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Team Losi truck help? History? Timeline?

Hi all,

I have a LOADED couple of questions.
As you can see below, I do not own any Losi models. So I am complete newbie to the whole product line. I have friends that bash around some Losi trucks but they can not answer my questions.

I need some help understanding the Losiís truck product line? For example, do I have the trucks listed in the right order, from oldest to the latest?


Also, are there two different trucks for XXXT and XXXT MF edition, or are they the same truck? When did the XXT / XXT CR come out? When was XXXT / MF1 released? The same for MF2 release? Were all these models released in kit form?

Could you tell me the differences between them, from XXT to XXXT MF to now MF2? Can I visually see the differences between them? (Not racing aspect, but chassis design)

Thatís what Iím looking for mostly. How can I tell the differences between each model, visually?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Before the XXT they made the JRXT (their first truck I think) and the Junior T.

The last version of the XX series was the XX Graphite Plus.

Sorry, can't help with the differences, although I've owned a few of them, it was so long ago that I've forgotton what they looked like
Jason W
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My first question is, why bother with the history and the product improvements from each version to the next? Just seems like a lot of work with no real result. Just my opinion.

I will try to answer your question to the best of my knowledge. The JRXT is about 10 years old. Then came the XX-T, then the XXX-T, then the MF2. I believe that's the right order. I might be missing one.

Improvements from one to the next have mostly been chassis design, width, wheel base, shock geometry, steering ackerman angles, drivetrain, slipper pad, ratios, servo mounting positions, and battery positions.

You can't buy parts anymore for the XX-T trucks and older. They've been discontinued for a few years and it's difficult to track any of them down. Parts are still made for XXX-T MF1 and MF2. There are noticeable differences between the MF1 and MF2. Such as, two mounting holes for the hinge pins for the hub carriers on the front and rear. The transmission is layed out a little differently, too. MF1 used CVDs and MF2 uses Universal. There are a few other noticable changes, too.

The difference between the XXX-T RTRI/II and MF1/2 versions are quite noticeable. The RTR versions do not come with any graphite or lightened parts. The MF1/2 come with all graphite and lightened parts. Also, the RTRII has not changed since the RTRI. The only difference there is the electronics used. The first one had better electronics. Well, a better speed control anyway. The other stuff is still the same.

Hope this information is some help to your quest in answering your LOADED questions.

Good luck
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Old 02-10-2006, 08:02 AM   #4
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The JRXT was the first Losi Racing truck, it was released around 1990. It had a 5 link rear suspension, and a flat graphite plate chasiss.

Next came the Junior-T, it was a budget truck designed with new people in mind, for it was a lot less expensive with similar atributes tot he JRXT with the exception of the 5 link rear suspension, it was released early 90's. This truck had every part on it made from plastic, plastic towers, chasiss, everything, first to do this.

The second true race truck from Losi was the LXT, it came out in about 1992-3 time frame, this was a true race truck with modern design. The chassis is super narrow, and the servo is completely under the front top plate(which extends up to the front shock tower).

The third truck was the XXT, it debut around 1996, it was the start of what lead top todays design. The chassis has a destinguished tunnel that runs under the battery.

The XXT CR was just an updated version of the XXT with a redisinged rear end(different antisquat plates and hubs) and was released around 98. The rear pivot plate and blocks are seperate, not a single piece like the XXT).

The XXT CR Graphite plus, I don't even remember it for I was still running the XXT.

Next was the first in the XXX line, the XXXT which came out in 2000-1 I believe. This truck has the current chassis design, but the transmition has a black case and does not come through the bottom of the rear T-plate.

The XXXT MF1 was the exact same truck as the XXXT, but had all the graphite parts and titanium stuff already in the box, it came out in 2002-3.

Now the XXXT MF2 is out, it has the redisigned rear end, VLA suspesnion arms, and the new transmision, it was released at the end of 2004.

There really has only major changes done to the truck line, JRXT -> LXT -> XXT -> XXXT -> XXXT MF2. The other changes were very small or just a all hop ups in a box edition.

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Wow, if you come to RCtech for answers sometimes you get them, and sometime YOU GET ANSWERS!!!!

Thanks TT, you really hit the nile on the head.

One question, what is VLA stand for?

Thanks again,
Nickmind - 2 x savages, hyper 7, Revo 2.5, TC4, T4, 3 x 18T, CRT x1, Tmaxx, 8ight & 8ight-T 2.0 - all ran from a 3PK and spektrum.
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Old 02-10-2006, 02:34 PM   #6
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Thanks for the compliments, I have been running Losi vehicles from 1990 till today. I have had almost every one of their truck is the only reason I know about them so well. Glad I was able to help.

VLA stands for Variable Length Arms. This is a tuning add that allows you to move the outer hinge pin into a second hole(either farther out or closer in than the stock original vehicle) on the arms to affect the handling of the vehicle. It is the newest thing that Losi has found to add to their vehicles adjustments to help them adapt to even more tracks.
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Personally I think The xxt cr and xxt graphite plus were and still are some of the best handling trucks ever created
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The Junior T was upgradable to the LXT. I know this because I had the Junior T with the instructional video on how to build it. I think I still have it. Later, I or should say my mom purchased the upgrade kit for me.

When the xx buggy came out they retro fitted the xx tranny to the LXT before the release of the xxt. I used to see a lot of LXT's oval racing a few years ago.
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man, i remember the lxt's and buggy versions running the xx transmission, when i had just got my xx buggy way back when.
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Default .

I ran a junior 2 for a while (buggy). I then moved to a XXT , then a XXT CR, I still own a XX CR that i let my girlfriend run, if anyone wants it, 40 dollars! and yes you can still find parts for these, you just have to know where to look! =]
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Old 02-13-2006, 09:25 AM   #11
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I bought my XXT CR right after I got married. That was in March of '97.
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Originally Posted by vgibbens
I bought my XXT CR right after I got married. That was in March of '97.
Yea what he said ont he date for that updated truck, I was overseas in
the military when that one was released. I just knew it was 97-98 time fram, just thaught it was early 98. Been a while for that truck, was a really good truck too.
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I remember, my first serious race truck was the XXT, But Watching everyone with the LXT and the retro fit XX transmission is what gave me the race Bug. I had a JRX-2 and converted it into a truck, but it wasn't as good as the XXT. I'vE also had every losi version since.

I wish I hadn't sold my MF-2 I'm a stupid man!
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I have also owned every TeamLosi vehicle ever made, starting with the JRX-2 and JRX-T.
Of course, since I hate to not see what is going on with other brands, ive owned them all over the years, even A/E.

I always go back to TL.

The current generation has been around thru two A/E vehicle changes(B3-B4) with some tweaks, but the same basic platform.

I wonder how long before a new design is out?

www.wedjim.com ...Reopening soon. I'm still painting, just not with 40+ bodies waiting. :)
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