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  • ya i was thinking onroad like 50mph or 45 what brushless and battery could i get to do that
  • o also included n the trade are 2 6 cel battery packs if that helps in the price
  • Oh well thats great, then you can easily afford a Brushless motor
    ESC combo, The Castle creations would be best for your budget
    at first, but whats the point if you have to flame torch it and re
    loc tite it to change bearings in it? With your 6S batteries
    you won't get as much speed with a lipo but I'd suggest
    anything above 4600kv, I use to use a 5700 castle
    on 3S I easily could go 70 onroad in my buggy with high speed
    gearing of course but, on the other hand
    if you pick the right gearing a 4600 in your truck will be considered FAST
    If you don't have a fancy radio I'd suggest the sidewinder
    system, it will be good in the short run but not as good
    in the long run I have to say that Tekin ESC's with Tekin or NovaK motors
    is quite Cadillac

    with that being said you'd spend $140 or so on motor and ESC
    not to mention that you need a charger and a lipo for
    a fast road bash
  • HobbyWing (9T-3650S-4300KV) 35A / 9T EZRUN V2 Brushless System Combo

    so is this brushless system any good will it break like the first time i use it and what battery can i use with it
  • Never heard of that!!!
    Amainhobbies is def your cheapest
    place for your RC needs if its in stock

    I suggest this, http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_...otor-Combo-85T It's fairly priced, sensored and you can take it apart and upgrade ESC later (Tekin RS ESC) You'll have plenty of
    power and with the right gearing you can make it go even faster if you want
    as long as you are in the proper temp zone.
  • what is a cheap battery i can get with this brushless system that willl make it go above 40mph could i some how combind both the battery packs i get from the trade ????? thanks for all the help im new to electric i have always ran nitro
  • Quote: If you wanna race get the T4
    if you wanna bash get the Speed T
    the t4 is a FAR better truck for racing, hands down

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