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Is there really a big difference between the slash 4x4 and jammin 4x4? >

Is there really a big difference between the slash 4x4 and jammin 4x4?

Is there really a big difference between the slash 4x4 and jammin 4x4?


Old 05-27-2010, 09:37 AM
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LMAO = Losing my ass off

If you think that that your traxxas can compete with the ofna's in comparable hands you need to get a transponder and start keeping track of your times then get a 10sc and or a jammin and compare your times. This is all for fun have fun and don't worry bout what we say get one then you will see.

I'm happy you can compete with your slash at your track. I can't so my loss is your gain and I hope no one finds out about jammins at your track because it will be mayhem!

Their were 30 SCT 4x4 trucks at mikes hobby in Dallas tx a couple weeks ago 5/15/10 out of 30 the top18 were ofna's.(10sc and scrt's)
the A main was all Jammin's I couldn't make that race here are the results
The next week they broke off the 4x4 slash's into a seperate class.
Just like the blitz, sc10 and kyosho's don't run with slashes 2wd anymore they can't compete.
You should never take the word of anyone go find one and drive it. I could tell within two comfortable laps the difference for racing is very high. I would say 10 of my friends all had slash 4x4 and I brought my hyper 10sc to the track and within two weeks 6 of them bought a Jammin on my recomendation now all ten Have a Jammin.

LOL now i have one on the way as the jammin is just a hair better of a truck than the hyper......

now watch the games begin......
Don't hate me my hyper brothers I just can't stand getting beat by a better truck with a worse driver.
Now thats funny,

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Old 05-27-2010, 09:53 AM
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Default I love lamp

I second what onemilekyle has stated. From the sounds of it, both of our experience with these trucks are virtually identical. I started with a Slash PE and was enjoying it. However, I didn't have any basis of comparison until I witnessed a Jammin running at the track. As more and more people started picking up the low COG trucks, I decided to do some research and landed on the Hyper 10SC. With a completely box stock Hyper running the Velineon motor and speedo, my first time out I was an entire second faster per lap. These are sub 13 second laps mind you, so that's a considerable improvement. Lap times continue to improve. Not only that, I haven't bent any axles:P

All of this aside, I'd like to mention that this could be a result of the track size and surface I race on. It's entirely possible each truck may favor certain track conditions.

Other information of interest:

The track I race on is a small indoor course with high bite clay.

I miss the modular design of the Slash, which makes it much easier to service.

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Old 05-27-2010, 10:03 AM
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Thumbs up

Awesome thread, Thanks for all the help guys, you certainly swayed my decision!
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Old 05-27-2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Outtacontrol58 View Post
Awesome thread, Thanks for all the help guys, you certainly swayed my decision!
Oh, and place your order with Nitrohouse. Top of the line service and prices.
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Old 05-27-2010, 10:57 AM
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Default OFNA for better lap times.

I agree 100% with everything onemilekyle had to say. I also started with a Slash 4x4 PE with Proline shocks, Novak HV 4.5, setup for race, etc... It was fast and I could drive it fairly well. However, as soon as I looked at lap times it was obvious. In our local races both the Jammin and the Hyper lap times were consistently better than any of the Slashes.

The Slash 4x4 is great for many reasons. It's durable, the parts are everywhere, and it can race fairly well. If you just want a 4x4 to run and you don't care about winning or you're not racing against the other two, go with the Slash. However, if you want a podium finish and you're going against trucks with a lower center of gravity, go with either the Jammin or Hyper.

I sold my Slash and now have a Jammin. I haven't raced it yet but based on my pratice sessions, I'm very very happy with the change. The only problem I've had to accept is that if I break it will be 2 days shipping for parts. I haven't found a local shop that carries parts for the Jammin around here. Nitrohouse.com is very close though so I'm not too worried about it. Also, like everyone else I've had the front bumper problem. I just drilled it all the way through and put a screw with a nut on the end and the problem is fixed. It was a really easy mod and is a very durable fix.
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I have the jammin and have driven the slash also. Some other items to note about the jammin that I really do not like. In stock form, the jammin is a true to scale truck. Most guys say so what. Well, iit's very narrow compared to the other trucks. Until you upgrade to offset wheels, it is a very touchy truck. The body will be destoyed in about a week. Drill the front bumper and put longer screws in. Out of the box setup the jammin corners great. The slash appears to have a loose rear end with the out of the box setup. Also, the 4.5hv blows away the stock traxxas system unless you run 3s in the slash. It does take some getting used to the amount of torque the novak 4.5hv systems put out especially off throttle. The motor effectively acts like putting on the brakes without doing it. You can have what others think is the best truck, but the driver is a lot of it.
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Old 05-27-2010, 11:33 AM
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FYI..you can run a 4.5 in a Slash with the stock Speedo..it runs sensored or non sensored motors..there's a plug on the front of the speedo..remove the cover and their it is..
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Old 05-27-2010, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Shark413 View Post
I own both trucks and the biggest difference is that the Jammin has a much lower ride height (center of gravity). The pictures below were shot from the same exact angle. The motor/battery on the Jammin is about 1/2" lower than the Slash. This gives the Jammin a slight handling advantage (less roll), they are both pretty reliable (other than the axles on the Slash and front bumper on the Jammin) and the Slash is a little lighter.

Are you going back to stock ride height with the Slash size wheel/tire?
Ofna619, if you mean did I lower the truck (Jammin), yes I did. The Slash wheels are bigger and raise the ride height. So I added bigger shocks to increase up travel and I reduced my droop to lower the ride height, closer to stock.
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Old 05-28-2010, 11:15 AM
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The Jammin is a modified 1/8 buggy, correct?

Just wanted to make sure....
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No actually both the Hyper and the Jammin are based off of 1/12 scale truggies.

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Old 05-29-2010, 04:37 AM
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I have a slightly setup Slash 4x4 (Steve Slaydens) minus center diff and sways, and Losi Green Springs all the way around.

I also have a Jammin SCRT10 with my spare Velineon system installed (got my MMP in but Tower still hasn't shipped my Novak Ballistic 4.5) and M3 Calibers.

Now, I love my Slash. The way I have it setup and with my driving style, it jumps perfectly every time and forgives me when I approach wrong. It has plenty of power on 2S and stock gearing. Gets a little squirrelly on a loose track straight stretch under WOT.

The SCRT10 (stock minus the battery box moved back and M3 Calibers) isn't as forgiving on the jumps. If I am focused it will jump great every time, but I am usually not focused at all and end up cartwheeling. Other than that, the cornering, on speed cornering, straight stretch stability, pretty much every category other than jumping it is easier to drive and faster.

I say as soon as I get to install the MMP and Novak Ballistic 4.5 and get the setup better for jumps it will be amazing. Especially on my favorite track which is a smaller indoor track with high traction. Can't wait to see how much my times improve with the Jammin!

(Keeping the Slash 4x4 for bashing and backup )
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