fixing a bad cell

  • hello guys im just wondering is there any way to bring back a bad cell? i had one go bad (ib4200) and was wondering is there anything i should try to bring it back to life or is it a lost cause and do i just junk it...........

    i tryed charging it normal and slow but it wont hold any charge it reads voltage until you put any load on it then it is just reads dead if i charge it (just the one cell or the whole pack i tryed both) and put the pack in a smart tray it just goes dead in a second or two
  • you will have to disassemble the pack and check each cell with a meter, then just replace the bad cell.
  • I have the same problem. I figure we are SOL. I was considering disassembling one of the other packs to get my other three back to a full six cell. instead of a 5 cell.
  • Sometimes you can revive it if you charge the cell at a really low rate but I have only ever seen it work a couple of times.
  • Ive revived a few dead/0 volt cells with a quick 1 second touch from a fully charged pack. Sort of like a mini zap.
  • the older ib's die and theres nothing you can do.but its offroad you run,its not on road where this would matter.
    buy new cells is the only answer,or go lipo.

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