Mugen or XRAY??

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Default Mugen or XRAY??

Hey guys, just wondering for those of you that have or have had the MBX5 and XB8TQ which you liked better? I currently have a 777SP2 and a TTR S3 and I've never really run either. I want to start running 1/8th and my LHS stocks no TTR stuff and some Kyosho stuff. They have a wall full of both Mugen and XRAY. Basically I'd like to get something different and sell what I have and I like both the Mugen and the XRAY. The XRAY seems like a better buy, but the Mugen looks good too. If got I one, I was thinking either XB8TQ or standard MBX5. What are your guys' opinions between the two? Thanks.
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To be honest, the Kyosho Inferno is a superb machine; it might be worth making a modest effort to get parts, whether it be from your LHS or even online, if all else fails.

In so much as your LHS seems to have a plentiful supply of both Xray and Mugen, the next question to ask is, is money an issue? In so much as you already have a 777 SP2 I'm thinking probably not, but nevertheless, there can be a considerable gap in price of the kit and spares as well, depending on the retailer.

Also, you should have a look around at what other people are running. Are there more people running one car or another, and if so, what buggy seems to have the most success? I ask this because it can be advantageous when many people run the same chassis; makes setting-up and dialing loads easier when you have many different people you can get input from to maximise the buggy's potential.

I don't own either a Mugen or Xray, but from what I hear, I don't think there is much difference in parts wear from one to the next, so I don't think maintenance will be a big deciding factor.

As a last resort, nothing beats being able to try each buggy yourself to see if one may suit your driving style better. Try asking around the track to see if anyone would be willing to let you try their buggy. I think that will help you make an informed decision
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I had an Xray, but dumped it for a Mugen. To me, the Mugen was more stable and consistent. There were three sponsored Xray drivers here, but all dumped it for Mugen, and now they're running Jammins. you may want to look into that as well.
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For me Xray is much better quality than Mugen.
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I've thought about running the TTR S3 and the SP2 is a good car, but I've been more impressed with the Mugen and XRAY. There's just something about the Kyosho that I'm not the most partial to and while the S3 is pretty cool, it's not the most popular and supported car. I like both the Mugen and XRAY and probably would sell the TTR and SP2 if I purchased something different. Just wanted some opinions on peoples experiences. Thanks.
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Dump the x-ray the car is crap on the tracks in the united states!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Look at a mugen or even a jammin.....
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I went from an MBX5 to the TTR S3 to the X-Ray. I much prefer the X-Ray. Second would be the TTR and then the Mugen. For my driving style it fits. I have learned alot about set up from running onroad so with the X-Ray you can make the changes very easily and you will feel every change you make.
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I don't know what your talking about I have had Kyosho and Mugen...And all I have to say is I love my XRAY Better quality, better after sales support, Who says it doesn't work on large outdoor tracks found in North America...Just take a second and set it up... You will not find a better made car out there right now. IMHO
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hey vegas pilot i see your sig says you live in phoenix does that mean the lhs you are talking about is hobby action in tempe az. they do carry the parts you are refering too. i don't think there are very many people running the mugen out there anymore. but if you come out and introduce yourself i'am sure all the guys would be willing to help you and some would let you drive there car. there is also a fast kyosho sponsored driver and if you already have the sp2 he would be able to help set up your car. his name is trevor and he drives a big ford truck.

also hobby action has asked all the drivers to make a list of parts they would like to stock for there car. so if you go to hobby action and tell them you are running the kyosho and you would like "blank" parts and they will try to keep them stocked.
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huh huh huh...huh...he said "chub"...

Chubs are cool...
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I have had all three, and it very much depends on your driving style on which car is best. If you are not sure on your driving style, then that makes a huge difference. In short:
MBX5 -> Very planted car, can get excellent traction on almost any setup you put on it, is very easy to drive, and I would say agruably the best car to start 1/8th scale with. I raced the MBX5 for condiserably longer than either the XB8 or 777 SP2 and broke less parts. If your throttle finger is not the greatest, the MBX5 will handle it the best. But, the tradeoff, is that it does not turn that well due to how much traction it has, but if you drive smooth, like to drive a line, and give it a whole handful of throttle a lot, I would get the MBX5.
XB8 -> The TQ is an improvement over the previous model, but it still a very setup sensitive car. Part of the problem, is that there are so many different setup options. The XB8 is really loose, but can turn under almost anything, but can be very difficult to setup to get traction. I have a couple buddies that even had to go as far as adding weight by the front and rear diffs to get traction out of it. I would say this is a great car if you have a really good throttle finger (For example I know people that race on road electric that get the XB8 and love it). I would also say that I would make sure you have people around that run the Xray that are good at setting it up for your local tracks, as it can be difficult and take just the right setup combo.
777 SP2-> I left this for last, as my opinion is this is the best mix of the 2. Has good traction, good steering and can be setup to favor either way.

Hopefully, that helps.
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Bottom line is each car is going to be different to your style of driving. I think the best thing is to try and find someone who will let you drive their car and see how you like the feel of it. All the cars mentioned above are good. You just need the setup and driver behind it.
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I run mainly AE stuff so I am kinda partial to a somewhat aggressive that doesn't push to much. I was also hoping for a car that wouldn't be too set up intensive, ie;set and forget. I've only ran the S3 with the box chassis and SP2 is almost new. I might stick with the Kyosho since I have it and see how that goes. I haven't tried the TTR with the flat chassis, but thats an option too. Just thought about maybe trying something new...I used to run a Kanai 2/3. One of the things that was kinda swaying me away from Kyosho is the problems people are seeming to have with the ST-R with the pinions and front bones popping out (course I hear the SP2 pops rear bones out) since I was considering getting a truggy too one day. I was hoping to run same brand vehicles. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, let me know any others you guys have.
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The feal of the car is all about set up. The two cars can be pushed very hard though. There is a new mugen truggy, full blown truggy not the msr, that runs for about $550 new. I've talked w/ some local guys who race 4 mugen and they say it is just as durable as the pro-spec. As far as the choice between the xb-8 and the mbx-5 are concerned. I would just go with which ever one is cheaper. It seems as though they are both heavily supported localy. The two cars are super durable and will both be extremely fast with the right driver.
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