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Crown the King of TTC. By NewRed Hobbies and FSTR

Crown the King of TTC. By NewRed Hobbies and FSTR

Old 10-14-2013, 02:44 PM
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Default Crown the King of TTC. By NewRed Hobbies and FSTR

It's time to Crown the King of TTC so FSTR and NewRed Hobbies is throwing down the challenge and the prize's....

December 15th NewRed Hobbies will be hosting the KING TTC

Single person challenge

First Place.... will be getting a RTR Axial Wraith and a one off custom TTC trophy
Second place..... ?
Third place......... ?

will be reward with prize's and trophy's

Rule's will be posted and challenge's will be post in the next two thread's if you have question's please ask...

any one can entry all rig's must meet spec's and rule's...

Event's will be as listed...

1.5, 1.9, 2.2 rigs are welcome detail on run will be posted...

Event of the day will be as listed......

Frame Twister
Rock Crawl
Tank Trap
Hill Climb
Mud Pit
Tractor Pull
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Old 10-14-2013, 02:44 PM
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Official Scale Rules will be used:

Class-3 “Modified”
• Description - An off-road vehicle that you would build from the ground up and might see in a TTC/KOH type competition.

General Vehicle Details
• You are encouraged to go above and beyond to make your truck as scale as possible
• Vehicles must resemble a real 1:1 rig and it will be up to the collective group to vote on whether a questionable rig is accepted or not.
• Tire size will be determined by advertised manufacturer specs. (tires without available specs will be measured off the truck as mounted on the wheel laid flat)
•Tire modification:

Class-3 Modified. Tire reduction and narrowing is permitted, as well as all modifications listed above.
• You must run a rail chassis (for example: Bruiser/Mountaineer, SCX-10, Reign RC K2-3S, 3L, 4, 5, MFM, X-Trail, CR-01, UTE, etc...) No TVP (twin vertical plate) chassis' or frame rail extensions on a TVPs. The exception to this rule is the Tamiya CC-01 or TA-02 ,(Hummer, S-10, Ford F-150 and Toyota Hilux)and Modified class Tubers.
• 4 wheel steering or dig is allowed in modified class only (must choose 1 per course)
• No "Motor On Axle" (MOA) of any kind. Your axles must be driven by one transmission or transfer case and a minimum of two drive shafts (except CC‐01, TA ‐02 etc..). No separate throttle control of drive shafts or axles.
• There are no Wheel distinctions. For example you can run a 1.55, 1.9, 2.0 or 2.2 rim in any class. Wheels larger than 2.2 are not allowed in any class and no Short course style wheels 1.9/2.2 split diameters
• Spare Tires must be within 1/4" Diameter of Drive tires to receive points
• Any functional recovery tools you wish to use during your run, you must carry it on your rig at all times. IE tow strap, pull pal and, sand ladders.
• Winching can only be performed off of natural objects (i.e. trees, rocks, ect...), other vehicles or stakes supplied by the course maker. Winching off of a person such as there shoe or hand is not allowed.
• All vehicles without an enclosed cab must have the motor, transmission, and electronics covered and hidden when viewed from the top and sides. Batteries must be chassis mounted and also hidden from view.
• Course will be tough and made to push the scale vehicle limits. This is to encourage competitors to improve there rigs from one event to another.
• Winches are HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Expect to use a winch.
• Water proofing is HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Expect your rig to get wet.

Tire Ban List
• Losi Claws (all sizes, and types)
• Hot Bodies Rovers (all sizes)
• Hot Bodies Sedonas
• HPI Rock Grabbers
• Panther Cougars
• Panther Leopards
• Pro-Line Chisels (all sizes)
• RC4WD Rocklin
• RC4WD X-Locks (all sizes)
• RC4WD Crazy Crawlers
• Imex Skulls and Bones
• Losi Bashers

Tires should be scale appearing, if it is questionable have it reviewed before the event, or plan to run a different tire. As new competition specific tires are released this list may be updated.

Class-3 “Modified” Details
• 146mm / 5.75" max tire size with a 2.2 max rims size including spare
• A bumper is not required, but to be counted for points, must be mounted to vehicles chassis and wider then the chassis (chassis cross rails do not count as bumpers)
• Gates will be a minimum of 13" wide
• All bodies (Including tubers) must measure a minimum of five inches wide from front to rear of door, measure a minimum of 4.5 inches tall as measured from the skid to the tallest point on the body and must be as long as the vehicles wheelbase
• Body modifications including, but not limited to, pinched front, dove-tailing and boat-siding are permitted as long as the final dimensions comply with the minimum size rules.

Scale Points
Scale points are to be awarded on a per course basis at 50% of a vehicles total value (rounded down if necessary).
Minimum/Maximum values are to be determined by the event organizers.

Bed :
• Tube bed OR Flat Bed: metal -3, plastic -1
• Bed mounted headache rack or roll bar: metal -2 Plastic -1

Truggy & back halved truck
•Truggy/back halved truck: metal -4, plastic -2
(Must replace the ladder frame from the rear of the skid Min. to the back of the rear axles pumpkin or beyond to be legal.. Must have a roll bar hoop. Must have integrated shock mounts. Must be a structural part of the rear of the vehicle. (If your bed does not meet ALL of the preceding criteria, it does not count as a truggy bed)).

Tuber: metal -8, plastic -4
A tuber consists of a complete body structure where the front, cab, and rear sections are comprised entirely of structural tube work.
• Rigid Metal/plastic body panels -1

Interior cage or exo-cage: (-3 metal -1 Plastic) per row of seats protected. (Must have down bars and cross bars in front & behind each row.)

