Monitoring Lipo Voltage during use

  • Do you guys time your driving time to know when to stop with a controller timer? or is there any telemetry systems that will tell you the voltage is low? I know they have lipo alarms but you wouldnt really be able to see it while driving.

    What features does the Mamba Monster have for Lipo LVC? Does it have like a slow or low power feature were it turns down the motor or does it just quit?
  • I go by time most of the time...the Castle systems LVC stutters when it reaches the set cutoff. I set my 2s LVC at 7.1 and my 4s at 14.1, that is to be extra safe and at that point there really isnt much more power to be had, at least with my packs...
  • I have a separate cut-off device. It has a led that blinks when the voltage gets low. Once the pack hits the cut-off voltage the led goes solid and the signal to the esc is set to a neutral position so you can't drive it anymore. I call it the novak system for dumbies.

    I haven't used it yet for racing, but I imagine I'm not going to be able to see the blue led very well on a sunny summer day. My local track is pretty long and I'm not sure if it would give me enough warning to get it back in the pits either. That being said, timing/ counting laps is probably the best way to know when to bring it in.
  • That would be the best, a system that just stops, kind of like a cell phone dying and not being able to turn on till you charge it...
  • I got one of those also. It connects to the balance connector on the lipo to monitor the voltage, and between the receiver and esc so that when it reaches the cutoff the car stops. It has 3 status LED's for fully charged, med charge, and low, and it has 3 selectable cutoffs. Cost me 14.99 plus shipping on EBay and it works great so far.
  • Or run a telemtry system. Like the one found on nomadio radios you can set a warning when the main pack voltage hits a certain voltage. And its real time. There are a few more sensors you can use as well for real time results

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