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Couple questions, but a little history first. I am fairly new to the RC thing. I bought a RTR GT2 with the stock engine. I have run 1 gallon through the motor now and everything seems to be ok, but I have a few questions about mods....Is there anything you can do to these motors to increase performance?? I have taken the carb restrictor out and removed the pull start...thats it. I have heard of guys doing sleeve and crankshaft work, but no ones seems to want to give me their speed secrets.

I hear you guys talking about all these TR, TG, CV, and CV-R. I am assuming these are engine types?? Should I be looking into a new engine or run what I have until I really get the feel for it? How long will my stock engine run strong until I need to do something(piston,sleeve)? Whats the difference in Rotary carbs and slide carbs? What does my current engine have??

Anyother tips or suggestions for a new guy would be great.

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Hey Brian;
If you are new to the hobby, especially the nitro side of it, I would definitely stick with the stocker engine right now. The Associated .15 is a proven workhorse, and is all the power you need for now. They also hold a tune much better than a racebred engine. If they are kept tuned well (not to hot), they can last 4-5 gallons of fuel.
I wouldn't invest any money in having any porting or anything done on it. When you are truly ready for more power, your money would be better spent on an engine upgrade.
The engines you mentioned are all O.S. brand engines, just different models. Some are still available new, and some are discontinued but still available off of ebay from time to time.
When you do upgrade, I would recommend the OS TG, as it is a great intermediate engine, holds a tune well (as do all OS engines!), and will last for 5+ gallons if kept tuned well. It's hard to beat an OS engine, especially for the price.
As far as carbs go....it's a matter of preference for most. Typically, slide carbs are better suited to on-road applications, as they are more low-end power oriented, where rotary are mid-upper powerband designed. I have however ran slide carbs on off-road stuff in the past with no problems. Many people still prefer slide carbs for off-road. When you replace the engine in your GT2, you will need to have a rotary carb, as that's the way the truck is designed.
Hope this helps. Welcome to the hobby, and remember it's supposed to be for fun, so don't take it to seriously...lol.
Let us know if you have anymore questions......


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Is 240 too hot?? Seems to run real good for me at that temp. I have run it in the low 200's and its reall boggy off the corners. It has snuck up on me and seen as high as 270 and is actually putting out too much power out of the corners (hard to control). Also do you guys tune the low speed screw at all, or just leave it 1/8 turn out and dial in the high speed screw??
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Default Hey check out stormer hobbies.

you can go to stormer hobbies website they have engines for clearance depending if you want bumpsart or pull start. I got a 229.99 engine for $56 and some change shipped on clearance. It is a peak diablo .12 racing engine with pull start it is model 6005 and I think it has a rpm range of 40,000 plus. It is going into a xxxnt. So you can check there clearance engine section and find your self a good deal Peak peformance engines aren't the only one on clearance but I have heard good things about there engines. give stormers website a check and if you have more questions then call them.

The engine I got wasn't listed on there clearance site but the guy told me on the phone about that engine/ so if you want a pullstart engine that should be a pretty good one for the gt2 or some of there other clearance engines would be a good choice also.

andre vanlaarhoven
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Old 03-14-2007, 11:29 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by WYLDTHING
I would appreciate that a bunch!!
Hey Wild !!
Update !

The TG was a bear to break in , the thing is pinched so tight !

But It can done !

Motor is very smooth inside tight infield section`s with plenty of torque for the jumps...
Not quite as fast a a Cv-R or a TZ with the top-speed , so far I`m quite pleased...
Any driver can copy a great set up, a Champion however will steal it .
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George W. Cherry
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Originally Posted by Wild Cherry
Hey Wild !!
Update !

The TG was a bear to break in , the thing is pinched so tight !

But It can done !

Motor is very smooth inside tight infield section`s with plenty of torque for the jumps...
Not quite as fast a a Cv-R or a TZ with the top-speed , so far I`m quite pleased...
I second all this. It does not have the "scream" that the other OS engines have, but very easy to be consistent on the track due to being very smooth and easy to drive. It did take at least a fuel bottle through it before it wanted to idle, after about .5 gal it idles great but at first I was nervous.

One thing I noticed is that my motor needs to be ran at least 210 deg to get good track performance, and about 220 to be perfect. I was a little disturbed because I am used to all my other OS engines have been stout at about 190. Maybe this is due to the tight pinch and needed a little more heat to get it opened up. Either way I won't sweat it, if it likes 220 oh well, it's only a number.
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