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Default Tekin RS or RS Pro

The cheap speed control in my RTR SC10 has finally lost the brakes. Forward still works but I figure its just a matter of time before the whole things dies. I am going to go with one of the Tekin speed controls for the truck. I noticed that the main difference between the RS and RS pro has to do with how hot of a motor it can run. I have just started racing again and have not owned or have any experience with any of the brushless motors. All of my experience is with the old brushed technology. According to Tekins literature, the RS can handle down to a 5.5t brushless. My question is whether there is any need to go lower than a 5.5t in a racing application for a SCT. What does a 5.5T brushless equal when compared to a brushed? Is a 5.5t sensored the same as a 5.5t sensorless? Are they comprable to a 12t or a 10T brushed or are they much faster. What is the hottest brushless (ie controllable) and the most commonly raced in the modified class for SCT or 2wd buggies? What turn brushless is comparable to the RTR 17T brushed Reedy already in the truck? I am not a basher and not concerned with playing in the street, only racing. If I can save the $50 between the two speed controls then it could go towards my 1/8 scale electric conversion that I am going to start soon on my 8ight. Sorry bout the long post and any insight would be appreciated.

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The standard RS will run that motor with no problems.
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I know that it can handle a 5t. My question mainly concerns whether there would ever be a need for something faster in a racing application. Are lower than 5t motors basically uncontrollable in a 2wd? What is the fastest motors that are normally considered drivable in race conditions. Back when I was racing with the brushed motors (15 years ago), anything lower than about a 15 turn was to hot for the 2wd's. We ran 10-15 turn motors in the 4wd buggies. I dont plan on getting a 4wd so I only need a speed control that will handle 2wd appropriate motors.
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The electric difference in spec is that the RS has a slightly higher resistance (Rdson for all you EE heads!) then the RS Pro, which equates to the RS Pro running a bit cooler...

I'm not really sure if it's necessary though. RS (no pro) is sold for a reason, because it works.

Seeing how you're applying it to the SC10, the RS should be sufficient. I would pick up one of their sensorless motors though. Try to get their lowest Kv (equates to higher turn) motors if you can.

5.5T motor is just ballistic in an SC10. Most guys at my track are running 17.5s in theirs...

13.5s will probably work too.

I'm running mine with a Castle 4600Kv motor, which equates to 8 to 10T I believe, and it's just insane....

But if you want it controllabe, you can always dial it down in the ESC or on your radio through your EPA (end point adjustment) if your radio has this function...
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The RS Pro is more towards the on-road car being that they run such low turn high rpm motors. I have never met anyone running lower than 8.5 in off-road without being just uncontrollable. Save some cash and put it towards something else. With the SC10 you can get the Tekin FXR $95.00 which is a great brushed esc and run a 19 turn motor and you will easily keep up with 13.5 if your good..02
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Get the regular RS. The RS PRo will be overkill for any motor you'd but in your SC10. The slash/sc10 rules spec a 17.5 motor anyhow. Even for fun you'd be overkill with a 10.5!! LOL

Save the $50. If anything make sure to pick up a Hotwire.
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