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Dalton469 03-23-2004 03:53 PM

Ofna gt lx
I have a Ofna gt lx, its a great car, I have had very little problems with it.
I goto my local track and see all of the other types of 1/8th scale buggies being raced, but no gt lx, why is that?
As far as I can see my gt lx is just as fast, it can be set up the same as the rest ( I think...) but I am not a racer of 1/8th scales, but I want to. Can anyone tell me why the gt lx isnt out racing?

Cain 03-24-2004 06:10 AM

May be that people don't think its a viable Race chassis. I have heard of some issues, but don't remember exactly what.

I say you should go and race it and see what you think. I wouldn't dump a bunch of money into the vehicle however, just whatever standard oil and spring changes to the suspension needed to get around the track the best. See how you do and if you feel good about your vehicle keep running it and ignore what anyone else thinks.

Vmax 03-24-2004 07:40 AM

When I first started in 1/8 scale I ran a GT LX. It was fine for me until I became a better driver. Then when I switched over to the mugen, I felt a big difference. The Mugen was much more responsive, and the suspension is much, much smoother.

The GT LX is great for a basher and a beginner. If you want to race it by all means do. It's mainly driving that wins races.

Dalton469 03-24-2004 07:51 AM

Thanks guys, I've learned only one thing, the more advise you get, the better things seem to go.


NWDave 04-12-2004 01:59 PM

I have a freshly broke in Hyper .21 8 port in my LX, big difference over even the strong Force .26 that came in it. I run the stock 14t clutch bell, but I'm thinking of putting a 12t or 13t to use the higher power band better as it's got alot of midrange to topend power right now. I've also heard the Ofna 063 pipe will help the lowend power quite a bit, I'm running the stock black pipe right now. All in all, I'm really amazed at the toughness of these buggies. My friend got one which spurred me to buy one, they're so cheap! I center punched a cinder block at about 40 mph on Saturday, and only knocked the pipe loose at the coupler, that's it! One of my T-Maxxes would've been out of commission!

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