Off-road Esc??

  • i havea runner right now and im going to be going into truck this year. i have a quantum on my pan car should i take it off and use that one. [It is the quantum competition speed controler. ] THANKS
  • Anyone?
  • As long as the speed control can handle the motor that your using you should be fine, the quantum competition would be the best if your running a mod motor. I dont think the runner would be able to handle a mod but a stock would probably be ok.
  • I heard the ESC without reverse go faster.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by R C king
    I heard the ESC without reverse go faster.
    I not sure but on a zipzap than theres a modification called "no reverse mod" that makes your car go faster but I'm not sure about it on a "true" R/C car or truck.
  • Well i put the quantum in.
  • non- reversing ESC's go faster because they usally have less resistance, thus giving the motor all the power the battery has.
  • \
    That is definately true, reversable ESC's have a lot of resistance running through them. I ran the Quantom in offroad for some time, and never had a problem with it even running 9 turn motors. Hope you enjoy yours.
  • Yes. i tried it and it is a ton faster than last year. thanks.
  • Cool, glad it worked out for you... now you gotta worry about the pan car
  • Ill probally put it back in for next year for pan car raceibng or ill just another one.

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