electric rustler

  • i have a nitro 4-tec and an electric rustler but after driving the 4-tec the rustler seems like its crawling what would a 14 turn motor do to it. any suggestions on how to make it faster with the smallest budget possible it would be great
  • a 14T will go faster depending on your batteries and speed control limits, but compared to a nitro 4tec it will seem slow, which 4tec do you have ( .15 4tec-50 mph, 2.5 4tec-60 mph, 3.3 4tec-72 mph ) just wondering, also is it an older rustler with a stinger motor, or the 12t titan motor
  • its a 2.5 and its a 19 turn stinger motor
  • how do you change the esc limits
  • you can't change speed control limits but if your motor wind is lower than the speed control, it'll over heat speed control. a 14 turn motor would be as low as i would go, remember to gear down the pinon I'd say a 14 tooth
  • what big gear should i run what will that 14tooth do on the front im looking for speed
  • a123 4600 or a 3s lipo and a mamba 5700. it wont be 4 tec fast, but will hall ass still
  • Stingers I believe are 20T motors, which feel like decent stock motors in speeds.

    You could pickup a 14T modified and be faster, as well as getting better batteries and better connectors. Even a good quality 19T motor will be significantly faster than the stinger.

    Me personally, I would sell the esc and motor for whatever I could get, and go with a mamba max 5700 brushless setup. Its 180 from bpp, and will give you excellent speeds, and you don't have any real maintenance to do on the motor compared to brushed motors. The ESC can also do brushed motors if you need to use one.
  • Before I went BL I got the biggest kick from a Reedy 19T quad mag motor! geared 20/87...............and a 7 cell pack!
  • 1. the stinger is a 20 turn motor, and id buy a fireball, because theyll bolt right in the rustler even with the esc. and just change gearing.

    AND the fireball is like $20.

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