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  • Oops, here is a pic of the JConcepts illuzion 8 body.

  • I'm nearly through my first gallon, and alot of that is with a harshly vibrating RTR motor(couldn't wait to drive it, but now I have the Top 3-port in it), and my shock shafts are fine. The trick seems to be to build them with blue lock-tite, and let them dry, overnight, or 24 hours. That way, when you submerge them in oil, they still hold.
  • Quote: Oops, here is a pic of the JConcepts illuzion 8 body.

    you got skillz.

    that must be jason's 8ight.
  • Those I've seen (or heard of) having shock shaft problems were running full travel. It puts a lot of extra stress on the shafts and can cause problems.

    Wheelnut - As Jim said, the car won't necessarily make a D-mainer into a national championship contender. That said, I have seen several drivers in this area, me included, go faster and more consistently with the new car.
  • Dirtracer, that is Jasons paintjob on the 8ight, . He doesn't run the car, I hear he is holding out for the A/E 1/8th scale?

    He actually races an MBX5, well now an MBX5R actually, once we finish the build.

    Of course to rub salt in the wound, he hadn't run his MBX5 for about 5-6 months and came out to a FL state race in Ocala(a few months back) where he proceded to run the car for two qualifiers and no practice, yet Won the event. I also didn't mention he was driving with a crushed shock body on the right front after T boning a railroad tie in the track with 12 minutes to go. LOL

    Not bad in a field of 90 cars. It's funny how critical the handling seems to be to some, yet he was driving with no right front suspension movement and his lap times were still not far off. He battled Gene Hickerson and JR Mitch for a while that way before winning!

    Gotta love that!
  • must be nice to have talent like that.
  • LOL, tell me about it! I have been trying to find a way to get just a little from him, but he won't tell.

  • I've been trying to steal those secrets from the world's best for years. No dice!
  • Quote: A one color body? You need some PMD stickers for it

    good one AW, im no painter and i dont want anything that look to sweet cause if it cracks ima be mad!!! But thanks for the info cause i saw one of those skins on some forum and wanted one. So tell your sponsor that you put in work today........one more customer!!!!

    hey, since your raggin on my poor little green 8. you have any extra skin kits?? I have a clear body wanting for some skin!!!
  • Give you a skin kit and have someone else out there with a body that looks like mine? No way!

    The body wraps really help hold the body together, so your pretty body looks good for a while, instead of cracking on mask-trim lines, and paint flaking off.

    I think Seann might be pleased with the amount of work I've brought him lately, HAHA
  • Whats up Aaron?
  • Not much. Last big race of the year for me this weekend, the Reedy Truck Race. Looking forward to an easy winter
  • just wanted to stir it up a bit......Its funny when you go back thru the first 20 negative posts...

    I guess the car ended up working after all!
  • Here she is

    Losi 8ight Pics-picture-001.jpg   Losi 8ight Pics-picture-006.jpg   Losi 8ight Pics-picture-013.jpg   Losi 8ight Pics-picture-014.jpg  

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