White Lightening? New fuel

  • New fuel.....has anyone used it yyet?

    whats you opinion on it?

  • i switched from odonell to white lightening back in september just to try it out for the LHS guy. i was the first one to try it and he wanted to know how it was.

    well, the ONLY difference ive seen between the two, is the smell. it still smells better than blue thunder or that other traxxas one, but it performs almost exactly like odonell. i love the stuff, and its a couple bucks cheaper than odonell at the LHS.

    good stuff, i think.

    8% syth oil, have had ZERO problems with it.
  • I got a couple quarts of it from the Pro series awhile back. Decided to try it for a practice day when I ran out of O'donnell. I hated it. It wouldn't hold a consistent tune, smelled like crap, and ran awful. I can't get it anywhere anyway, so even if I did like it, I wouldn't ever run it.
  • wow really? im half tempted to go back to odonell just to see what i missed. i cant say i disagree about the smell, but i wanna do a side by side someday just for kicks. i didnt think it held a tune any worse than odonell. one way to find out

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