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Originally Posted by *BBB* View Post
Just hate sending my money overseas
When you buy any of the name brand LiPo, you are indirectly sending money overseas .

To my knowledge, the US does not manufacture any LiPo cells. They all come from overseas... They're either contract manufactured out by the "brands" that we buy here, or these "brands" just buy them in batches and do alot, some, little, or no quality control on them...

But like someone stated, these things are so cheap, you can buy 3 or 4 for the price of a major one. Even if half of them go bad, you still walk away with two good ones...

But we all buy things that we find value in and makes us comfortable, if Team Orion batteries makes you comfortable, then why not? If SMC batteries gives you security, why not buy SMC?

There's nothing wrong with buying what you like... It's all personal preference.

There was something that was mentioned to me that I haven't considered. ROAR-approved. 99.9% of us could care less with what ROAR has to say about anything, but if you're the 0.1% that race in these sanctioned events, it might be prudent to get a ROAR-approved batteries...
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why is orion not kokam anymore?, are the new packs gonna last 2 yrs like the old ones? Who needs 45c for an offroad pack?
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The USA is looking to start doing more Lithum mining and hopefully more electronic manufacturing of LiPO/LiON batteries will be done here (we'll need to if we want our autos to run on batts).

If you buy from a higher-priced US-based company, you are paying for a bit more "hands on" construction - but also paying someone's mortgage here too. So, you pay 2x if you buy a name-brand (mortgage for US guys, mortgage for Chinese folks) or if you buy from overseas, you pay 1x (just for the mortgage of the Chinese folks). The cells come from very few manufacturing plants and are sent somewhere. I guess there are Korean and Chinese plants. China isn't crap -they have world-class factories there and tend to make just about everything we use (other than our house and cars).

The main issue with buying "here" is you get a place to deal with that speaks English, will probably work with you on replacement if quality is bad and will be in your time zone. Now, you also have issues like some name-brand high-price vendors saying "you cannot fully charge the pack for more than 1 day... very special cells in here!" while some overseas packs don't have such issues.

I'm all for US-based LiPO plants being built from US-mined Lithum Ore. However, for now, we have to shop for the best price/performance ratio. Who wins is the race director - who can help us run more classes and keep him busy when we can actually afford the parts and batteries needed to race multiple classes.

How about a "retail example". Soccer mom runs into LHS to buy a car for Christmas. Guy tries to sell her a "name brand" LiPO for $125 to go with it and maybe an Ice charger at $149 along with $50 power supply. She goes for the discounted Venom 3000 NiMH stick pack at $45 and wall charger because it's cheaper for her. This is where it is still price-deterrent for LHS to sell to the "common man" (or common-mom). LHS pricing of name-brands is a deterrent to getting more average kids into the hobby.
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