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Default Please help dont know how to set my slipper...

I drive an MF2 with the GTB 5.5 so i have lots of torque. I have broken 1 pair of CVDs and 3 dogbones right on the shaft. I obviously have my slipper set too tight. Here is how ive heard to set my slipper and the problem im having.

Put the car on the track and gun it about a foot away from you. You should hear it slip for about 1 foot. Problem: I cant tell what sound im listening for. Ive tried making it super loose to were i can totally tell but when i start tightening it down i lose the sound in all the other sounds. I really cant do this one

Hold both tires down so they cant move and turn the spur gear with your finger and it should give with some force. Problem: How much force should i give? Should i have to push really really hard or just barely or in middle?

Hold both tires down and full throttle and listen for it slipping. Problem: I dont know what to listen for.

Also lastly how tight am i supposed to set my diff? I just tighten the nut as far down as possible before i feel like it might strip? Can your diff be too tight? Thanks guys!
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Well, as far as your diff is concerned, it sounds like you've got it way too tight. It should be tight enough that it doesn't slip but still allows your tires to turn independently in the corners. With as tight as your diff is, you're probably having issues in the corners with the rear end wanting to come around on you all the time. When it's too tight, it acts like a spool and the inside tire breaks traction giving you only 50% of the grip you would have normally then causing the outside tire to break loose as well under power. To check the tightness of your diff, take it out of the tranny... Lock the outdrives with 2 hex drivers or screwdrivers of allen wrenches or whatever. Then try to turn the diff gear with your fingers. You should only tighten to the point that you can't turn the gear anymore. Any tighter and you start to lose diff action and you get to the point of a spool.

On the slipper.. The sound you need to listen for is a very high pitched squealing sound. I set mine so I have full power on take off, but it will still slip on landings off of jumps and bumps to protect the drivetrain. If you nail the throttle from a dead start, it should slip at the most for the first foot of the launch. Anymore than that and you will lose your punch out of corners and it'll be hard to time the jumps properly without the power to the ground to get what air you need. I run a 12x2 in my T4 and it doesn't slip at all on take off but it will slip a little when I land from a jump with the throttle on. A lot of people make the mistake of using the slipper as a bit of a traction control on take off. The intention of the slipper clutch is just to protect the drivetrain. The sudden shock created to the universals and outdrives and such when you land from jumps can cause them to fail. The slipper is there to absorb that. If you're running at a local track, your best bet is to ask one of the experienced guys to give you a hand with it. If you're just bashing in parking lots and such, take it to the LHS and see if one of the guys there can give you a hand.

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OMG! Thank you so much man! I didnt even realize it but i must have my diff waaaaay too tight. Every corner i went around it was like my truck was ice skating! Even on the str8s i couldnt keep it str8. On top of that i have the GTB 5.5. I will do what you said. Thanks so much
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also to set the slipper hold the rear wheels of the car and give it quick short bursts. the front wheels should rise off the ground
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no, your front wheels should not rise off the ground. Theres no need to burn up your motor doing it either. wedge cardboard between your pinion spur gear to lock them. Now put the truck on a flat table. Rotate the wheels backwords. If the front wheels lift off the table then losen it. If it slips but takes much of the weight off the front wheels then its perfect. If it slips w/out taking much weight off the front then its too tight. It should slip right before the truck will pop wheelies. The will allow you to keep the truck straight while acelerating on a straight. You can't turn if your wheels don't touch the ground. Now to set your diff. Tighten it down, not brute force tight, but tight. Now back it out 1/8th a turn and turn your wheels. If the slipper slips then do this again. When the slipper stops slipping and your diff starts slipping tighten it back down about 3/16th a turn, slightly more then 1/8th a turn. Spin your wheels again to see if the slipper is slipping. If the slipper is slipping then its perfect, if it doesn't then tighten it a tiny bit more and spin your wheels again. TO SEE IF THE SLIPPER IS SLIPPING:: Just take your body and gear cover off to watch it. If everything on the slipper is turning and the gear is not moving then its slipping.
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