HELP ME with xp sc450-bl b4.1 rtr esc

  • I bought a RTR b4.1. I am totally lost with this thing and all the beeps and chims. I read the manual but I am totally stumped on how to get the right settings on my ESC. I was playing with it now I dont have reverse. I want it set to max power and lipo with reverse. Its now set to no reverse and its very glitchy and slow.
    xp sc450-bl
  • Turn on transmitter, hold throttle to full, turn on car. You'll hear 6 beeps. Throttle to neutral, 4 beeps, throttle to reverse, 4 beeps. Wait 5-10 seconds and the series of setups will start. First 1beep -1beep, then 1beep-2beep, then 2-1, then 2-2, and so on. When you hear the one that you want pull and release the trigger. You'll hear 4 beeps (I think) and that setting will be programmed in.
    Sound's like you want
    1-2 for lipo
    2-1 for 0 drag brake
    3-4 for max throttle profile
    4-2 for 1 second reverse delay.

    Turn off car and then transmitter and you should be set to go.
    Hope this helps
    PM also sent
  • They can be tough to learn on but once you get the hang of it programming is easy. Don't give up and ask the LHS for help. I know how to do it and even seeing the type above was almost confusing (just woke up though. )
    The delay in beeps between menus is longer than the delay of settings within a given menu.