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Tamiya Ta05 ra A conversion

Tamiya Ta05 ra A conversion


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Default Tamiya Ta05 ra A conversion

Tamiya Ta05 rally

If you want a rally car these days, you don't really have many choices..you can go with Tamiya's Df03 ra or you can try to obtain some of the older stuff, like HPI's RS4 rally, Yokomo's Mr4 rally or Tamiya's Tb01 ...
However, despite their undeniable qualities, they all have one thing that counts against them, the lack of spare parts.
In my collection, I have a Yokomo mr4 rally, a Academy str4 rally and a Tamiya Tb01..all good cars, but I don't run them as much as I ideally would like to, simply because I'm afraid to deplete my meager collection of spare parts..so I decided to get a modern on-road car and convert into a rally beast!

Since I live in Japan, Tamiya is cheap with a good support base, so in light of that, I narrowed my choice down to either a Tb03 or a Ta05v2
A Tb03 would most likely be easier to convert, but I prefer belts, so in the end, I went with the Ta05v2.

Without further ado, let's begin..

The first thing, I had to do was to plug all the various cutouts in the chassis, it may be a bit redundant, seeing that it will be protected with an under body, but it looks better I think.

I then removed the down stops and filed the chassis to allow for the a-arms to get more down travel.
In order to protect the spur gear from pebbles and other debris, I used a small piece of aluminum as guard.
The chassis taken care of, I turned my attention to the the diffs...

Initially, I went with the supplied balldiffs, but after some thinking I bought a pair of geardiffs, hopefully they should be the sort of set and forget kind of diffs.
With the diffs installed, I had to make some kind of diff cover that would protect them from dirt.
After much head scratching and many drawings, I made some covers from 0.5 and 1 mm styrene.
If the covers do their job, I might re-make the covers in a better material, but for now, theyíll suffice.
As you might have noticed, I didnít enclose the belts completely... since Iím going to run the car with an inner body, I hope that it will negate the need for a belt enclosure...but letís see.
With the diffs covered up, I made a guard for the spur gear, I sort of intend it to deflect pebbles...Though to be honest, Iím not really sure if itíll do the job...

The suspension was actually a quick job... the rear only needed some new ball connectors..Tamiyaís own didnít allow enough downward travel.
The front arms needed to have their braces filed a bit but again a fairly quick job.
The only ďproblemĒ with the front suspension was the hubs...
In order to to be able to dial enough camber in, I had to file quite a lot off, but that in return made the hubs a wee bit weak...I have no doubt that they would have done the job, but I would always be worrying about them breaking.
In the end I got some Alu. Hubs from Eagle Racing...built-in 8 degrees of camber and caster. Works perfectly!

In the end I managed to squeeze a 31mm ride height out of it(fully jacked up)

I used the included shocks, I wanted to use some longer ones, but because the shock towers donít allow for that, I had to go with the kitís.
I picked up some touring/rally car springs from Tamiya, but even with the softest, they still feel a bit hard..if any of you know of better/ softer springs. Please let me know.

For the inner body, I had an old Tb-01 and it was a very close fit, a bit of cutting to allow for the motor, some foam to close some gaps and it was done. Well except for painting.

And this is pretty much it...a Tamiya Ta-05 Ra conversion.
Whether it actually works, I donít know yet, I still have to get all the electronics, but I canít see why it shouldnít work.

Any comments, tips or hints are greatly appreciated.
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Some more pictures...
Attached Thumbnails Tamiya Ta05 ra  A conversion-120122_133014.jpg   Tamiya Ta05 ra  A conversion-120122_124517.jpg   Tamiya Ta05 ra  A conversion-120122_124602.jpg   Tamiya Ta05 ra  A conversion-120122_124714.jpg   Tamiya Ta05 ra  A conversion-120122_124845.jpg  

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how your ta05 rally now? does it have any problem during the run? does the belt get damage very easily?
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