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Red Z 11-10-2004 10:34 PM

Traxxas Stampede Forum
Most people laugh at them but they are durable and fun to drive especially as a spec class! Post and share your pics, hopups, and ideas here. Both nitro and electric are welcome.

Red Z 11-10-2004 10:45 PM

My Stampede
My Stampede:

Z Main Racing: #5
Esc: IPC V6/SR
Receiver: Novax Xxtra 75mhz synthesized
Batteries: Trinity 1700 mAh Voltmax Pro NiCD
Motor: Trinity P2K2 Pro, 27 turn stock
-Drilled stock rims-lighter rotating mass
-Custom lower body mount-better chassis roll and lower center of gravity
-RPM front bumper-protects the truck during collisions with all those slower Stampedes!
-Full ball bearings throughout the truck.

It has won five of the last six points seasons it was raced in. It also won 1st Place at the Central WI Offroad Championship (2004). Not bad huh?

never lift 11-11-2004 08:02 PM

traxxas hit it right on with the pede i drive mine every day . my t -maxx sits there .. i've got a lrp f1 esc in there with a team orion 15x2 motor. venom battery's futaba radio . and all ball bearings .. my wife made a good choice .. she drives a hyper 7

Niitty 11-12-2004 09:02 AM

Right on!
I recently added a Stampede to my RC Garage. Bought it for my ^ yr old son and am having more fun Hopping it up than he is :D

Seems as though There are hidden Traxxas RC owners in here I happen to have 2. the other Traxxas RC in my garage is a very hopped up Nitro Rustler.:D :D

Actually their garage is on a shelf in my Living room where I get to see them everyday . . .

Go Traxxas . . .these trucks are so fun to drive


never lift 11-12-2004 04:56 PM

i started with a traxxas hawk 2 then a sled hammer / rustler both kinds . two pedes two t maxx 's and one srt . plus a traxxas feiro .. hoping to add a revo soon

Red Z 11-12-2004 08:37 PM

The stampede that I race was one of the first to be modified for racing in my area. Many people bought them for their kids but when they saw how fast mine was and how much better it handled. This resulted in more "grown ups" getting one and racing it. Last week we had on two separate race days almost thirty of them on each day! Four heats on the carpet oval and five heats of them on the carpet roadcourse. It is one of the more competetive "spec" type classes that we run. Where do you guys race at? Indoors or out?

DFroyd 11-13-2004 11:38 AM

Stampedes rock! We have had one for 5 years. It has been raced in stock truck with the stock tires, proline masher 2000 and with rusty tires! Due to the number that had shown up at our track this season, I'm going to try to pursuade the track owner to have a Stampede-style class on Friday nights!

never lift 11-13-2004 08:28 PM

you know how they have the maxx challenge maybe . we can
ask to have a pede challenge ..

milenko_76 11-13-2004 11:30 PM

I love my Stampede. I have other trucks and a few cars but my pede was my first and is still my favorite to drive. Here are a few pics of it and a few of my other cars. Go Here Leave comments if you want.

Niitty 11-14-2004 07:04 AM

Clean pics
milenko_76 --

Great Trucks there man -- really impressed with the clean looks and tight paint job! I'll have to upload some pics of my trucks :D My NRustler needs a new body. . .as the one thats on there now is showing definite signs of wear, rollovers, etc. And the Hummer body on my sons pede ihas badly cracked rear post holes :o

When I get new bodies I'll sure load pics


Red Z 11-14-2004 11:10 AM

My 'pede has a super easy paint job: spray paint red! I did that because of the frequent carnage inflicted by and to other trucks when we race. Check out my website (listed in my signature) to view my rides. The pics are on the Dan's Cars page. Leave a message on the message board if u want to!

Red Z 11-21-2004 09:33 PM

I'm gonna try to make a 4wd Stampede (electric)using a TC3 driveline. Any advice?

benlosi 11-21-2004 11:45 PM

Seems as though There are hidden Traxxas RC owners in here I happen to have 2.

i aint hidden,thought i had pede pic so heres my rustler(bought for nephew)


my stepsons pede has no body at the moment.i keep a photon speed 20x1 motor in rustler and pede,kids are careless and already destroyed speed gem pro's

stampde still need front big bores,rpm 5x11's otherwise its fully loaded.rustler is fully loaded.the pede is fun to jump and beat around on plain open dirt fields,at our lhs track though i do miss the performance of my xxxt

milenko_76 11-22-2004 08:25 PM

I like the 2 fast paint job. There is one problem. It's to clean. Unless thats a show body lets see some messy pics also. Thanks nitty for the comps. After seeing the body by benlosi now i want another clean looking one...to get dirty. Since i was kicked off traxxas site forums. I'll start posting more here. We should make this a traxxas truck forum instead of just stampede. Lets let the rusties in also. Emaxx's are nice also so they should be allowed also. thats it. no old school hawks and no bandits that want to be trucks. Lets see some pics from other stampede and rusty fans out there.

Red Z 11-23-2004 12:29 PM

If you want to talk Rustlers fine but if you want to talk T/E maxx take it to the monster truck forum.

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