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Which Starter Box??

First off, as of now I have 4 nitro machines. Consisting of 2 Revos, 1 SHO 1/8 buggy and a RC10GT. I have never really felt the need for a bump box, but I starting to lean that way. I have a few questions that I hope someone with experience can answer for me. Any and all help is appreciated!!
  1. Is their any possible way to own one box and have it work on all my vehicles or at least more than one?
  2. Whats the difference between the boxes that have posts to push down for engagement and the ones where the whole lid pushes down? Is it just a preference and no real advantage either way?
  3. Do the boxes with power panels and plug in ignitors use up a lot of juice? Does the plug in ignitor make life easier or not?
  4. Is one 12v gel cell better than two 7.2 batteries? If so what type of charger do I charge the 12v with?
  5. How well do these bump boxes hold up? What is their to maintain? How much $$ for replacement parts?
Please don't think that I am being rude as I am just direct and to the point on this one. If their is anything that I failed to mention feel free to blurt it out!! I am trying not to do what I usually do and buy something, realize that I don't need or want it, sell for a way lower price than what I paid and then get what I needed in the first place!!!!! Thanks for your time!!
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Old 03-06-2007, 06:28 AM   #2
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Old 03-06-2007, 07:30 AM   #3
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Probably the reason you aren't getting any response, is because these issue have been addressed so many times in this forum, but that's just my guess... That said, I'll see if I can help you out.

1)No, with the vehicles you have, you can't buy a starter box that will work for all of them. The REVO takes it's own very special starter box. The 1/8 buggy has to have the starter wheel that turns from right to left, and the GT has to have the starter wheel turn from front to back. You can buy a universal box that would work for both the GT and 1/8 buggy, but you would have to be changing it over all the time, which is a MAJOR pain...trust me! And, if you decided to do that, then you would have to go with a box that uses 2 stick packs, as most boxes that use the gell cell, can't be set up for tenth scale with the gell cell.

2)You'll get people to argue all day long about which is better...gell cell or 2 stick packs. They both have their advantages, and I currently have one of each. I have the OFNA 10258 universal box with the gell cell that I use for tenth scale off-road, and an OFNA universal lightweight, compact box for 1/8th scale that uses 2 stick packs. I love both of them, and have no problems with either one. Both have more than enough power to start anything you throw at them. Some people don't like boxes that have a drive belt that can strip out, but personally, I have never had any problems with this either. In some cases I think that problem is operator error.

3)The gell cells can be charged with a wall charger that comes with some of the batteries, or with a full-size car battery charger set at 1-3 amps.

4)The power panel is a matter personal preference....I personally don't care for it. I don't like being restricted to the length of that cord at times, especially during an emergency situation, and to me they just aren't as easy to use. However, I know people that wouldn't own a box that didn't have the panel and ignitor.....so go figure.

5)Brand of box again will spark a Ford vs Chevy debate, as well. I personally prefer the OFNA boxes. I have had some others, but seem to come back to the OFNA stuff. I also liked the Associated box for the GT I had at one time. I had a Dynamite box once that I had some problems with, and I wouldn't buy another one of those. The gell cell boxes are heavier, but hold a longer charge. The 2 stick pack boxes are lighter, still work great, and use a regular charger to charge them, but have to be charged more often.

As always, I would suggest going to your local track and seeing what the guys there are using, and what catches your eye. Ask their opinions on what they have, and why they like it, or don't like it. But, remember, some people will tell you they love a product they have, just because they own one at the time, and then 2 weeks later they have something different, and are now "loyal" to that brand or model, and will tell you that you need one of those...lol...

Hope this helps....


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Thanks Brad, very informative!! Not what I wanted to hear, but helpful!!
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I have the revo starter box and an Ofna box set up for my truggy. I've flopped back and forth with the Ofna box between gel and sticks and I prefer the lightness and 14.4v power of 2 IB4200 packs. Ran and entire race weekend starting my truggy and two other CRTs with it and never had any loss of power even though I didn't charge them all weekend.

As a side thought, I see a lot of guys using wand starters to keep the weight down but still be able to fire up their rigs. I'm a starter box fan but I've seen everybody do things differently. With 2 Revos I'd suggest either wand start them or get a box. Once you do you'll wonder how you survived without it. Especially when you don't have to maintain the OWB every weekend.

For the average $50 for an Ofna starter I'd get one myself and wand start the other one. If you've survived this long without a box you could get one for your prize rig and see how it goes from there. Use whatever battery you want as both provide plenty of longevity and power. The rigs you run the most should be the first to get a box though IMHO.
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