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B6.3 / B6.3D Helpful Posts

Team Associated 1/10th Shock Length Quick Reference Chart

How to measure Shock Shafts

Reference Guides (courtesy of Ray Munday and Roger M.): What is the difference between 2 gears and 4 gears in the gear diff?
Please read these posts by Roger M. Maybe this has been answered but what are the little orings in diff do for tuning?
Please read these posts by Roger M.
Information on the rear axles and the different length dog bones from Roger M.

The 0 (option) and +2 (kit) axles are for using different length driveshafts with the different arm lengths

Kit +2 axles

73mm arms wih 67mm driveshafts
75mm arms with 69mm driveshafts

Option 0 axles

73mm arms with 65mm driveshafts
75mm arms with 67mm driveshafts

Why would you want to change the driveshaft length?
It is essentially to do with the fact that a drive joint will want to run straight under power and the position of that joint (the pin through the CVA joint into the axle).
The further that CVA joint pin is inboard of the lower hub hingepin (assuming you're running fairly typical outer link positions) the more bind you will generate in the suspension as the drive joint tried to straighten under power, this extra binding will 'stiffen' the suspension as it adds load on top of that from the weight transfer on the car.
Conversely the the nearer the CVA joint pin is to lower hub hinge pin the less bind and thus freer suspension movement.

When would you want to change this?

Basically on bumpy tracks, tracks with inconsistent grip or lower grip you want the suspension to be as free to move as possible so that you get the full benefit from the shock and roll centre tuning, also the car feels like it has more grip in the areas where you go on/off/on the gas.
To this end you will be running the longest possible dog bone you can for the arm length, hence why the +2 axles are in the kit.

On smooth super high grip tracks (EOS / CRC carpet for example) running a shorter dogbone will feel like it takes grip away from the rear as you get on power, aiding late corner rotation and reducing the on-power understeer that often plagues tight carpet tracks.
The only time I would run the 0 axles is with 67mm dogbones on 75mm arms and only then when I wish I could get let rear toe than the 1deg minimum we can get from the pills we have (actually I had custom pill made so I can get 0deg rear toe for those types of tracks but ...)

What are the handling differences between the 73 and 75mm arms.
Brief explanation from RogerM (thanks!)

The arm length effects the roll centre and more significantly the roll centre migration as the car rolls in the corners.

Shorter rear arms will encourage more tire loading so more grip as the car rolls, great for lower grip surfaces but on high grip surfaces they can stall the rotation mid corner costing corner speed. They can also make the car feel more reactive which is good when a low grip level makes the car feel less reactive so making it harder to place in technical sections.

Long rear arms the opposite, car will rotate more freely for more corner speed but won't generate as much side-bite so mid/late corner will be reduced. Make the car feel naturally lazier which is great on high grip surfaces as it makes the car easier to drive overall.

So the long Vs short rear arm is just like the flat Vs gullwing front arm, all about the grip level from the surface and how technical the track layout is.

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Default AE B6.3 / B6.3D

Edit: Its official!

