Tire help???? :cry:

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  • it would proberty do the same thing i would just get new tires
  • you know, on second thought om just gonna get some new rims.. they r to big for my taste and hard to find 2.8 tires..
  • Thanks for all your help.. so you dont know of any mounted sets?
  • i would say for rims get dish rims usless u dont care about cleaning wheel bearings . i would check on www.amainhobbies.com and see if they have premounted ones
  • I am a noob and dont know what you mean about dish rims?
  • dish wheel are basely a rim that looks like plate with a hole in the middle
  • what would you say about these?

    Basher R/C Pre-Mounted "Dirt Head" Tires w/ Chrome All-Purpose Wheels (Traxxas) (4)
  • are they on amainhobbies or gs hobby
  • oh i see yea they look good for the dirt not sure about grass and sand
  • amainhobbies.. the only reason i chose those is the fact that all my rims would match that way.. like i said, im broke...lol
  • heres the traxxas dish rims tra1972 traxxas 2.2 lite rims rear
  • those wouldnt be bad in black.. do they come mounted? i dont want to waste another set of tires..
  • http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_...oducts_id/5259

    these are great off road bashing tires that give you lots of traction.
  • i dont see them on amain but i know i seen a premoutned set for the rustler with the dish rims and they where white
  • I looked but i didnt see.. do you have a link or key word?

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