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Default Does Fuel Choice Matter in 1/8 Buggy?

I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but I'm stumped on finding a fuel to run in my new buggy engine. I see alot of pros running O'donnell, but I bet that's because they get it for free. I see Trinity, but they don't disclose any of their formula percentages... I won't run mystery mix! Sidewinder talks big but no one around here has run it... Does it deliver on it's promises of easier tuning and cooler temps? A few guys out here are running Rocket Science and really like it, but should I trust small up-and-comer companies who produce something that seems so technical and vital to performance... White lightning... Maxy's... Byron(isn't that air plane fuel?)... Orion... HELP!!!

P.S.- Don't give me, "My Brother's Girlfriend's Cousin's Best friend saw an engine melt at Idle running -enter fuel name here-!" I just want honest personal experiences with racing eighth-scale buggies on these fuels.


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all the fuels are great. some people swear by a fuel but they are all good. in my GT i run Odonnell, or Trinity. i recommend trinity, odonnell or Orionbut run what you can get.
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Old 04-01-2006, 01:24 PM   #3
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I live in a small community in northeastern Wyoming, so no matter what I choose, I'll have to order a case in. LHS sucks big time, I refuse to go in there... So, if you had your druthers, what would you run? I was just on the Rocket Science website, and they said alot of the right things and some locals run it, so I guess I'm leaning that direction. But I would like to hear what others think. What do you run now? What would you like to run? Have you had any bad experiences?

I also got on the Trinity home page and saw that they do show their oil percentages, but eight percent seems way low on the platinum, and I wasn't real impressed with the Monster Horsepower, no better than running traxxas fuel in my experience... not that traxxas is bad, but I think it is formulated more for the back-yard basher than for racing.
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Write all your options on a piece of paper.
Close your eyes.
Wave finger in a circle, put down on paper.
Buy that fuel.
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I have run Byron's for a year with no issues. The power is good and engine life is better than I was getting with Sidewinder Worlds. I am switching to Rocket Science though as I am told it is better. I'll know for sure in a couple of months.
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Old 04-01-2006, 02:58 PM   #6
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just remember, once you choose a fuel, stick with that one!! don't go changing from brand to brand everytime you runout...engines don't like that!
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I ran Monster Trinity and it was just OK....
Thing I really hate about it and Traxxas is that it stinks to high heaven and has too be the messiest to use.
I have been using O'Donnell and have never seemed to switch..
It burns cleaner than Trinity...
It gives me plenty of power...Can not say how much better than Trinity.
Better fuel milage and best of all
The smell coming out your pipe isn't half as abusive to my sinus cavity as Trinity.
Those are the only fuels I have ever used and thats my Opinion...lol
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Try Werks Racing fuel.....

I have been using it for months now, and my engines are easy to tune, consistently running well, and temps stay pretty low with a nice lean tune.

I ran O' Donnell for a while, but I had trouble with rear bearings rusting so I switched to Rocket Science~ it's nice fuel but hard to get here. My sponsors eventually led me to the Werks fuel, which is the best so far. I'll give you a scenario:

Engine: COLLARI B7

O' Donnell 30%
Temp: 235-270, inconsistent
Tune: Somewhat erratic, have to re-adjust significantly after about 5 tanks

Werks 30%
Temp: 215-225, consistent
Tune: Consistent~ Held same tune all day, with a 30 deg. temp variant through the day

Plus, after switching to the Werks fuel, I was able to lean the top end of the motor close to 3/4 of a turn on top, allowing a leaner mixture at the same or even lower temps. Run times were a little better as well, I was getting around 11 minutes to a tank. Check out www.tkocompetitiondev.com, Peter carries 20 and 30 percents and can get it to you quick!

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I switched from ODonnell to Maxy's after trying it at a race with some pressure from locals. It made my engine wake up a bit and dropped my temps a few degrees. I have been running it ever since and now I represent them at the races!

I think even the "small time" companies know alot more then any of us do about fuel and it's ingredients, quality of them, etc. There are more variables then oil quantity and type, things like anti corrosives, dyes, binding agents, etc.

Bottom line, the best way, not easiest, try a few different kinds and after a year or so you can decide for yourself. Your engine won't care at all what sticker was on the bottle of alcohol/oil/nitro last, as long as it is retuned for each brand you'll be fine switching fuels.

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Old 04-02-2006, 07:58 AM   #10
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What Jim said is so true. None of my engines ever learned how to read so they never did care about what label fuel I use. As Jim said, you may need to tune the engine slightly when changing fuel but you won't hurt anything.

I'll bet that everyone here has used gasoline sold by all the majors in their cars without hurting anything, right. (Except the wallet if you burn premium where you should be using regular or performance if you should be using premium.) Same thing in RC, if you're using 20% it's OK to use other brands of 20%. Just don't go switching back and forth from 20% to 30%.
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i've run both white lightning and sidewinder, both work perfect, no issues, but i'm using sidewinder now because its easiest for me to get,
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fuel is fuel, run whatever is cheapest.
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alright...if any of you have pitted for a buggy running Odennels fuel you know what im about to say is true.


seriously...try standing there while someone is warming up an engine with Odonnels and tell me the smell doesnt make you wanna go dunk your face in a big pile of freshly squeezed shit.

I will say that all I have used is Odonnels and then Byrons...only because my local track gets a deal on the Byrons...and the difference is amazing in terms of smell...I could sniff Byrons exhaust all day and not have my eyes get all red and stingy...which is ever present with Odonnels.

but performance wise? I'll take the Byrons....my super clean WS7II after an entire season of not opening it up once doesnt disagree...
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i concur.
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My very first fuel was OD. I switched for the same reasons listed above, just couldn't take the fumes. I tried a few different brands of fuel before I stuck with Byrons. All fuels are not the same.
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