
*Note, when raising transmission using transmission shims by either RCRD or Exotech, DO NOT glue shims directly to Diff case Glue them to the Camber Block and the Toe Block as seen in this picture below otherwise maintenance to the diff may be difficult.

22SCT wheel hex widths:
Rear Std = 10.00mm
Rear +.75 = 10.75mm
Rear +1.5 = 11.50mm
Front = 6.75mm

Spring Rates: (both 22SCT/Stadium Truck and Buggy are listed as some setups will call for one or the other)

Thank You to RCTech member XXXDad (Glenn Carlson) for making this Spring Rate Diagram. Includes, Stadium Truck, SCT and Buggy springs as well as the new Low Frequency Springs.

*quote from Ryan below applies to above diagram
Originally Posted by hacker07 View Post
truck springs first on the progression as they are longer and thus will feel softer due to a shorter spring being more progressive.
Swaybar Sizes
White = 1.0mm
Yellow = 1.2mm
Pink = 1.5mm

RCGaryK of Horizon Hobby's Build of the 22SCT (LOTS of pictures with build tips and commentary)
-Part 1 http://www.rctech.net/forum/11075351-post950.html
-Part 2 http://www.rctech.net/forum/11077642-post964.html
-Part 3 http://www.rctech.net/forum/11078038-post971.html
-Part 4 http://www.rctech.net/forum/11078778-post979.html
-Part 5 End of build http://www.rctech.net/forum/11080010-post991.html
*Thank you Gary for the step by step build of this truck with pictures, there was a lot of great information in there that will be helpful, especially for those who have never built a vehicle in the 22 Family. For anyone who builds this truck whether or not they have experience with the 22 Family, I suggest reading over Gary's step by step build.

Frank Root Interview and 22 SCT Walk-through:
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

Time Lapse video of it being built.
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

Short vid of it In-Action:
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

Debut Race/Race Results:
-Debut Race at the World Famous Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout in Saugus California on July 20th-22nd, 2012
2nd Place Dustin Evans (q'd 2nd), 4th Place Mike Truhe (q'd 6th), 7th Place Billy Fischer (q'd 7th), 9th Place Frank Root (q'd 3rd), 10th place Matt Castellano (q'd 8th)

-Surf City Classic held on Sept. 1st & 2nd at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach CA
2nd Place Matt Castellano (q'd 2nd), 3rd Place Dustin Evans (q'd 3rd)

-TLR 22SCT Manual
-TLR 22SCT Exploded Parts View Manual

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I can't wait, need another car to go with my SCTE. Hacker07 said there was going to be some new products for the Hotrod Hobbies Shoot Out hoping it is the 22 SCT but could be a new 4wd. What speedo and turn motor would you run in the 22 SCT? I was thinking a Tekin RS or RS pro with a 10 or 8 turn motor, but not sure.
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Wondering how the heavier 22 platform will run in 17.5 class as that's what a lot of placed run here for SC.
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I bet its not going to be an sct truck. Its going to be a new 4x4 buggy 10th scale.

IF my statement is wrong, I will be replacing this post with a picture when I get my kit!

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Originally Posted by Whitey_Wangster View Post
I can't wait, need another car to go with my SCTE. Hacker07 said there was going to be some new products for the Hotrod Hobbies Shoot Out hoping it is the 22 SCT but could be a new 4wd. What speedo and turn motor would you run in the 22 SCT? I was thinking a Tekin RS or RS pro with a 10 or 8 turn motor, but not sure.
I've been very happy with my Hobbywing stuff so far, so I'm gonna get a HW ESC again to keep it budget friendly. Motorwise, I'm going to probably run a 7.5 as I think the heavier truck will benefit from it over the other trucks that are using mostly 8.5's at my local tracks. Once in a while someone throws a 6.5 in their trucks and it's obvious usually that they're overpowered. With the 22SCT, I'm thinking the extra weight might like the fewer turn motor and allow you to run less timing so you can keep both motor and esc temps cooler while being able to gear up to achieve the same performance.
Originally Posted by Grandturk View Post
Wondering how the heavier 22 platform will run in 17.5 class as that's what a lot of placed run here for SC.
I'm running 17.5NT on my RCRD 22SCT conversion. I didn't get to run it this weekend like I had hoped. It's built though, so next week I'm definitely gonna run it. Hopefully the added weight isn't too much and doesn't effect it too much. I'll weigh it at the track next weekend to see what it comes out at.
Originally Posted by suby723 View Post
I bet its not going to be an sct truck. Its going to be a new 4x4 buggy 10th scale.
Only time will tell. But we'll know for sure in the very near future since it's only a couple weeks away
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What speedo and turn motor would you run in the 22 SCT?

