good deal on a entry level truck!

  • My friend has a Tower Hobbies Nitro st-10. It was only 134 dollars. we messed around with it lots and it is a good truck. There is nothing special about it, but it is a very fast and durable truck (I know this because I crashed it a couple of times ).
    this might be a good truck for a 1st time truck driver. I know I will be getting one!

    EDIT: its actually called the ST-15... sorry
  • NITRO! $134! My rustler cost 135 plus shipping!
  • wow! good deal.
  • wow awesome that might actually just be my first nitro !
    oh i was reading up on it... you should get the bearing set if you havent already.
  • I just got one! I have run ! tan through it for the start of the break in. I ran it through at idle. what is the best way to break in an engine. I am a newbie to that.

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    Originally posted by Hpi dude
    wow! good deal.
    I mean that is a great deal on your nitro. My rustler is electric not nitro.
  • What car did you get the rustler or the tower hobbies one?
  • I got the tower hobbies one.
  • For the first 3 tanks drive the car CONSERVATIVELY. That means do not go past half throttle. It is best to keep it below 1/4 throttle for the first 2 tanks.

    Then at around 4 tanks go around half throttle. Dont make jerky throttle movements. Keep it very smooth.

    5th tank-6th tank you should go 3/4 throttle, and maybe full. Again, keep it smooth. Once you get to the 7th tank you should be around full throttle. DO NOT keep full throttle for more than 3 seconds! This will damage the engine if you dont watch it.

    Then again, I am a newbie too, and this is a very cautious break in. You dont have to take it this easy, but the easier you go, the longer the engine will last.
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    Originally posted by R C king
    What car did you get the rustler or the tower hobbies one?
    I only got the rustler. I got it at . Hope that helps.
  • thanks kevanB!
  • You are welcome! I am no experienced nitro tuner, but I have read tons of articles on nitro tuning. And that was just a summary of how to break it in.

    Once you are DONE breaking in the engine, look at this article for tuning
  • Hey guys, I just got my own. the one I had before was for my cousin. I broke it in for him. These trucks are great! The only problem that I had was that the factory sent the wrong parts bag and I had to jerry rig the wire thing that connects the servo to what it is moving. I had to cut the brake linkage and use it for the throttle. So Right now I have no brake but since I am just breaking it is its not really that big of a deal to me. I HIGHLY suggest this car to anyone who is starting in nitro stadium trucks!
  • I never had one have 12 cars they have all been won in the A main and alot in the ROAR nationlas. They all are hopup too. half elecric and the other half nitro and one gas powered one but i never got the tower hobbies one. If you ever wantt o upgrade the RC10GT Team built is a great kit.
  • I agree, these are a well built truck for the money. I have a good friend with one, and if I had it to do over again, it would be my pick.

    If you don't know they are built by Sinyih, and parts can be bought at

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