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Bpw 08-22-2017 06:17 PM

New to crawling got a 1/10 drag brake question and any micro crawler guys out there?
Ok so I'm a newbie to crawling but not to RC. My first crawler is a losi night crawler. I put a brushless hobbywing 120a esc in I had laying around and a brushless sensored novak 13.5t I run 2s on it and it's a freaking beast. To me at least, I'm very impressed with this thing.

My question is, since it has the worm gears do I need to apply the drag brake? Esc is fully programmable so I can enable it if it'll be benificial?

Second, what other upgrades are gonna give me a significant difference? I just crawl around on some rocks and logs I have in my back yard. I make a "course" and rearrange it every so often. I do like to keep it challenging.

I'm thinking about 4 wheel steering, I'm never gonna comp it so i don't care about classes. I care about performance.

And finally, I got a losi micro crawler (1/24) the other day. Sweet little rig again very impressed with what this thing can handle. Any other micro owners out there?


OSRC 08-24-2017 07:35 AM

Worm gears do not require a drag brake. They are self locking by design.

Best mod by far is a good set of tires. It's a bit subjective as to which ones work well for you, all depends on terrain.

acas 08-29-2017 08:48 PM

a good set of tires with good foams and probable some weight in the front tires will make a huge difference. and always just have fun, crawling is awesome.

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