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Sweet...I've had my XXX-SCT for 2 weeks and raced it once.

Oh well had to know it was coming (and I figured it was by Christmas). I have a birthday at the end of the summer so bring it on I suppose.
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Originally Posted by caaraa View Post
What speedo and turn motor would you run in the 22 SCT?

Really depends on your needs. I'm interested in seeing what others are going to run. I'm sure the same esc/motor combos that work in other 2wd SC trucks will be great in this one as well. So I expect to see a lot of Tekin, LRP and Orion ESC's with a lot of Trinity, Reedy Sonic and LRP motors. But for the budget minded or bashers, we'll probably see some people running the tried and true Castle Sidewinder and SCPro systems. Then there'll be people like me who go with budget minded HW esc, but known motors. I'm very happy with my HW esc in my SCTE and my Reedy Sonic in my 22 Buggy, so I might go with that combo. But I might just end up getting a Tekin RS Pro esc like I'm running in that car too. They pair together very well. As for motor turns, depends on what class you want to race, stock or Mod etc. See what's popular at your local track and has the best turnout. Stock is probably better for most people who are somewhat new to racing because it really teaches you how to drive and not rely on the added power as a crutch. But choose the class that's popular and most appealing to you. If your track barely ever has a stock SC class but they've routinely got full Mod classes, well I'd go that route then, same thing if it's vice versa. I am curious to see what others are planning on running in their TLR 22SCT's.
Originally Posted by Grasschopper View Post
Sweet...I've had my XXX-SCT for 2 weeks and raced it once.

Oh well had to know it was coming (and I figured it was by Christmas). I have a birthday at the end of the summer so bring it on I suppose.
I believe that's called Murphy's Law Don't worry, the XXX-SCT is a good truck that has a lot of good setups available. So until the 22SCT comes out, drive the wheels off your XXX-SCT and look forward to your birthday later in the summer, hopefully it'll come just in time for the release of the truck to the public!
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gaaaaahhhh.... losi you know how to get my money. ill be here speculating with you all. coffee time!
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well whenever they release it i just hope you can get it as a kit, not just an rtr. i get annoyed that the 8ight e and scte arent kits. Plua as an rtr well prob have to put alot more $$$ into tuning kits. sell one with all te good stuff in it like the old Graphite plus and BK2 days
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Originally Posted by ScottKelly911 View Post
I believe that's called Murphy's Law Don't worry, the XXX-SCT is a good truck that has a lot of good setups available. So until the 22SCT comes out, drive the wheels off your XXX-SCT and look forward to your birthday later in the summer, hopefully it'll come just in time for the release of the truck to the public!
Eh...not affecting me much really. I just pulled the trigger on a used XXX-SCT to go with my first one, this one will be for my son to race. Still I like the concept of mid motor, though maybe it's better to get the X Factory kit and convert his RC10T4.1...or the Durango...so many choices.
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Way to quote me and put me on the spot!! LOL

I only hope its true.

I will def be getting two of these if the price is right. Most likely one mod and one stock.
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I just want to be on the first page of this thread, haha. We will have to see what all is announced at the Shootout I guess...Only a few weeks to go.
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Originally Posted by hacker07 View Post
I just want to be on the first page of this thread, haha. We will have to see what all is announced at the Shootout I guess...Only a few weeks to go.
Well there ya go folks!! Right from the horse's mouth!

Oh, and second..... hahahahaha
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I really hope it doesn't ship with that hideous high flow body...
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