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Old 11-15-2008, 09:38 AM   #46
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that track look nice.
if its too easy it no fun
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My ...I like running on a track with some balance to it. I want to have areas where I can open it up and go fast with some wide sweepign fast turns and an area of the track that is more technical requiring some slow precise driving skills. A mixture of both worlds I guess is what I am trying to say. A too technical of a track is not fun. I prefer racing other competitors not the track.
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Originally Posted by 2wdMod View Post
Man you just hit the nail on the head with that right there.He says he refuses to put in any more wussy tracks, and that if you cant drive his tracks then you need to work on your skills.Problem is I can go to any other track in our state and make the A no sweat with either truck or buggy.So my skills are up to par.To run his place and be competitive you need a day before race day to practice and do nothing but work on timing.
you do realize that i would say a good 75% of the top guys in the state are "local" racers to the said track in question. and the layout you are referring to was quite possibly one of the easiest i've ever seen. there are 10 year old kids running around on it without a single problem..... so maybe you DO need to work on your timing? i would say so.....

as a matter of fact, all of the layouts have been pretty simple. try practicing instead of coming one time and then running and complaining on the internet.
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Old 11-15-2008, 04:52 PM   #49
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with that said here is a link to the tracks website.. http://www.factorytracksraceway.com/index.htm .factory tracks raceway would be a great place for guys from other states who are looking for high competition and badd asss layouts...they have trophy races on an average of once a month .. also the layout changes every 6 weeks or so.... all track builds are open for all and participants have a say in the tracks layout.. check out the pics on the front page of the link above..that layout was cool..
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Old 11-15-2008, 06:45 PM   #50
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I've been to Factory Tracks for the Big Kahuna race, and I have to say it's a very nice track. The dirt was top notch and drivers stand was awesome.

I'm willing to bet, and try not to take this to offensively, that you think it's too hard because you're getting smoked every time you go there.... and that's not hard to believe because there are some VERY fast drivers at that track. Doesn't Al Horne and Dakota Phend call this their "local track"?

Running against full-ride drivers will make anyone get frustrated. Use it to your advantage and try to drive their lines. It'll make you faster when you go to the "other" track.
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Old 11-15-2008, 07:27 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by scott54 View Post
Running against full-ride drivers will make anyone get frustrated. Use it to your advantage and try to drive their lines. It'll make you faster when you go to the "other" track.
this is the way to get fast. Grab the fast dude and ask him some questions
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Old 11-15-2008, 09:04 PM   #52
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I went to track A for the first time last month and had a blast. I was in the B main in mod buggy and my fastest lap was 1.071 off of fastest sponsered driver there. I did not blame the track for my "slowness", but gave all credit to his skills. I have thought about going to track B, but don't think I will with the huge turnouts that I have seen and heard about. I don't enjoy being at the track from open to late into the night. I'd rather have a short day and leave the long days for large events. I also like a challenge and enjoy racing against good competition. The new layout for track A looks quite fun.
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Old 11-15-2008, 11:32 PM   #53
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here's my 2 cents, take it for what it is worth.

ill put it out there that i am one of 3 or 4 race directors at TRACK A. which, since now is out of the bag, i will refer to as FTR. regardless of my "affiliation" with FTR id have to say that chad/2WDMOD, you are dead wrong. you seem like a nice guy and you have helped me through PM's with my buggy but this is just plain silly.

wanna know how the layout is tested for flow and "clearability"? with the owner's 6 year old son's stock truck. and yes, he can get around these tracks pretty darn well, as can his older son, who has beaten me and legitamently places/qualifies in the main on the popular wed night racing

im not bragging, simply stating facts, but if a group of our top drivers from FTR went to most tracks around they could fill the show. we have tough competition here. our fast guys are going to be fast guys regardless of the layout. you think if we put a B TRACK layout in at FTR that you would/could beat dakotah, horne, abler, dixon, chedda....?

also, someone posted a rule about having an "unobstructed straightaway?"
why the heck should that be so necessary? when we built that layout, yeah we chuckled about it but it just made it that much more challenging/interesting. the "fast guys" even figured out to double the last two rollers on the straightaway thing. sure, not everyone has awesome motors and batteries and crap but its all in the lines and consistency. im not going to pick apart every aspect of the layout and explain it..

