kyosho Inferno MP 7.5 SPORTS RTR

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  • does it come with a fuel filter? cause if it donesnt im gonna buy one when i buy the buggy
  • Have you tried calling tower hobbies to find out what the buggy has? They usually have some good info on whats included.

    Have you thought of any other buggies? I heard that the new Hot Bodies Lightning 2 RTR is a great basher buggy and has some power to it.
  • I got mine used so I am not 100% sure but I do not believe it has a filter except the one in the tank.
  • i kinda only want kyosho or mugen buggies
  • Well...if you want a RTR...and you only want Kyosho or Mugen buggies....then the Inferno sport is your one and only choice.
  • yep

    but i actually lik a kit better but it cost a whole lot more so yea
  • I think the cheapest I have seen the 7.5 RTR is for $410.99 at
  • Honestly, you may be better off just plunking down the money on a kit. I think Mugen is pretty popular the vehicle performs. Also, I believe the parts may be cheaper than what the kyosho costs.

    Maybe look on ebay for a used Mugen roller and then buy the engine new. You can always tear down the roller and rebuild it.

    I think however unless you know the guy who had the vehicle and his breakin and motor maintenance techniques, best to get the motor brand new.
  • im not gonna race though
  • OFNA Ultra LX Competition
    How is that buggy ? comes with 26 motor, guy at rc shop told me to drop a nice 21 motor and itl fly.
  • i already got the sports thx for all ur input!

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