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Originally Posted by Crawler View Post
Regardless of the motor and battery, you can only but so much power to the track w/ this style and size of tire.
Originally Posted by OTE_TheMissile View Post
They weigh a lot more than what we're used to, they're a lot bigger, and those skinny block tires aren't going to have nearly as much grip as a 2" wide fuzzy or a rib.

x 1,000,000
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Are track has been running them since they first came out and now we are in the final 3 weeks of the indoor season and we still get 30 plus each week and at are last big race we had over 50. Attendance for this class has been excellent with no drop off.

I expect outdoors to have a good group of them racing as well. Overall still hard to beat the Slash. For a little money you can have huge amounts of fun.
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I think at this point the slash is proven and very minimaly fad.

Working at the hobby shop, when people ask to buy an electric rtr vehicle, I point them to the slash before anything else and no one has complained.

At the track I'm seeing 2 heats weekly for this entire winter, over the summer when it was new, we had a packed 10 cars in one heat by the end of the year. This summer we're looking at around 15 slashes running.

Anyone who drives one is instantly hooked. This summer I'm expecting to run about 6 classes, 2 of those being slash oval and offroad. Lipo + Slash = Win Win win
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Old 03-30-2009, 11:22 PM   #19
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Traxxas I admit was a learning curve for me, it's a great vechicle to start with.
I've sold or traded all of my traxxas stuff off and may never go back.

But reguardless Traxxas has always been the hottest selling R/C company
ever since the first T-Maxx's came out. I still remember those.
Then Revo came out everyone had to have one of them also.
The slash has the potential of being the hottest selling traxxas product to date.
It was so large last year pretty much everyone had a slash but me.
I was just waiting for Associated to step up to the plate and make one.
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As much fun as newbies are having with the Slash, I see a lot of racers and many die hard RC fans with these vehicles. This probably is an indication that it's not a fad since these die hard RC fans has probably kept the RC racing alive for over a decade...

But time can only tell... I personally wouldn't mind one myself, but I feel ok without it. I do still appreciate my racing machines. However, these things probably require much, much less maintenance...
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Originally Posted by tom_chang79 View Post
However, these things probably require much, much less maintenance...
Maintenance? What maintenance?
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Old 03-31-2009, 12:46 AM   #22
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I love my Slash so much, that I am going to try to get my nephew one.

He is not like all the other boys his age. He was born with HLHS which basicly means the left side of his heart was undeveloped when he was born. He has been through four open heart surgeries since he was 3 days old.

He can't play physical sports like basketball, baseball, or football. So I thought he could get into r/c car racing.

This weekend I'll let him run my Slash and see how he likes it.
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Old 03-31-2009, 03:00 AM   #23
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At our track we have at least 3 to 4 heats weekly of slash. I don't think its going to be fad like the CRT.5. It was a cool hit and then it went dud. I haven't personally jumped on the band wagon yet, but I'm thinking about it if the class is alive and kicking next winter. I think the reasons why it is so popular are:

1.Cheap entry into the world of rc
2.Fun and durable-Takes a lot to break one and can be bashed or races
3.Driver oriented-any driver could win on a raceday

Also for me when I see them race it reminds me when I first started racing and playing with rc, it was about the fun and not who has the most money and best car. I started out at the same time our rc track and hobby shop started and we began racing and everything there was Traxxas or Duratrax and slowly progressed into full on racing. You hear all those on the driver's stand having a ball and laughing. Now it does get sometimes competitive and feelings do get hurt. It's part of being human.
Also it has been a great way to get the kids out to begin racing as they are easy to setup and for kids to get a taste of rc racing and get them in a happy position starting. Same goes with adults getting into for the first time. I know most of the classes at our track and others can be pretty daunting to try and get into.

Lastly I feel with ROAR making rules its going to help solidify the class, but I feel this is how it is going to break down. You'll have the stock slash classes where only slashes can run. Then you'll have the open class where the SC10, Slash, and any other companies who join int. It will probably be a stock class too with slashes being allowed to upgrade chassis(I believe once the sc10 is out and Traxxas know how theres stack up to it, there will be will probably an oem upgrade kit for the slash) and the sc10 will have to run at least an equivalent system to the vxl system in the slash. The last class will be a run what you brung, ie mod class.
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threads like this dont help anything. cuz it only brings in a bunch of folks with too much time on their hands to bicker back n forth on 'is it or is it not'. folks read this, get turned off on new ideas or the hobby period...and they walk.

so to this and the folks wonderin if their are too many slash threads...ur only doin the hobby harm. let folks have their fun, regardless of what 'class' of car they choose to enjoy the hobby with.

