Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool

  • here are some of mine.

    Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-sp-vineland.jpg   Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-lazeraction.jpg   Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-lazer1.jpg  

  • Betts @ Vineland.

    Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-bettsvineland.jpg  

  • My RTR when it had those awful stock tires on. Now I'm waiting for a Sidewinder 5700 kv set.

    My friend's RTR doing it's thing. Since that pic he has upgraded to 2.4Ghz, so no worries about the long antenna.

  • A pic from this past weekend

    Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-2885728861_bdbb79c97a.jpg  

  • crappy cell phone pic of my pair of kyoshos.

    Lazer ZX-5 Photo Pool-kyosho.jpg  

  • Mine is white with white flames and white pin stripes with an all white checker board and white drips, but this is one that I painted for my buddy!

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