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Cummins Driver 10-31-2011 06:20 AM

Brushless Evader Video - Hobbywing 35a ESC/Tacon 3930kv motor
Just thought id post this up for anyone interested in this brushless combo. Im very happy with it so far. The brushless system cost me about $70, and I already had the programming card from previous systems. I really like the price and performance of this system as well as how easy it is to use to program with the card. I had a system identical to this before, except running a 3500kv motor in a stampede. The ESC never ever even got warm, and this one has been the same way so far. ESC is cool when im done running, and the motor is just a little warm. Its more than fast enough right now, but I think i may gear up 2 or 3 teeth and see what it does :cool: The only "flaw" i can think of is that it seems the throttle response is a little delayed on startup at times, and sometimes it gets a little confused with reverse, but those are minor issues for the price IMO. The only reason i got rid of my other system like this was because i sold the stampede RTR. I wanted something with better handling, less wheelies, and maybe a little more speed. The Evader EXT2 is handling it great so far. Handles good and is very easy to keep it from pulling a wheelie if i dont want it to :cool: Should be even more fun when i get some better tires on it

ESC- Hobbywing/EZrun 35a
Motor- Tacon 3650 size, 3930kv


Here is my old stampede on the same system with a 3500kv 3650 tacon for comparison:


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