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Stadium 01-20-2019 04:29 AM

Survival Force!
Two weeks ago I bought a Survival Force, which is distriputed un the UK by Ripmax and appears to be the same as the WLtoys 10428 series but with single speed transmition
If only the box it came in was what i actually got :D

I soon had it unboxed and had the small battery charged, but in the usual "cheap" way, the electrics were terrible and it wouldn't always stop running on when off throttle

I had some spare electrics I could use, an old Etronix transmitter and receiver, Alturn High Speed Servo (I know High Torque should have been better but I didn't have one of those spare ;) ) and a Hobbywing 1060 esc to which I added an RC4WD 80T motor and then locked the diffs with hot glue.
Now I was ready for my first run up at Surprise View (Derbyshire UK) and was very pleased with how it


My biggest problems was a lack of grip with the original tyres (not a lot though) and the tiny 2.2 batteries not lasting very long (lasted about an hour)
I do plan on upgrading the rubber at some point but for now I'm trying running with weights in the wheels.
I can't do too much about the battery as the space is limited and so are my finances so I've removed one of the cage crossmembers so i can fit a shorty, although the shorties I have are a little shorter than shorties and are 2.6's BUT I already have four of these sat doing nothing ;)

I had to get out and try it with the new batteries and weighted wheels so went out this weekend to Black Rocks (Derbyshire UK) and due to the wether conditions I decided not to go up to the rocks but stay on the path instead, even so grip was very minimal, although I'm not convinced any tyre would have gripped in that snow...


So far after about 4 hours running time it's been very reliable and even with the friction shocks and poor tyres it works really welll for the money, although I have noticed a slightly bent front universal drive shaft.

Here's a shortish video of the last run I did tryng out my new camera
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA_lJsPyY9w&t=2s%22%3E+https%3A%2F%2Fwww.y outube.com

Stadium 04-08-2019 04:54 AM

So the first 3 run outs with it went well then i started getting a few issues with the steering servo, getting through two in two weeks. This isn't an issue with the actual truck as it they were aftermarket servo's. the pictures below were the last proper run out before the issues




After busting two servos i took the casing off and made one good one out of two bad ones and so far it seems to be working OK but I have other issues, since putting the winch on front the spring tension has had to be increased to stop it sagging and it just isn't coping with the harder spring tension, I've changed it now but here's the last run before I did





On the last run although the servo held up, power kept cutting out to the motor, steering kept working but motor wasn't. Moved a few wires around and seems OK now, not sure what the issue was.

I like the truck and think it's great value for money but for scaling it's very limited due to having wishbone front suspension, so although I'm not getting rid I might get something a little better...and sort out all my electrical gremlins

xl-racing 04-08-2019 07:14 PM

Looks cool. It is indeed the WLtoys 10428A with different paint schemes but was surprised it came with 1x speed option instead of 2x. I changed my stock tires to the ones used by Wltoys K949. Then later season trimmed those plastic body panels and painted it yellow and finally build as FPV trucks. This trucks performed well in all terrains.






Stadium 04-09-2019 05:17 PM

I like what you've done to your 10428 A xl-racing, it looks pretty cool in yellow and cut down a bit.
Mine is actually a 10428 A2, apparently the second generation had just a one speed box

xl-racing 04-09-2019 09:17 PM

Thanks, i like 1x single speed wish had one on my old gen 10428A because 2x speed gearbox kinda bulky inside with extra gear shift servo and can be noisy due to more moving gears since i put my FPV camera and mic beside the gearbox.. Can't find any video on 1x speed version of 10428 on youtube yet.

Stadium 04-10-2019 03:24 AM

[QUOTE=xl Can't find any video on 1x speed version of 10428 on youtube yet.[/QUOTE]

Check the link at bottom of the original post ;)

Here's one I did about a week ago, short and sweet :D

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