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Originally Posted by Stallard View Post
I have ran a bunch of packs through my discharger to compare packs. Here is how I rate them.

#1 SMC 5000mah
#2 Trakpower 4900mah
#3 Orion 4800mah
#4 SMC 4000mah
#5 Tekin 4300mah
#6 Yeah Racing 3200mah
#7 Trakpower 5400mah
#8 Orion 3200mah

I have not had a polyquest in my hands to test yet but a friend of mine has 2 coming this week and I will see if he will let me test one.

In all fairness there is not a lot of differance between the top 3, and 4 through 8 are pretty close.

As others have alluded to, running mod your only requirements are runtime and durability. For that all listed will work great. As you want a little more runtime for a buffer and a top pack. Any of 1-3 will be a great choice just see what the best deal you can get is.

For stock you will want maximum punch, during my testing the SMC and trakpower standout as the best with both having about the same IR and the smc with a slight edge on avg. voltage. They also seam to respond the best to warming them to about 110deg F. Which will lower the IR about 10%.

Hope this helps
Do you have #s to go with that list? When I cycled my SMC 4000, Orion 4800, and Orion 3200 @ 35a on the GFX I got 7.37 AV for the SMC, 7.01 AV for the 4800 and 6.87 AV for the 3200.
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Originally Posted by shurcooL View Post
An update about my first Lipo to be:

Ok, so perhaps I'm in a risk taking mood, but for whatever reason, I've decided to temp fate and go for the PQ-5000RXQ battery!

Sure does seem like I'll be one of the few people to try it out, haha.

Anyway, I'll see it here in about 1-2 weeks hopefully, which is more than enough time to finish my computer PSU -> 12v DC power supply conversion and figure out how to work my Lipo charger.

I'll definitely let you guys know how it went when it gets here.

P.S. Worst case scenario, if it turns out to be a major disappointment, I'll just say screw it and order a TrakPower 4900 lol. But I think that's unlikely, as just about any Lipo would be a HUGE improvement over my current 1-year-old Venom 3000 NiMH pack, heh.
The PQ pack is polyquest, the brand that Enerland sells.
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Originally Posted by MikeXray View Post
Do you have #s to go with that list? When I cycled my SMC 4000, Orion 4800, and Orion 3200 @ 35a on the GFX I got 7.37 AV for the SMC, 7.01 AV for the 4800 and 6.87 AV for the 3200.
Yeah, I keep a log of all the packs I have cycled. I used to have a turbo 30 and have learned that the Tekin DIS350 has lower numbers than the competition electronics chargers. It is consistant, just lower voltage and higher IR.

I have done most of my testing at 20amps but some at 30. I run mostly stock and the 20amp is a lot closer to real life discharge, also alot of the packs I have tested are not mine and I wanted to be a little easier on them

One option I would like to see is a discharger that I could set to take a specific amount of mah out of a pack and give me info. I have often wondered how packs compare in real world use and seems to me that option would give a better compairison, because I am sure you understand that a 5000mah pack that avg. 7.25V can have more power than a 3200mah that avg. 7.5v when you are only using 2000mah. Guess that is where a nicer discharger with graphing abilities would help?

I will post some of my #'s tonight when I get home.
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Here are a few of the #'s I have seen. I will only list the ones I have tested enough times to get some real #'s. (3 or 4 times with at least 2 packs each)

SMC 5000mah 7.31-7.39
Trakpower 4900mah 7.26-7.43
Yeah 3200mah 7.10-7.28

All with a Tekin DIS350 20amp with a 6.4 cutoff.
"It's like his brain is running a 64p spur and 48p pinion, sometimes it will engage and work but mostly it just makes a terrible noise"
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The battery finally got here! Only 3 working days for the actual shipping (took them 3 days to ship it out though), glad I paid extra for express shipping (from HobbyCity.com).

It came with a total voltage of 7.75v and 3.82v on each cell. Definitely in the storage voltage range, and in balance.

I used my new, untested Lipo charger (iCharger 106B) to quick charge it at 5A up to 4.15v per cell (I lowered the target max voltage just in case it overcharged it, to be on the safe side). It took in about 2700 mAh and got to exactly 8.30v, and 4.15v per cell (without balancing), with a CV amperage cutoff at 1Amp (fast charge setting).

I put it into my MM5700-powered B4 with every option set to slowest, that is 100% traction control, Lowest motor timing (0), and 6v Lipo cut-off (this supposedly somewhat lowers the max acceleration even with a charged batt), and let it rip.

The power was absolutely incredible. I couldn't even go at full throttle on my local street (with a 24 tooth pinion lol), and the acceleration was just indescribable. Wasn't even pulling the throttle as fast as possible either.

I only ran it for about 12-13 mins, not race conditions, but it went down to 7.98v at the end (exactly 3.99v per cell) which means it used about 20% capacity (1000-ish mAh). I'll confirm this tomorrow when I recharge it. The Mamba ESC and motor temps were pretty hot (but in normal range, esp. with 24T pinion), but the battery wasn't even slightly warm (86*F-ish).

Of course this isn't a conclusive test, and the only other Lipo I can compare it to is a TrakPower 4900 that I've tried out on a track. It's hard to compare off-road performance vs. on-road, but I can tell this for sure, this pack doesn't disappoint. I'm sure its at least as powerful as the TrakPower 4900, if not more. In other words, it's waaay more than enough for my needs.

It remains to be seen how it will behave in race-conditions, esp. when fully charged, and running for 20~ mins at a time. It certainly isn't a dud, however, and I'm quite satisfied, considering the $105 price.

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