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Default 4 stroke

anyone know any info on this? is it out? how much?
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iono if im rite but 4 stroke is lik da same but it has more accel over top end and better fuel economy

2 stroke takes 2 times for the piston to go up n down to make en xplosion

but 4 stroke is same but takes 4 up n downs (or known as strokes)

i think
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Default 2 VS 4 Stroke

The power bands are completly diffrent between the two. All the gas cars are geared twards 2 stroke's power band.
The 2 strokes get thier power in the top end, where as 4 strokes have much more torque.
You could make a 4 stroke work in a GT, but you will have to change your gearing dramaticly. Also on a side note, 4 strokes can't be zinged like a 2 stroke when there's no load. If you zing a 4 stroke, you could break stuff like push rods.
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i was kinda correct
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Default No Thumpers in R/C cars!

Until the day the EPA comes after the R/C industry to meet some new polution standards, two strokes are the only way to go. and even if you could put a four stroke in your car why would you want to, you need roughly twice the displacement in a four stroke to that of a two stroke for the same amount of horspower, plus they weigh a lot more, are bigger, sound like sh!t, cost more, harder to work on, there's nothing like the sound of a screaming two stroke nitro motor, be glad we got em & enjoy them while you can, for some day we may end up like the motocross industry & have no choice but to run four strokes, remember when they banned the leaf blowers somewhere in LA.

I would rather push a two stroke than run a four stroke!!!!!!!!!!
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A small clarification for nate and Greddy...

A 2 stroke fires every time the piston reaches top dead centre (or the top of the bore) whereas a 4 stroke fires every second time it reaches tdc. This is because of the different methods of induction and exhaust that the two motor designs use.

I'm not sure why you would want to use 4 stroke in RC, unless you are racing 1/5th or something, as they are heavier and have far less power per gram. Especially when the 2 stroke motors that are run don't really have to have any long term reliability (not like your everyday car etc).

As for motocross however, the 4 strokes have been somewhat of a revolution, high revving, light and great power output with less overall maintenance and greater reliability. Most guys I know would prefer a YZ426 over its 250 2 stroke brother...you could apply this to MotoGP as well. The development to get the 4 stroke to perform to 2 stroke standards hasn't been invested in RC yet IMO.
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Kyosho has a new product for their V-one and FW-05 series cars, a bolt on 4 stroke engine.


use this link to convert to english.

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