Tube accessories
• Sliders: (both sides) metal -3, plastic -1
• Tube fenders: Metal -1 per pair
• Integrated tube shock mounts: metal -1 (per pair)

• Hard body: full -8, Cab -4
• Drop bed : -3
• Complete Custom built body: (metal or hard plastic, no lexan) full -4, Cab -2 (in addition to hard body points)
• Inner fender wells: -1 per pair

Bumpers (items must be chassis mounted and separate from the body)
• Bumpers : metal -3 each , plastic -1 each
• Stinger/grill guard: -1
• Spare tire carrier (must be bumper mounted): -1

Exterior roof rack / light bar (may only choose one)
• roof rack: metal: -2, plastic -1
• Roof top light bar : metal -1

• 3D interior: 2 seat -3, 4 seat -4, SUV cargo area -1.
• 2D/half interior: 2 seat -1, 4 seat -2.
• Realistic Scale Human figures: full(knees up) -2, part -1(torso up) (max 2 figures)

Suspension/Drive train/Steering:
• Leaf springs (front/rear): -3 ea, -7 both.
• Multiple axles: 3 driven axles -3, 4 (or more) driven axles -5
• Chassis mounted steering servo: -5 (front) rear -2 (Class 3 only)
• Transfer case: -4.
• 3D engine: -4.

Realistic exterior items (max -6 pts.): Items that are non functional but you would see on a trail truck
• Fuel cell, exhaust, jerry can, hubs on all wheels, steering stabilizer, disc/drum brakes on all wheels, mirrors(2), wipers(2), antenna, license plate, Fire extinguisher, trail tools (Hi-lift jack, etc.)first aid, Etc. -1 each

Functional items (max -8 pts.):
• Tow strap, -D-ring, Pull Pal, sand ladder, hitch, Etc. -1 each
• Headlights(2) and taillights(2) -2
• Winch -2 Each
• Full size spare tire. -3

A minimum of 10 scale points are required and no more then 40 scale points will be given for any vehicle
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Vehicle requirements for Top Truck Challenge event
- Top Truck rigs will be required to have a minimum of 10 scale points and no more then 40 will be given. Each scale point will be equal to .5 seconds off of the total time of the day.

Vehicle suggestions for Top Truck Challenge event
-Your vehicle will get wet and muddy, therefore it is highly suggested to be waterproof.
-It is suggested that the vehicle has a working winch, no buddy assistance will be allowed.
- This event will test the limits of the vehicles, therefore it is suggested to make the strongest vehicle possible.
- Mud is sticky, therefore it is suggested that wheel speed and torque be of high concern when preparing your vehicle.
-Be prepared to get wet, have fun, laugh and break some parts!

General scoring and course progress for Frame Twister, Rock Crawl and Tank Trap:
- Gates and boundaries if hit will be a 30 second penalty.
- If a course can not be completed the driver must call out to stop time, all gates left will be added to the time the vehicle was on course, 1 gate left is equal to a 1 minute time penalty.
-winching, rear steer, dig and reverses are all allowed and are not penalized.
-winching must be off a fixed object or a rig, no assistance is allowed during the winching progress, nor is anyone allowed to be touching the line or hook when winching.

EX: If 3 gates are left = 180 seconds (3 minutes) + the driver stopped time at 120 seconds (2 minutes) they would have a total time of 300 seconds for that course.

- If the course was completed, then no penalty will be issued for non completed gates and the final score will be the time on course (unless a gate or boundary was hit).

Out of bounds markers and Gates:
-Out of bounds markers (such as gates and rope line) will be used to show a course outline, in the event that one of these is hit a 30 second penalty will be given, this applies to the Frame Twister, Tank Trap and Rock Crawl only. If a rope line is tangled on a vehicle time can be stopped to untangle the line, the judge will therefore allow the vehicle to be picked up to untangle. The vehicle will then be replaced in a similar location on course by the judge. In the case of a gate a vehicle will have to be driven out of the obstacle and back to the course, time will not stop for any other reason then a tangled line. A gate may be straddled for progress of the course, but a 30 second penalty will be assessed.

General scoring and progress for Hill Climb, Mud Pit and Tractor Pull:
-When marking progress on course, 1 inch is equal to 2 seconds.
-When scored on the mud pit, hill climb and tractor pull distance will be measured from the end of the prescribed area and from the back of the farthest back tire from the end of the course.
- If a boundary marker is hit on the Mud Pit, Hill climb or Tractor Pull The vehicle will be stopped as will time.
-The time on course will added to the distance not traveled (measured by inches), the distance will be measured from the farthest back tire on the course to the finish line.
- If the course is completed time on course will be your score.
-winching is not allowed.
- Reversing is not allowed

EX: If the driver stops time after 5 seconds and there was 72 (144 seconds) inches left of the course their total would be 149 seconds for that course.
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With a Wraith as the grand prize.....

IT'S GONNA BE EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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just out of curiosity, where is this being held?
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I want to come cover the event for the site. I don't currently have a truck, so I guess it's time to start looking
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Originally Posted by slim jim View Post
just out of curiosity, where is this being held?
Here: www.newredhobbies.com
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Sunday is the big day......

Lots of prizes, Lots of RC, and lots of great sponsors...

If your in florida anywhere..... It will be worth the drive!!!!

NewRed Hobbies, Ocala
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I had a question. Can battery wires be visible? Or do you have to hide them? ESC, motor and battery will be hidden, but it's going to be a pain to hide the battery wires. If they must be hidden I'll figure something out. But figured I'd ask
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