Novak GTB/Neo1 2 Star

  • Can you run a Neo1 2 Star Motor with a Novak GTB?
  • Yes. I've run all the Neos with my GTB.
  • How was it? Did you like it? IS the Neo1 sensored or not? Is there anything I need to be careful of?
  • The NEO lineup is sensored - any motor you use with the GTB must be sensored. However, NEO motors do not have thermal sensors on them, so you could overheat and damage your motor if your not careful.

    I haven't done extensive head to head comparison between NEO and Velocity. I haven't had any problems with the NEOs with my GTB or LRP Sphere Comp.

    My preference is the Velocities. Novak has a new Rotor out (not yet legal), which allows their motors to run cooler. I've used my velocities a lot more (longer run times and more runs). They seem to hold up better. Maybe I had some weak NEOs.
  • Thanks for the info. I will stick with the Novak for now. Thanks again.

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