Internal Gear Ratio for a MF2 and a T4?

  • Trying to figure out some stuff for my friend
  • MF2 is 2.56
    T4 is 2.6
  • Thanks, lol i just foudn them before i was coming back to check the thread
  • It seems it almost always works out that. You post for some information, then you find it yourself right before someone answers. I've had that happen to me too.

    Good luck with your calclulations.
  • so basicaly you can gear the 2 trucks the same, put the same pinion on and it basically comes out to who has the better Packs and best tuned motor eh?!? lol

    Hey, If i remember right, i ran a 18 on my monster stock on my T4 last year with the stock spur gear, what are the guys gearing to for the CO27's?
  • Mathematically gear a T4 to have the same overall ratio as you would an MF2 geared at 18/86, you would need to run 18/84 on your T4.
  • Ya, i foudn that same caclulations, i was on AIM with a guy talking about that, andthats exactly what we said,

    Aaron, is there any good Stock/Mod truck and buggy big races around the South Dakota area I can look forward to when i move there in June?
  • Not that I've heard of..I know there is racing going on in the Dakotas but I haven't be able to find any big events.

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