"New Features
  • New wide pivot rear aluminum arm mounts for use with 73mm arms and 69mm CVA bones to give more predictable rear traction and an easy-to-drive rear-end feel
  • New servo mounting system with aluminum chassis mounts and molded brace is much easier to assemble and has an integrated transponder mount
  • New molded front and rear tower covers protect the edges of the carbon fiber from damage, and keeps from damaging the track surface
  • Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock LCF pads using the heavier RC10B74.1 slipper spring for maximum consistency and higher torque capacity
  • Tie-rod battery brace parts and hardware included in kit for tuning additional chassis flex
  • Molded wire clips included for motor and ESC wires to keep your wiring organized
Updated Features
  • Updated carbon fiber front and rear shock towers with fine hole spacing adjustment
  • +3mm extended chassis length for additional stability and reduced weight transfer in high-traction conditions
  • Updated chassis and side rails for use with new direct-to-chassis servo mount giving a more direct steering feel and predictable chassis flex going into and out of corners
  • Updated top plate that keys to a new steering bellcrank brace for increased durability
  • Updated rear wing mounts for more durability and less bending
  • Set screw and flanged nut rear bottom shock mounting hardware for quick and easy shock removal
  • +1 carbon fiber steering arms
  • Black steel M4 low profile (LP) serrated wheel nuts
Legacy Features
  • 3-gear Laydown Stealth(R) transmission assembly for optimal mass balance on high- grip clay track surfaces
  • Fluid-filled gear differential included to withstand high load cornering
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars included to provide less chassis roll on high-grip surfaces
  • V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks with X-rings for low friction assembly
  • Machined shock pistons for more precise fit and smoother operation
  • V2 12mm shock springs for lower achievable ride height and nimbler feel
  • Aluminum rear ballstud mount with three link positions for maximum adjustability and added strength
  • Factory Team ball bearing set with 24 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain
  • Easy-access differential with 0, 1, 2, and 3mm height adjustment inserts included. (RC10B6.3 comes with a gear differential). Height adjustment inserts allow driveshaft alignment through all ride height and axle height configurations
  • Rear hub assembly with aluminum vertical ball stud camber link mount and axle height inserts for precise roll center adjustment
  • Front wing mount and front wing included to increased downforce and front grip
  • Integrated 30mm fan mount (fan not included) to prevent motor fade due to overheating
  • 69mm CVA bones for reduced bone plunge and minimized friction at drive pin
  • The symmetric rear arms with improved geometry and stiffness can be flipped to allow a "split" for rear shock mounting position. Arms are available in 73mm and 75mm lengths (73mm included)
  • Outer rear hinge pin is captured with bolt head and lock nut for increased durability
  • Steel electronics and steel under-servo plates included for improved mass balance and lower overall center of mass
  • 5mm aluminum clamping wheel hexes
  • Lightweight aluminum one-piece top shaft and gear
  • Body designed with lower center of mass improves handling on high-grip surfaces (clear body and wing included)"

New kits?

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.


Photo for those who missed the links.

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Originally Posted by ScottyDoo View Post
Is it time to change my 6.1 or it will still smoke 6.2 and 6.3s? 😂
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Originally Posted by ScottyDoo View Post

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.
Hard to say without a list of changes. Right now I'd say that a 2 looks better than a 3 in the font they've chosen but that might be subjective.
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I'm curious to see more proof honestly
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Financially doesnít make sense for them to update so soon.

itís not as though the .2 wasnít competitive and needed a slew of upgrades

unless they needed to switch to a different factory or started a new contract and already had a .3 kit in the pipeline, itís a pretty narrow upgrade window

unless they had some goodies for the dirt clay kit...

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son of a gun. I hope not though it honestly won't matter as my driving isn't to the point that an upgrade would be a difference maker.
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i'm subscribing to this thread under protest.
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Well before the .2 came out it got out after nationals a lot of people were running the b74 rear end with some sanding and stuff. I haven't heard of something similar. Only thing thats custom is raising the steering rack. And with 2 new parts you can copy that.

So I doubt theres a new car. But now that I say who knows. The B6.2 is a great buggy. If theres a new one, it doesn't make the .2s any worse.
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links no longer work. pages have been removed.
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that was quick
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Originally Posted by B4.2mtl View Post
a quick Google search will tell you this:
''page initially uploaded to the internet on December 21st 2017'' at which point the .2 wasn't even out yet.

In fact Associated officially announced the B6.1 on Feb. 8 2018: that was most probably RcPlanet having prepared a new website page in advance to host the upcoming .1 whenever available and the web programmer must have made a typo and entered a 3 instead.

If you look at the op's screenshot of rcplanet ''supposedly new'' .3 page you can see pictures of the B6.1 and B6.1d at the bottom.

To me it is case closed at this point!
Except for the higher new map price and part number

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b6.2 have been out of stock for a while now
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Originally Posted by ironpeddler View Post
b6.2 have been out of stock for a while now
You are right, but same goes for products from several other rc companies that have been out of stock too for a few months now. Same reality for major distributors and retailers such as Amain and Horizon, just to name a few.

So I don't thinks that we can draw any conclusions in regards ro the B6 based on that alone yet, given the circumstances the world is in right now.

edit: aaaargh! turned out losiracer12 was right after all! lol

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