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Originally Posted by Lars Johnson View Post
I like when people make the comparison "they're turning into Traxxas." Well, for some of you new folks, Traxxas used to have a 2wd and Truck back in the day, as well as a travel Race team. They came out with the TRX-3 2wd, which didn't have the following like the previous 2wd had. One day, they stopped making the TRX-3, stopped selling parts, everything - cold turkey. Done.

Then Traxxas made the T-Maxx, and from what i hear, they sold a few. the end.
Traxxas, actually pioneered the "stadium truck" and it was PRE AE and PRE Losi. They had conversion kits for the AE and losi buggies prior to the release of the T versions.

Originally Posted by Lars Johnson View Post
The thing that people do not understand is - more often than not, i would say 95% of the time, these trucks and their owners aren't going to hit the track.
Quite true! Having worked in 2 different LHSs in my life, and being in the hobby for 12+ years, I have seen many changes. People bash some of those companies, but lets look at Tamiya. In the US, OTHER THAN ONROAD, when have you seen many Sponsored OFF-ROAD drivers? You don't see it all that often IF at all. In addition, what is Tamiya known for..............................

Quit bagging on Losi. Everyone assumes Losi is done for, or that since Jr left Losi and went to Kyosho, Horizon is running Losi into the ground. NOT TRUE. They still remain innovative and come out with new ideas and designs. ITS CALLED TRIAL AND ERROR! They should be credited for making a revival to the 4wd class. What were the options before losi? Schumacher, Yokomo, the list was pretty short.

Fast forward, to 04/05 (and even before, with the TC3-O conversion) people begging and screaming for AE to make a 4wd. The likes of Jconcepts came about and with that the BJ4 and then the BJ4WE. and now look, AE produces a 4wd kit.

I used to think this hobby had reached a point in its R&D in terms of chassis and materials and tunability. Don't believe me, look at a shock tower from an early AE car, 6 or so shock tower configurations for Fr and R, 4 positions on the lower R A Arm and 3 or so up front. NOW, there are 3 positions for F and R shock towers, and 2 in the F and R arms. The adjustability has come a long way. Cars have gotten lighter and faster. NOW, we've gone to motors w/ no rotating mass and higher longer running batteries. I remember when a 5 min pack was about all there was, now, we have packs going for 20-30 min possibly! Most of the people on year are probably too young to know early AE cars ran aluminum tub chassis. It wasn't always graphite and CF.

To be competitive means being innovative. For most of the people on this forum, Im guessing they haven't done much competitive racing. as stated above, the majority of kits sold are meant for backyard bashing and fun. Very few turn into competitive racing.

Leave Losi alone. I have a feeling that things will change and new competitive kits are on the (pardon the pun) Horizon. Give em' a break.
And just because I race AE products (Not Sponsored), doesn't mean I don't like Losi, I've driven and owned their cars. I think many current elements on current cars stemmed from the many innovations of Losi.

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tamiya is not known for making racers it is known for having the best bodies with the most detail. but recently they have made a few good race cars. also tamiya has their own race series so they know that people will be racing their cars no matter how good or bad they are, they will be competitive between each other.
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