BJ4WE Slipper Problem

  • Hi guys, anyone know how to keep the WE slipper tight? I've used thread lock and tightened it up as per the manual and then let it set for a while. I have yet to be able to finish a battery pack without it loosening to the point it won't reach full speed. I back the bolt out about 3/4 to just under a full turn. The bolt is facing foward and the T-nut faces the rear...I tried the other way, but the fron't drive shaft won't fit. Thanks!
  • Maybe use a new diff nut or take pliers and rough up the threads on the screw a little. Careful not to bend the screw, that will make the slipper inconsistent.
  • This is the 2nd T-nut I've tried...they both loosened. Haven't tried the thread thing though.
  • Rod is correct- put a small dent in the threads and you should be good!

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