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Slashes are the hottest thing going here, my LHS gets 3-4 at a time they are gone by the end of the week. They have sold 40+ sence january, granted 99% of the people who are buying are bashers and we will maybe see 10-15 at the track maybe 3-4 of those stay, but if it gets more people to the track. I personally have 2 mine and my sons. I like them alot, one I am going to upgrade to the "provisional" ROAR rules and the other is remaining stock spec.

have fun
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Originally Posted by electricguy007 View Post
I was just waiting for Associated to step up to the plate and make one.
Where have you been??

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Originally Posted by ultegrasti View Post
threads like this dont help anything. cuz it only brings in a bunch of folks with too much time on their hands to bicker back n forth on 'is it or is it not'.....
What else am I going to do while running backups and exporting videos?

I think that the truck is not a fad, AE waited to see if it was going to be a fad then decided to jump on the band wagon, I am sure that others will follow.

The thing that "racers" don't understand...or don't remember is that these toys are supose to be fun...and they are ALL toys. Racing is a total turn off for some, run for 8 minutes then sit around for hours before you can play again, some people don't like that....in fact most of those that play with RC stuff are "bashers". People running cars up and down the street, or the guy with the park flyer...it is all the same.
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What exactly makes a "toy", is it a necessity or a want? Lets see, if we take the argument and say it is a want then so are 90% of all full size cars,boats,atv's,motorcycles,dirt bikes, and so on. Most do not "need" a car to go to work, they could walk or take public transportation. Most do not "need" to spend more than 10 thousand on a car and yet how many 50 thousand dollar automobiles do you see daily. Riding lawnmore is not a "need" when a push mower can do the same thing.

What "non racers" need to relise is that a RC track is built because people "want" to race. Human beings are competitive in many if not all aspects of life. So why should someone that spends thousands of dollars on a hobbie not compete at it, the way they "want" to. To each is own, there are NO slashes at our Local Track. If you want to drop 200 on a car that is junk go for it, I would rather buy a T4. To me it is not "fun" to have a car that is slow and can't handle for sh*t. Since we need to remember we got into this hobbie for "fun" then why should I annoy myself with a slash?

I'm sure they're great for people with low skill levels or newbs, shoot they are probably great when you start to get "burnt out" on racing. I would still rather "bash" with a t4 than a slash, something that is faster, jumps better, and handles better is much more fun than a car that isn't. Sure you can say a slash will hold up much longer than a T4 but you can't say that it could do any things that a T4 could bashing. When I bash I usually make some stupid jump and hit it as fast as possible, 3 feet of the slash vs 20 or the T4, which seems more fun to you

Sadly RC is not a "poor mans" hobby, at this level. If you are on that much of a budget get a TYCO. The Slash itself is a fad, The class is not, SC will probably get bigger. I mean look what happend to Monster Truck, Truggy took it over and Traxxas doesn't care about supporting the RC hobby aspect. They just make great cars to bash with.

But if Slash is doing well in your area, I hope it keeps people coming to the track and getting new blood to the hobby.

I just wanted to stir the pot.
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Originally Posted by cherokee View Post
I think that the truck is not a fad, AE waited to see if it was going to be a fad then decided to jump on the band wagon, I am sure that others will follow.
I've said this in another thread: I don't think AE waited to see if it would take off, I think AE and probably others like Losi and Kyosho were all primed and ready to start working on a Short Course truck of their own once they saw how the Slash was flying off the shelves, but before they could we somehow got on this "spec" business and everything came to a grinding halt.

Now that ROAR's working on the SCT class and more people are discovering that the truck's dimensions and these tires make bolting in crazy horsepower a disadvantage, I think the SC10 is going to be followed by a few more Short Course trucks from other companies and the class will grow.

If the Slash takes the same position in SCT as the Rustler did in stadium trucks, I don't see a problem with it. Most likely it will remain the cheapest way to get a Short Course truck on a track, and who knows, I've been surprised by a couple of Rustlers when placed in capable and talented hands.
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I have mixed feelings about the SCT class. While I have a 4wd, 2wd buggy and a stadium truck, I have always been a stadium truck guy at heart.

While I find the thought of SCT interesting, and I think they look cool, in the back of my mind I keep thinking that it's a stadium truck purposefully built to not handle as well as my truck and I have a tough time getting past that.

I like that my truck handles really well, I like that it can put a lot of power down, and I like that I am able to use the best performing tires I can put on it.

Maybe I will have to see how the SC10s look out on the track before I pass judgement.

I hope that losi comes out with a kit and maybe a conversion soon!
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