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Old 12-12-2008, 11:13 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by Team Ash View Post
I use a hand granade box to charge in.
I figure if its good enough to store granades in lipos are no problem.
The best bit is it was free.
wwII surplus? IDK if its good enough, it was made for nades that from 50 years ago....
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are you saying that the 2400 lipo is like running an old 1500 stick battery?
fairly worthless?
Several people gave good replys about the 2400 Lipo

This little pack is awesome, and a great entry to lipo pack with a really good price.

But, (similar to an old 1500 stick pack) it has limited run time (But probably a lot better run time than those old 1500 packs)

The SLASH is a big, heavy vehicle. Depending on how it's being treated during bashing, it's probably getting a lot of stop/start type running.

My guess it you should get 6-8 minutes of play/run time per charge safely (possibly more) but something VERY important to know, learn and pass on to your child is IF YOU FEEL THE POWER SLOWING DOWN - STOP RUNNING THE VEHICLE

With Nimh and NiCad batteries you could run until a vehicle STOPPED moving. Do this with a LIPO and it could be ruined, or at the very least it could severly hurt the future performance of the battery.

I hope all works out great, as the slash is a lot of fun, and LIPOs are so much better (Long RUN) than NiMh batteries are. Something to consider for future is using a large mAh pack (5000 mAh) which will more than double the run/play time. Or purchase a couple more of the 2400's, and charge them all up ahead of time...run one 5-6 minutes and change them out.

Sounds like you've made some good strides, and learned quite a bit in a short time.
Joe Myers
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Old 12-12-2008, 11:20 AM   #33
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Hey guys...

I hope this doesn't start a flame war... But I wanted to give some of my experience with the Trinity Lipos....

Alot of the guys at my track as well as myself have had ALOT of problems with these batteries. Trinity Reference 4500's.

The cutoff in them will not allow you to use them on anything hotter than a 13.5 Brushless System. The current draw is too much and tricks the cutoff into shutting everything down.

Now... That being said.. They worked just fine in stock slashes and such. But don't purchase these if you intend to upgrade to the Vilineon 3S system. They will go into cutoff even on a fully charged pack everytime you nail the throttle hard.

I've tried them on my GTB with 10.5 in my T4 as well with the same results. One time I tried a 3.5 in my Slash on the GTB with these batteries and it wouldn't even MOVE before shutting everything off.

Another problem I've seen with these is that 2 of the guys at the track can't balance charge theirs because of the fact that the circuitry that controls the cutoff is bad and won't allow a balancer to read the pack voltage correctly.

Just a few warnings guys... Like I said.. Not trying to start a flame war.

David, its funny I used mine all the time with my GTB and 10.5S.
Never had an issue
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Old 12-12-2008, 12:46 PM   #34
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Well I'm just giving you my experience... as well as what I've seen from some others I race with.

One thing I did forget to add is that we are running these in a fairly cold environment... about 45-50 degrees F. That may have added to the problem. I guess Lipo doesn't really like cold.

I suppose I could get some video if ya'll think I'm blowing smoke. But trust me.. I'm not trying to pull anything funny here. Trinity is one of my favorite companies... I wish the batteries had worked better.. especially for the money! They can't really be beat for the price point. IF they had worked correctly that is...
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Old 12-12-2008, 07:02 PM   #35
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Thats possible the temps were part of your cutoff prob - lipo doesn't 'like' temps under about 70F and is optimum near 100F. Discharge drops below 70F, but not noticeably until about 50F. Airplane guys see this running in cold weather - start flying with a warm pac and due to the cooling, will see performance drop when temp drops.

Try preheating them and see if thats any better. A heating pad is close to being ideal. As always in dealing with lipo, watch the temps for safety sake, you don't want anything approaching 140F.
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Old 12-12-2008, 09:23 PM   #36
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Default Granade box

Originally Posted by whitrzac View Post
wwII surplus? IDK if its good enough, it was made for nades that from 50 years ago....
Nah its a new box. It was used at a local training range by a bunch of visiting ghurka soldiers and they left a heap of them behind.
As they say one mans junk is another mans treasure.

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Old 12-13-2008, 01:57 PM   #37
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There's usually someone selling 50cal ammo cans at gun shows for $4 or $5. Where mine are kept.
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Old 12-13-2008, 06:27 PM   #38
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biggest advantage on the lipo (and very probably why the local shop owner told you to buy Lipo) is that you have none to very little maintenance to do on these battery's.

I, personally, would also advice them to people ... but, as mentioned earlier, you have to know some minor but important facts (not running below 3V/element, ...)
NiMH also have their proper instructions. as for an example, you can not treat them as NiCD or they might die on you too.
Run a NiMH completly empty, do not recharge it and leave it in your car for a month without driving ...
Big chance it's damaged also.

AND something else. I guess 90% of all mobile phones are equiped with Lithium-battery's (Lipo, Life, ..) ... and everybody's using these, keeping them in your pocket ... so they can't be that very dangerous.
thou shall think twice or trice before hitting thee SEND-button
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