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Perhaps you can do what Jason Ruona did, get some of these cars in the hands of some good drivers at major events. That'll give you some coverage I think...

Originally Posted by hakmazter View Post
we will never leave anyone high and dry like a recent company did that was accused of being involved with Caster......
Which company was this? I thought I came across a thread like this awhile ago, but can't remember.

I think getting an article in a magazine like RC Driver would definitely improve the visibility of your company. Have you thought of contacting RC Car Action as well? I think they have the largest reader base in the RC market...
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+1 on Car Action, they give very credible reviews and will call it a bargain or a turd as it deserves. This actually appears to be a fairly decent product, and I like that it was designed from scratch for electric use.

The other thing that makes me take notice of a new product is to see it in the hands of good local racers. You don't have to be in the worlds or have a big-name driver in your sponsorship program, but local sponsorships get you 20-30 racers at a time who can see and touch the product that one driver brings. That may be the key to getting demand for the product into some hobby shops. That's how we became most familiar with X-Ray and Academy, both of which we now own multiples of despite not having local parts support. The magazine ads got our attention, but actually wheeling one made the purchase decision much easier.

Plus the 'small-name' racers will give you the feedback you need for product improvements in return for just a chassis discount.
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I think the Fusion is in a unique position as far as adoption goes. Its something completely new as far as being the first production 1/8 electric buggy from a company that to many is unknown or still very new to them. So you need people who are willing to be early adopters of not only the new technology, but also to the Caster Racing line of vehicles.

Based on being an early adopter of the Academy SBV1 Sport and other vehicles in the line, I would suggest that the price point needs to be something that is low enough that consumers feels its worth giving a shot, yet there is still quality there (and from what I have seen, the vehicles do look quality).

To get Casters "foot in the door", maybe do some promotions in conjunction with your online and LHS dealers to get things moving into people hands. A good one may be buy the Fusion Sport, get a full set of Big Bore shocks FREE. $299.99 (yeah its $300 basically, but for some reason, sounds better ) for a production 1/8 scale electric buggy That includes Free Big Bore Shocks in addition to whats already included, whats not to like? When Caster has there electronics package ready (if Caster goes that route) for the Fusions, have a special where those who bought the Fusion sport can get a discount of X dollars on the purchase of the system, etc. CEN even had a few programs that I tried and got me into one of there vehicles (old vehicle swap, etc). Again, main thing is to get those vehicles into peoples hands. The quality will speak for itself.

I wouldn't worry about being seen as "cheap" compared to other buggies if you have a significantly lower price. Be worried if the quality of your parts is considered "cheap" instead. I have yet to hear one person complain that they didn't pay ENOUGH for there buggy that is performing quite well and sent in extra money to the manufacturer. Also, considering that the Hot Bodies D8 just won the worlds, and by the pricing compared to the other vehicles out there would be considered "cheap", maybe that is not a bad way to go. If I can get the performance I am looking for and save money too, whats wrong with that? As was told to me by a fellow racer once, "if racing comes down to how much money you have into your ride, you might as well just throw your wallet over the finish line and call it good."

It would also go a long way to get the vehicle line carried by the Bigger online hobbyshops like amain and tower hobbies. It almost seems as if to a portion of racers out there, your vehicle becomes more mainstream or at least acceptable for them to try out if they can get it at one of these big name places.

It may also be beneficial to actively look to be sponsors for events that will feature the electric 1/8 scale vehicles, even have some drivers with demo vehicles attend so they can allow people to try the vehicles out, etc. I know from my perspective with the Academy's when people got a chance to try them out, opinions they may have had about the vehicles (or just a plain lack of knowledge about them) usually changed to something more positive, and if the class is something they would want to participate, there is a better chance they will with the vehicle they had a good experience with.

Not sure how involved Caster Racing is in this right now, but really push to get 1/8 scale electric racing added to ROAR and RC Pro Series for next year with a set of rules that work. Be at the forefront of getting this class off the ground just as you guys are with the first production 1/8 scale electric buggy. Even if next year is a "demo" class year, having something setup will really give credibility to 1/8 scale electrics. I know a guy on the fence right now because of this. I think Caster by having a dual lipo chassis setup is in an excellent position to get this class moving forward with ROAR, as your setup pretty much takes care of the hardcased lipo issue that vehicles using the 14.8V setups that are primarily softcased (till losi has there hardcased lipo out, but still only 1 option I have seen out htere) have. I think RC Pro series, it doesn't matter though.

I also do think that guys who do know a Pro version is on the way may be waiting. Some guys may not even know a Pro version is on the way and may just pass up the Fusion entirely because it is a sport version. Some people even if it is rediculous see "Sport" and just head for the hills. Too bad it just wasn't named Fusion, with the pro level being Fusion Type R or something.

It is great though that you guys are getting info out on the boards, and I hope it is continued by have A LOT more info as soon as it is available for each Caster Racing product that is coming down the pipe. Even if its early information, getting people talking about Caster Racing's future products is a good thing. Pictures and teasers always help too. Really concentrate on those boards that have high traffic, and maybe even advertise on them too.

Lastly, having an ARR and/or RTR Fusion Sport AND Pro version price super competitively (say $500 - $600) would go an extremely long way with those who want to get in but want everything to be made for the vehicle. Right now there are so many ways to do the power setup for the Fusion Sport, including the charger too, it can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie who is mainly looking at the Fusion as a plug and go 1/8 scale without the nitro fuss. What if there was a setup you could just click and buy that covered the Fusion Sport entirely (except say the radio and servo)? No fuss, you just install and go, and eventually have it pre installed from the beginning, maybe even down to a charger setup too ( I know this may cost more for sure, but just a thought) to charge dual lipos up to say 5Amps (5000mah lipos being pretty standard nowadays) all for one price? maybe even do a cheap radio and servo option eventually? Just something that makes things much simplier, and the performance still would be killer compared to a race level nitro. Give a simple plug and play full setup for a killer price, and it may spark the sales the Fusion deserves.

Just a few thoughts and I look forward to a bright future for Caster Racing.
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I am sending mine to Jason for the clash race in december.
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I think there needs to be more confidence in the MMM, also I think the buggy limits your potential market base to racers. CORR truck and truggy offerings should attract bashers as well as racers. For bashers to get a nice, durable metal chassis 1/8 scale platform capable of reliabily handling brushless power, their current options are converting nitro monster trucks like Revo, T-Maxx and Savage, or settle for new E-Revo or E-Maxx which to me appear less durable tha their nitro counterparts. I would think a electric MT offering based on a Truggy chassis would be very appealing to hard-core bashers.
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great post cain

i am one who is on the fence right now , i want this buggy , but have heard of a pro version , i would much rather have a buggy that has the best possible parts on it from the get go

another good thing about this buggy imo is the 2 battery set-up , should handle very well and also lead people like me that have e-revos in , i can have 2 racers with out having to buy new stuff , just one new motor and i can be driving either in about 15 min.
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