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Kyosho worth the investment?

Kyosho worth the investment?


Old 06-01-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
He's not ASKING for a scientific study, the OP is asking for opinions and personal experience
Last i checked, the OP is just asking a general question...no where does he mention that he is specifically interested in opinions/personal experience and not in a scientific study.

He also specifically mention he wants to find some facts that may help answer his questions...so lets try this again...

Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
... For example, I have owned and raced almost every 2wd buggy on the market the last two years, and I can honestly tell you all the pros and cons of each, and based on all of those added up, which buggy I find to be the best, for various reasons, and whether or not the brand is worth the extra up front costs.
Thats all fine and dandy....but when you mean extra up front cost...you mean a extra large up front cost....for a kyosho that is...and the question being asked is, is it worth it?

So far the droves of kyosho owners have descended upon the thread and all say the same thing...yes its worth it because its better quality.

For that argument to really work, i should be able to go to any rc track, and should be able to visibly see and tell, kyosho's are simply better...so all that extra money you pay actually translates into real world quality..not the sense of quality that exists mostly in your psyche...or kyosho does something that you find pretty neat...which you think means better quality..since the other guys do it some other way and you dont like it.

So far what i ve observed...good drivers can win with pretty much anything...breaking parts is more to do with how you drive(and don't drive) and maintenance...than actual direct quality from the factory...and defects/bugs exists in pretty much every kit.

So if i am shopping for a brand based on quality AND cost....kyosho's are simply over priced. But for someone wanting a kyosho because they like it for personal reasons, by all means go ahead and get it, its definitely a top notch machine. Just that there are other top quality kits for much less.

Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
so yes, it is possible to get a direct comparison... however unscientific it may be.
Did anyone say it wasn't possible to get a direct comparison?...since you say you owned and raced pretty much every 2wd buggy out there....lets see this direct comparison....if anything it might help someone
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Old 06-01-2012, 05:46 PM
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[Elitist]If you can afford it, get a Kyosho. If not, get a Traxxas.[/Elitist]

Just kidding. But, on the real, I like my RB5. I've pile drove it into the clay many times and nothing is broke. and I'm still fairly noob at this RC game.

My LHS has tiny selection of parts for the Kyosho, mostly A-arms and shock towers and axles. To me, that just means Kyosho doesn't break very often so there's no need to overstock.

When I was buggy shopping, I looked at: 22, 210, B4, RB5. Read all the reviews here, there, and everywhere else. It was between the 210 and RB5 eventually settling with the RB5 because I wasn't as confident in the Durango's parts support at the shop. Honestly, I probably would have been happy with either car.
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Old 06-01-2012, 07:45 PM
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Personal choice for racing,
2wd SC = Ultima SC-R
4wd SC = Durango DESC410R, or Losi TEN-SCTE + TLR upgrade kit
1/10th Buggy = Ultima RB5, Durango 210, or TLR 22
1/10th Stadium = Ultima RT5, or TLR 22T
1/8th E-buggy = Xray, or Serpent

That's just my 0.02...
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Old 06-01-2012, 08:53 PM
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Until last October, I ran AE cars exclusively for 1/10 and Hot Bodies 1/8 cars. I've only recently gotten my 1/8 Kyosho buggy so I'll focus on the 1/10 car comparison:

When I had my AE cars, my maintenance routine was as follows:

Refill and bleed shocks every week so they'll stay consistent (even with the V2's)
Rebuild shocks w/new o-rings every other week
Replace steering bellcranks/servo saver every 4-5 weeks so everything stays tight
Rebuild ball diffs every 10-12 weeks
Replace steering blocks, caster blocks, front & rear arms, front bulkhead, motor guard, t-plate, all hingepins and bumper once a year - my total rebuild would cost about $110.

Since going to Kyosho last October, I've incurred the following maintenance schedule:

Rebuild the diff about every 20 weeks (I'm on my 2nd rebuild), stock Kyosho rings and stock steel balls, no carbide, no ceramic.
SC Big Bores still have the original x-ring o-rings from October, and the shocks are still absolutely perfect! The cars have little to zero slop, less than what my AE cars would develop in 2 weeks.

Overall, I've put about $25 into my SCR since building it, and I've run it just about every weekend since getting it, sometimes two places in one weekend!

As far as performance, my RT5 simply blows my T4's out of the water - I could never get my T4's to truly feel planted and "dig in" like my RT5 does. My SCR is similarly better than my FT SC10 was as well. My performance has increased exponentially in the past 10 months, and I owe it all to the difference in the equipment I'm using - the electronics are the same, the radio is the same, the driver is the same, but sometimes the car really does make that much of a difference!
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Old 06-02-2012, 12:28 AM
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Yeah, for 1/8th, I would say the Kyosho's are just overpriced when a lot of other companies offer very high quality kits too at much lower cost (Mugen, Serpent, X-Ray).

For 1/10th, not much else compares. I gladly paid $100 more over a B4.1 for my RB5 SP2 WC. I've had the SP1 and the B4 a few years ago and the Kyosho is just light years ahead in quality than the Associated. I admit I have been lured at times to Associated for the price, but the quality always left me disappointed after assembling and maintenance. At least for the high end 1/10th Kyoshos, you get what you pay for.
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Old 06-06-2012, 12:48 AM
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I have owned many Associated products including FT SC10 and B4.1
I sold them both and bought a Kyosho SCR-SP and RB5 SP2. The build quality is fantastic, the maintenance is minimal and the parts just last longer. I see guys at my local track putting all sorts of upgrade and special parts into the associated stuff just to get it to perform like the Kyosho. I can go 2 months without a diff rebuild and shock fluid change and they still are clean and look fresh.
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Old 06-06-2012, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Fieldmarshal View Post
Last i checked, the OP is just asking a general question...no where does he mention that he is specifically interested in opinions/personal experience and not in a scientific study.
Yes, he does. Here is his stated question. "are they worth it"? Being "worth it" would absolutely be a matter/question of opinion. He CERTAINLY didn't specifically ask for a scientific study, which is why it's so bizzare that you brought it up in the first place.

Is yellow pretty?
Is spaghetti good?
Is kyosho's higher cost worth it?

All questions of opinion, none questions of scientific study.

Originally Posted by Dammit138 View Post
My question is: are they worth it?
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I, like some of you, have owned and raced about every brand out there and for me I always end up going back to kyosho. For me it's not only the top notch quaility but the shocks alone make them worth owning. It's all personal preference on which brand you go with, they all are capable of winning.

Are they expensive? Yes
Are they worth the $$? You will have to decide that

I only race 4wd Sc right now (which kyosho does not have) but would I buy Kyosho again? HELL YA!!

Having confidence in your race gear can mentally help make you a better racer.
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Old 06-06-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Dammit138 View Post
This is not a Brand A vs Brand B argument. I'm getting back into RC soon and have a question about Kyosho. It's a known fact that Kyosho kits can be more expensive then some of their competitors. My question is: are they worth it?

The logical argument that comes to mind is that they may have invested more time/money into parts that you would end up upgrading down the road so they may have included these upgrades by default? Is this sound judgement? Or do they have a corner on the high performance market due to so much race success, IE Worlds, Nationals, etc.

Thanks folks, I'm just doing some fact finding.

A lot of what makes a kit more expensive has nothing to do with the car itself. Unfavorable monetary exchange rates and the system used by the manufacturer to distribute their product can increase prices with no added value to the product.
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