and yes, i have raced track B that was mentioned. they get their large turnouts because "it is what it is." people like the laid back 15+ hour days (yes, i said 15+hours) for some crazy reason. its the ability to hang out with friends and BS inbetween heats. or run 5 classes like some guys do. its a family track. a lot of the people i remember from there. i dont see out at the summer series races, yeah some i do, dont get me wrong, and that doesnt make them any less talented im just saying that people go there, for what it is. if FTR put in a comparable layout it wouldnt pull true Track B'ers.

also, my eyes were kind of opened to me tonight while being at FTR. you dont see all the practice that some of these guys take. running 15 laps and changing minute caster, 15 more, getting frustrated that you cant break into the 16's, changing caster, 15 more.....yeah, these guys have some natural talent, but A LOT of work goes into their skills...in set-up and driving.

i think i covered everything i had to say.
chad, dont take this the wrong way...you opened up the floor, said your opinion, and here is mine.

PS-current layout:

what are your thoughts on this layout chad?
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Be grateful you even have a local indoor track (I mean 2 local indoor tracks) We used to have only one in NJ, now I have to drive a minimum of 2.5 hours to even get to one.
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Old 11-16-2008, 12:10 AM   #55
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Well i was not even going to post here but i have some things to say.

Ok i raced tonight at track "B" and now i see why they get the turnouts they do. Washtenaw and FTR are 2 totally diffrent tracks by all means. Washtenaw track croud was more of family friends type laid back LOOOONNNG wait LOOOONNNG day type of track. Personally i don't think you will see me there again not trying to diss on anything about it just not for me.

Now FTR is my track i absoulty love that facility that is what has got me where i am at and you could not ask for a better owner/friend then AL Horne. AL knows how to build a track and his layouts are top notch. If you are having a problem with it he will be more than willing to help you out in anyway.

Now i have never seen 98% of the people that went to washtenaw tonight ever come to FTR? Now i guess they might have came one time and got scared maybe??? I don't know but i feel that if you like to race that FTR is one sweet spot to go at least a few times a month it does not get any better.

I kinda see where chad is coming from but even him he comes maybe 2 times a year so yes the layout maybe alittle intimidating but alittle practice day thats all you need and a good practice day at FTR is one awsome day. I know chad well and he is not a bad driver but he drives on alot of loose dirt tracks and the hard pack "blue groove" clay at FTR is much diffrent and takes alittle practice but once you get the rythem his layouts flow like no other.

Ok well just wanted to put a few words out there. Not downing anyone just wanted my 2 cents to be heard.

Anyone who has not been to FTR man come on out it is one sweet facility it will defintly be worth the drive even just to come and do a practice day get the feel of the track before you race it because like tony and others have said there is some TOUGH competition that attends there but hey just gives you something to work for and also AL has got a great hobby shop that grows more and more everytime i go there so there is almost anything you need right there.

Scott D.

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Old 11-16-2008, 12:14 AM   #56
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Originally Posted by RB FIVE View Post
I like hard tracks, it seperates the men from the boys. When i first started i always tried to practice good habits and have since learned to love new obstacles and types of layouts. It's amazing to me how much faster this year i can learn a new layout compared to last.

When you travel to alot of different tracks you meet new challenges and in the end racing on that technical layout would only breed great racers.

why cater to the quitters.

what do you think of this ?

RB5 thats a sweet facility you guys have there. I would love to try it out looks to be great fun. Reminds me of FTR "our indoor track". Good Job on that layout
Where you guys located?

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Originally Posted by Davidka View Post
A track should be difficult to drive fast but not difficult to simply drive around.
Best quote ever...
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There is no such thing as too technical. The more technical the track, the better driver it will make you.

The more technical the better. I have a tendancy to get bored easy so I like to stay busy.
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Old 11-16-2008, 07:19 AM   #59
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[QUOTE=Hodapp;5056228]There is no such thing as too technical. The more technical the track, the better driver it will make you.]

+1 on that
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Originally Posted by rdub202 View Post

I raced this layout last Wednesday. I thought it was alot of fun.
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