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AbdulazizAM 10-09-2017 12:08 AM

cmx or cfx? and why?
hello guys , this thread is obvious
i'm new to crawling and i'm trying to buy my first crawler
so i settled on mst crawler line and i don't know what to buy
i found this cmx for a good price, it comes with the body the motor the esc :
, ,(532140) by MST CMX FORD Bronco 1/10 4WD High Per

now , its 260$ with free shipping , that's pretty good since i have a battery and a servo and transmitter so just by getting that i'm good to go.

and then i saw the cfx and it comes with a motor and an esc but no body and its price with shipping is about 255$ and when i found the same body it was 28$ so its a total of 283$ and i'm not gonna skimp out 23$ and miss out on a better chassis, these are the links for the
MST CFX 1/10 4WD Front Motor Crawler Kit 532148 w/ Yeah Racing ESC 35T Motor 19T Pinion Gear #CB1051,
the body
ford Bronco 1973 Body Set #51388, ,(51388) by Tamiya

now, is the cfx worth the 23$ extra or is it just a waste of money and i should go with the cmx? and explain the diffrence please, thanks.

TIME MACHINE 10-09-2017 08:00 AM

I can't really offer much help other than giving you my thoughts. I don't own either truck, but was shopping for one a while back.

The CFX is the newer truck, which has the updated front motor mount. I don't think there are any other substantial changes.

Have you considered the larger CFX-W?

Here is a good video comparing the two models you mentioned. You really can't go wrong with either one.


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